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Publication numberUS2727241 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 20, 1955
Filing dateNov 17, 1953
Priority dateNov 17, 1953
Publication numberUS 2727241 A, US 2727241A, US-A-2727241, US2727241 A, US2727241A
InventorsSmith John W
Original AssigneeAladdin Mfg Co
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Muff with pocket for hand warmer
US 2727241 A
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J. W. SMITH MUFF WITH POCKET FOR HAND WARMER Filed Nov. 17, 1953 ms MA 1 United States Patent MUFF WITH POCKET FOR HAND WARMER John W. Smith, Casco Point, Minn., assignor to Aladdin Manufacturing Co., Minneapolis, Minn., a corporation of Minnesota Application November 17, 1953, Serial No. 392,680

1 Claim. (Cl. 2-66) The invention herein has relation to a new and improved muff with pocket for removably receiving a hand warmer.

In the accompanying drawing forming a part of this specification,

Fig. 1 is a perspective view of a muff with pocket incorporating features and characteristics of the invention.

Fig. 2 is a central longitudinal sectional view, taken on line 22 in Fig. 1;

Fig. 3 is a transverse sectional view, taken on line 33 in Fig. 1; and v Fig. 4 is a perspective view of a muff with pocket made according to the invention including closure means for the pocket of modified construction.

Speaking generally, an article of wearing apparel which the invention presents consists of a muff 10, constituted as an elongated tubular member, and a pocket 11, within the muff, constituted as a bag or pouch. Desirably, material which provides the elongated tubular member or mulf will be resistant to passage of heat, while material which provides the pocket, bag or pouch 11 may be of type to readily allow passage of heat therethrough. The material comprising both the muff 10 and the pocket 11 may desirably be flexible.

The tubular member or muff 10 can be of any preferred configuration in transverse direction, as, for example, circular, elliptical, rectangular, etc. As shown, said tubular member or mulf is circular and of uniform diameter throughout its length, as well as open at its opposite ends 12, 12.

A longitudinal slit 13 in an upper portion of the bounding or defining wall of the tubular member or muff 10 is equidistantly spaced from the opposite ends of said tubular member or mulf in the disclosure as made. The pocket, bag or pouch 11 is, as shown, of rectilinear configuration and of size to readily removably receive a rectilinear hand warmer 14. The mouth of the pocket, bag or pouch 11 is stitched, or otherwise secured, as at 15, to material of the tubular member or muif 10 directly surrounding the longitudinal slit 13, in such manner that said pocket, bag or pouch is supported within said tubular member or muif as clearly disclosed in Figs. 2 and 3, in equally spaced relation to the open opposite ends 12, 12 and in adjacent or proximate relation to a lower portion of said bounding or defining wall of the tubular member or muff directly opposite the longitudinal slit 13. At location other than the mouth of the pocket, bag or pouch 11, the tubular member or mutt is free of said pocket, bag or pouch. Entry into the interior of the pocket, bag or pouch 11 is by way of the longitudinal slit 13 when this is in open condition.

In Figs. 1, 2 and 3 of the drawing, a closure for the 2,727,241 Patented Dec. 20, 1955 ice longitudinal slit 13 consists of a zipper 15, of ordinary or preferred construction, adapted to be slid in one direction to cause said longitudinal slit to be closed and to he slid in opposite direction to cause the longitudinal slit to be open. In Fig. 4, the longitudinal slit 13 is openable and closable by a transverse tab 16 which extends across said longitudinal slit in direction transversely of the tubular member or muff 10. One end 17 of the transverse tab 16 is attached to said tubular member or muif, and the other end of said transverse tab includes a button hole 18 for removably receiving a button 19 attached to the tubular member or muff.

A continuous carrying cord 20 for the new and improved muff with pocket for hand warmer has a first length thereof extending through the tubular member or muflE 10 and includes a second length (not shown) to be supported upon and about the neck of a wearer of the mutt with pocket.

In practical use of the article of wearing apparel herein illustrated and described, the hands of a wearer can be inserted into opposite ends of the muif, with either right or left hand in front of the pocket and hand warmer, and the position of the wearers hands can be reversed whenever he may so choose. The palm of the hand which is placed in front of the pocket and hand warmer will normally be contiguous with said pocket and hand warmer, while the back of the hand placed at the rear of the pocket and hand warmer will normally be contiguous with said pocket and hand Wanner. Clearly, by reversing the relative positions of the hands with respect to the pocket and hand warmer, and by turning each hand so that any desired part thereof may selectively be brought in contact with the pocket and hand warmer, a user of the muff with pocket can situate any part of either hand where it is calculated to best receive heat from the hand warmer.

What is claimed is:

An article of the character described comprising a mutt constituted as an elongated member having an open ended hand receiving elongated passageway therethrough bounded by and extending from end to end of a continuous wall of said elongated member, and an apertured pocket for receiving a hand warmer constituted as a pair of joined elements within and extending longitudinally along said elongated passageway, an exterior edge portion of at least one of said elements being secured to the continuous wall of said elongated member at a side thereof, said continuous wall of the elongated member and said elements together providing open ended hand receiving spaces constituted as parts of said elongated passageway bounded at the interior sides thereof by opposed exterior surfaces of the elements, respectively, of said pocket adjacent to said exterior edge portion and at the exterior sides thereof by internal surfaces of the continuous wall of said elongated member adjacent to said exterior edge portion and at opposite sides, respectively, of said opposed exterior surfaces of said elements.

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U.S. Classification2/66, D02/611, 219/212
International ClassificationA41D13/08, A41D13/05
Cooperative ClassificationA41D13/081
European ClassificationA41D13/08B