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Publication numberUS2730231 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 10, 1956
Filing dateOct 27, 1952
Priority dateOct 27, 1952
Publication numberUS 2730231 A, US 2730231A, US-A-2730231, US2730231 A, US2730231A
InventorsCharles B Ryan
Original AssigneeCharles B Ryan
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Match book dispenser and supporting bracket therefor
US 2730231 A
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Jan. 10, 1956 c. B. RYAN 2,730,231


CHARLES B. RYAN BY r1 4 ATTORNEYS nied States Patent ce MATCH BOOK DHSPENSER AND SUPPORTING BRACKET THEREFOR (Charles B. Ryan, Piqua, Ohio Application October 27, 1952, Serial No. 317,091 2 Claims. (Cl. 206-30) This invention relates to a device for holding such articles as paper match books, including an arrangement for dispensing the match books, and to a supporting means for the device.

Paper match books are presently supplied in packages of fifty in the form of a rectangular box with the match books arranged in two rows therein. While this manner of packaging and supplying the books of matches is generally satisfactory for conveying the matches to their point of sale or point of use, it leaves much to be desired in convenience when the books of matches are being used or are being dispensed one or two at a time to a purchaser.

Having the foregoing in mind, the primary object of the present invention is the provision of an arrangement for packaging match books of the nature referred to which offers advantages in connection with the dispensing of the books of matches after the package has been opened.

Another object of this inventionis the provision of an improved package for receiving books of matches from which the said books can be removed one at a time, and which package is so arranged so that it can be conveniently mounted on a wall or in some other suitable permanent location.

A still further object of this invention is to provide in combination with a carton for paper book matches, a supporting bracket particularly adapted for supporting the carton so the books of matches can be conveniently re moved therefrom one at a time.

A particular object of this invention is to provide an improved carton and a blank from which the carton is made and from which carton the books of matches can be removed one at a time as they are to be used.

These and other objects and advantages will become more apparent upon reference to the following description taken in connection with the accompanying drawings, in which:

Figure l is a perspective view showing a preferred form of the carton according to my invention and a supporting bracket therefor;

Figure 2 is a development showing the blank from which the carton is made;

Figure 3 is a perspective view similar to Figure 1 but showing a modified supporting arrangement for the carton;

Figure 4 shows a still further supporting arrangement for the carton;

Figure 5 illustrates an arrangement for supporting the carton on a wall by elastic bands; and

Figure 6 is a view like Figure 5, but showing the carton supported by means of rigid loops.

Referring to the drawings somewhat more in detail, Figure 1 illustrates an elongated carton 10 rectangular in cross-section, and of a size to receive a standard book match, as indicated at 12, at the bottom of the view.

The carton comprises a feed opening 14 at the bottom through which the match books can be drawn one at a time, and the front wall 16 of the carton extends downwardly over the next to the bottom book of matches, so

2,730,231 Patented Jan. 10, 1956 that only the lowermost book will be drawn out at any time.

For convenience in grasping the opposite ends of the book of matches, the side walls 18 of the carton have notches 20 therein which form continuations of the opening 14 in the front wall. This provides ready access to the opposite ends of the book of matches so that the lowermost one can be drawn upwardly at any time.

The lowermost portion of the carton at 22 is formed so that the center projects outwardly adjacent the plane of the front wall of the carton whereby the books of matches are supported so that they will not tilt downwardly and which could possibly interfere with the proper feeding of the books of matches from the carton.

The front wall 16 of the carton may advantageously comprise the aperture 24 through which the contents of the carton can be observed to determine the quantity remaining.

According to this invention, the carton is provided with a slot immediately forward of the back wall 26 thereof and through which the supporting bracket 28 can be inserted from the bottom of the carton. Bracket 28 comprises a shelf 30 for engagement with the bottom of the carton to support the carton on the bracket, and the upper and lower ends of the bracket may be extended so that they can be provided with apertures 32 for receiving supporting elements such as screws or nails. Shelf 30 may be struck out from bracket 28, as illustrated, or may be in the form of a separate element fixed to bracket 28 in any suitable manner.

Reference to Figure 2 will reveal the manner in which the blank from which the carton is made is formed. The blank comprises a generally rectangular center portion 34 which may be scored, as indicated by the dashed lines at 36, so the blank can be folded to form the body of the carton. The two outermost portions of the blank at 38 will, of course, overlap when the carton is folded about and can be glued or stapled together to hold the carton in its folded-up condition.

Extending upwardly from the two panels of the blank next inwardly from the outer panels 38 are the tabs 40 which fold over each other to form the upper end of the carton. These tabs are notched along their entire lengths, as at 42, so that when the carton is folded up and the tabs 40 are brought together and connected by gluing or stapling, the previously mentioned slot through which bracket 28 extends is provided.

Extending downwardly from the same two panels as carry the tabs 40 are the tabs 44 which are also notched along their outer edges, as at 46, to provide for the slot at the bottom of the carton for receiving the bracket 28, and which have their inner ends generally triangularly shaped to provide for the supporting shelf for the books of matches previously referred to.

