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Publication numberUS2730722 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 17, 1956
Filing dateMar 11, 1954
Priority dateMar 11, 1954
Publication numberUS 2730722 A, US 2730722A, US-A-2730722, US2730722 A, US2730722A
InventorsElena V Colangelo
Original AssigneeElena V Colangelo
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Ladies' hairpiece and hat combination
US 2730722 A
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1956 E. v. COLANGELO 2,730,722


Elma I/Colangelo United States Patent LADIES HAIRPIECE AND HAT COMBINATION Elena V. Colangelo, Brockton, Mass.

Application March 11, 1954, Serial No. 415,534

3 Claims. (Cl. 2-202) The present invention relates to a ladys head covering which may be called a turban or bandana, which is adapted to cover over the entire hair of the wearer and provide on the forehead, locks of hair attached to the hat or head covering in such a way as to appear as though they were a part of the wearers own hair. Such hair may be human, animal or artificial and may be waved, curled or set in any desired attractive fashion.

The hat is fashioned as a snugly fitted cap that covers the wearers entire head and is fitted by an elastic band with a bustle effect which holds the air beneath it in the back of the neck so that no hair will show except the substitute or artificial hair appearing at the forehead.

The hat may be made of soft drapable material, preferably jersey, silk or velvet and may be used not only for outdoor wear but also may be worn around the house while the hair is drying or until such time as the wearer may wish to remove the covering.

The objects and purposes of the present invention will be more fully understood from the description set forth in the specification below, when taken in connection with the drawings illustrating an embodiment of the same in which:

Figure 1 shows a detailed lay-out of the hat or covering before the insertion of the elastic to gather the various parts together.

Figure 2 shows an inside view of the hat after it has been fully made in an open position.

Figure 3 shows a rear view of the hat as worn on the head and in use.

Figure 4 shows a face view of the hat as worn when in use, and,

Figure 5 shows a side view.

In the arrangement indicated in Figure 1, there is shown a substantially flat piece of material 1, which is formed with the bottom edge 2 in a semi-circle with a short parallel side or edge 3 continuing from the end of the semi-circle and terminating in a straight cross edge 4 which is bound by a hem 5 extending all the way across the forward edge of the cover or hat. This forward hem 5 provides the peripheral rim which goes around the face of the individual. At the center of this hem is attached or secured, that is in the middle of the material along its edge, hair bangs, locks or curls 6, which are sewn just beneath the hem by the stitching 7 to the material 1. This is preferably directly in the center between the side edges 3-3 so that when the hat is put on, the hair will come in the middle of the forehead.

Near one end of the hemmed edge 5 is a loop or eyelet 17 and on the other end is a button 8 whereby the hat may be buttoned under the neck of the individual or just beneath the chin. The semi-circular edge 2 is formed with a wide hem 9 which is gathered together by an elastic band 10 within the hem so that the edge from the points 11, 11 (Figure 1) is gathered together as indicated by the gathering section 12 (Figure 2), to keep the material for holding the hair within the cover in the section 13 (Figure 2). A second elastic band 15 is inserted in the 2,730,722 Patented Jan. 17, 1956 'ice semi-circular tape covering 14 which is stitched to the material 1 in parallel relation to the semi-circular band 9 but nearer the front hem 5. This band 14 is also attached in a semi-circle and has its gathering elastic 15 to gather the materal of the cover together in gathers or pleats as indicated at 16 in Figure 2. The gathering of the elastic 15 in the band 14 forms the hat covering in the shape as indicated in Figures 3, 4 and 5, which pulls the hat close to the shape of the head exerting sufficient elastic compression to hold the hair in place under its attractive covering. If desired, an eyelet 17 and a button 8 may be used to secure the two elements in place around the neck of the individual.

As indicated in Figure 5, the bangs or curls 6, will fall in the front of the forehead and give the appearance of a part of the wearers own hair, while the back of the head may be drawn to pick up all of the hair ends which would be gathered in under the gathering of the hat.

By the use of the elastic gathering, the lower edge of the hat and the elastic in the covering just above it at the back of the hat forms a snood in which the hair around the nape of the neck is readily gathered together while the hat itself is fitted closely to the head somewhat like a bathing cap.

Having now described my invention, I claim:

1. A covering for the head comprising a fabric material having a semi-circular portion and an extension defined by a pair of parallel edges tangent to the ends of the outer edge of the semi-circular portion and a third edge parallel to and offset from the diameter of the semicircular portion, a hair fringe sewn to the extension adjacent the third edge and extending beyond the central portion of said third edge, an elastic gathering cord secured to the curved edge of the semi-circular portion, and a second elastic gathering cord secured to the semicircular portion spaced inwardly from and lying parallel to the first-named elastic gathering cord.

2. A covering for the head comprising a material having a semi-circular portion and an extension defined by a pair of parallel edges tangent to the ends of the outer edge of the semi-circular portion and a third edge parallel to and offset from the diameter of the semicircular portion, an elastic gathering tape stitched to and covering the entire length of the curved edge of the semicircular portion, a second gathering tape concentric with and spaced inwardly from the first-named gathering tape and stitched to the semi-circular portion, and a hair fringe secured to the extension and projecting beyond the third edge, said first-named elastic gathering tape adapted to gather in the ends of the hair of the head, and the other of said gathering tapes being adapted to gather the hair in the vicinity of the nape of the neck.

3. A covering for the head comprising a fabric defined by a straight edge and an opposite semi-circular edge, a pair of spaced apart concentric semi-circular elastic gathering tapes secured to the fabric and parallel to its semicircular edge, the ends of the elastic gathering tapes terminating a distance from the straight edge of the fabric, the outer one of said elastic gathering tapes being adapted to gather the ends of the hair of the wearer, the other of the gathering tapes being adapted to'gather the hair in the vicinity of the nape of the neck of the wearer.

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U.S. Classification2/202
International ClassificationA42B1/00, A42B1/04, A42B1/24
Cooperative ClassificationA42B1/004, A41G5/0093
European ClassificationA42B1/00C, A41G5/00D