A feature of my invention resides in the relatively narrow strip or tab 48 that extends downwardly from the center panel of the blank. This tab or strip, as will be seen in Figure l is availed of for closing the aperture 14 until it is desired to remove books of matches from the carton. When it is desired to commence the dispensing of books of matches from the carton, the tab or strip 48 is torn off close to its connection with the front wall of the carton, and the aperture 14 is thus completely exposed.

I also contemplate supplying a metallic container for receiving the entire carton, as illustrated in Figure 3. In this figure the metallic container 50 is generally similar to the carton, except that it is open at the top at 52 for receiving the carton and has its back wall extended, as at 54, at either the top or at both the top and bottom for engaging suitable supporting means 56 for wall mounting of the container.

Of particular merit for use in stores where the matches greens;

are to be dispensed one or two at a time as a purchase item, there may be provided the pedestal element 58, as shown in Figure 4, having a recess for receiving the carten 10 an hi h is t et a d n nie e he eeee b the arms 60. Pedestal 58 may advantageously be hollow, n e s et 2 prevtid d t rlaeia sei th rein e th a self-service ,d' pensing and coin receiving ,device is proided- 4 I a so on empla sup ort eon e ne l on a el or the like by other typeset bracket means, as illustrated in Figure ;5, whereinelastieelements 651 are supported on he e nt throu h eh he eer n .ee he serted to be supported thereby due {to theiresilientyressure w h w i .th l lemen ehqld h it n a ins -t e w l Ihe Fi u e 6 arra ge en el w e eeed h ek 66 n ,68 ada te in wil t 91 1 2 i i ye i l y sp, e21 relation and each cgrnprisin a s wir'e loop Not .a size for idebl e ing the a te N ed th low br ke om s n a h 1t .12 hat Pro e a st p t li i ng he vertical movementof {the carton.

Several advantages obtain from the packaging of book matches according to my invention, and the provision of supporting means therefor. The packaging of the ma h s n t deee d ma l a e e llelile su stantial .area of the carton for receiving printed matter i he f rm o v r si t m kin he p c a an attractve item for the rnerehandiser. The combination or the carton and the supporting bracket-has advantages for the purchaser in the convenience with whieh the carton can be mounted on a wallor other conve ent place, and t e spn ni ee wi h wh eh the heel 9 m tches e be wi draw i em th a gna the ar used.

It will beunders tood that other forms of cartons could be employed, as well as othe types ofsupporting brackets therefor, and thattheessen tial features of this invention center about the constructional elementsand the arrangements thereof ;by means of which the foregoing advantages are obtained.

It will be understood that-this inventionissuseeptible to .med fi ien n ord to ada t it t di f en us and conditions, and, accordingly, it is desiredtoeomp e .eh ,medi eat n th h s in e on a m fall within the scope of ,the appended ,elairns.

* cl im n mb etien ea t n me e blen Q stifi paper or the like comprising fold lines extending in spaced relation thereacross parallel to one side edge of theblank whereby the blank is divided into five sections said blank being folded along said lines to form a rectangular carton with the two side sections of the blank overlapping in back, tabs extending from the tops and bottoms of the sections on each side of the center section overlapping and secured together to provide top and bottom closures therefor, said tabs having their back edges stepped back from the back wall so as to leave a slot in front of the back wall of the carton there being a notch extending across the bottom of the said center section and part-way into the said sections on opposite sides thereof to form a feed opening in the bottom of the completed carton, and a flat stiff supporting strip extending completely through the said slot in the carton in front of the back wall and comprising means at its ends for securing it to a wall qrteee eas shel enem es newt-ra e m s weating WP at sanpett'aslv ,ese eeidbe' tem eeqt Z In combination as claimed in claim 1, with the we tae wa l tain ed b t e t ettem eleewi ten i eee w t tem a P l l n t 'e sent subs antia elenlaee h the aid eute 'se tiq P t e ee t to e e a he S eeett a whe e the n t ter i e lowermost ,w all extending rears vardly from the ends f .h e..nel e ttlt twis thb the p rmi ,Ref t nees fi te i he-fil 9 i P e ,unrrnn semrns traranrs 939,257 Smith et a1. July 27, 1907 1,217,682 Baldwin Feb. 27, 1917 1,378,902 -Roehl 'May 24, 1921 1,408,752 List Q Mar. ,7, 1922 1,464,835 Snyder Aug. 14, 1923 1,628,208 *Whiifi May 10, 1927 1,733,182 Darin Q- Q Oct. 29, 1929 1,751,170 Parker Mar. 18, 1930 1,898,056 Johnson Feb, 21, 1933 1,989,819 Nelson Nov. 13, 1934 2,147,086 'Bryan Feb. 14, 1939 2,287,581 Walker June- 23, 1942 "2,448,401 Stone Q Aug. '31, 1948 2,620,153 "Haskell Dec. 2, 1952 2,669,351 Carson et al. Feb. 16, 1954

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