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Publication numberUS2732875 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 31, 1956
Filing dateApr 6, 1953
Publication numberUS 2732875 A, US 2732875A, US-A-2732875, US2732875 A, US2732875A
InventorsH. Martin
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Pocket secretary
US 2732875 A
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Jan. 31, 1956 L. H. MARTIN 2,732,875

POCKET SECRETARY I Filed April 6, 1953 INVENTOR. 29 29 [flu/W NG? H MAW/N BY I Unified States P tentt) POCKET SECRETARY Laurence H. Martin, Des Moines, Iowa Application April 6 1953, Serial No. 347,005

1 Claim. (Cl. 150--39) This invention relates generally to a holder for business cards and papers and the like to be carried on the person and more particularly to what is commonly referred to as a pocket secretary.

An object of this invention is to provide an improved pocket secretary.

A further object of this invention is to provide a pocket secretary constructed of plastic sections which are bonded together in a book form so as to dispense with any stitching or other connecting means. 7

Another object of. this invention is to provide a pocket secretary which includes transparent sections for carrying credit or business reference cards such that the cards are fully displayed for visual observation by merely opening the pocket secretary.

A further object of this invention is to provide a pocket secretary which is rugged in construction, economical to manufacture, and which has readily accessible transparent pocket portions for carrying and showing business cards and the like.

Further objects, features and advantages of this invention will become apparent from a consideration of the following description when taken in connection with the accompanying drawing in which:

Fig. l is a perspective view of the pocket secretary of this invention, shown in its opened position, and with some parts broken away and other parts shown in section for the purpose of clarity;

Fig. 2 is an enlarged longitudinal sectional'view of the pocket secretary as seen along the line 2-2 in Fig. 1; and

Fig. 3 is an enlarged fragmentary transverse sectional view of the pocket secretary as seen along the line 33 in Fig. 1.

With reference to the drawing, the pocket secretary of this invention, indicated generally at 10, is illustrated in Fig. 1 as including a flat, generally square shaped paper or money carrying section 11 within which is secured a transparent card carrying section 12 of the same shape but slightly smaller than the paper carrying section 11. In other words, the section 11 constitutes what might be termed the cover of a book and the card carrying section 12 constitutes the pages of the books.

The paper carrying section 11 is constructed of a vinyl chloride flexible calendered plastic material and includes a back or cover member 13 (Figs. 1 and 3). In the closed position of the pocket secretary 10, in which position the pocket secretary is carried or stored by a user, the cover member 13 is folded upon itself along a longitudinally extended central portion 17 of the cover member 13 so as to form a pair of cover sections 13a.

A pair of pocket forming members 14 of a length corresponding to the length of the cover member 13 and of a width slightly less than the width of a cover section 13a are secured to the inner face 16 of a cover section 13a on opposite sides of the longitudinally extended central portion 17 of the cover 13. In securing .7 2,732,875 Patented Jan. 31, 1956 ice a pocket'member 14 to a cover section 13a, a pocket member 14 is positioned on the inner side of a cover section 13a so that three peripheral edge portions 18 of the pocket member 14 are placed in contact with three corresponding edge portions 19 of a cover section 13a. The pocket members 14 are then bonded or welded to their corresponding cover sections 13a by an electronic dielectric sealing process in which the contacting edge portions 18 and 19 of the pocket members 14 and the cover sections 13a, respectively, are moved between a pair of brass electrodes so as to form a seam about the outer peripheries of the members 14.

With the outer edge portions 18 of the pocket members 14 thus bonded to the outer edge portions 19 of the cover sections 13a, the inner edges 21 of the pocket members 14 are free and are arranged adjacent each other in a spaced relation at opposite sides of the central hinge portion 17 of the cover member 13. A pair of longitudinally, extended pockets 22 are thus provided on the inside of the cover member 13, and with each pocket 22 having side portions comprised of a corresponding pair of pocket members 14 and cover sections 130. Papers or money to be carried in the pocket secretary 10are inserted in the pockets 22 between the inner edges 21 of the pocket members 14 and the adjacent portions of the cover member 13.

The card carrying section 12 of the pocket secretary '10 which is secured to the central hinge portion 17 of the cover member 13, is constructed of a transparent material such as water clear vinyl plastic and includes a flat sheet or member 20 of a generally square shape and slightly smaller than the cover member'13 and arranged adjacent to the cover member 13. The flat sheet 20 includes a longitudinally extended central or hinge portion 24 which is positioned in contact with and secured to the inner side of the central hinge portion 17 of the cover member 13 by means of the above described dielectric sealing process. A pair of rectangular inner sheets 23 composed of the same material as the sheet 20 and of a size slightly less than one-half the size of the sheet 20 are secured to the inside of the sheet 20 in a manner identical with that described above in connection with the securing of the pocket members 14 to the cover sections 13a.

Thus an inner sheet 23 is positioned against the inner side 30 of a half section 20a of the sheet 20 such that three outer edge portions 26 of the inner sheet 23 are in contact with the three corresponding outer edge portions 27 of corresponding sections 20a of the sheet 20. The edge portions 26 are then bonded or welded to the edge portions 27 by a dielectric sealing process so as to form a seam 28 about the outer periphery of the inner sheets 23. The inner edges 29 of the inner sheets 23 are arranged in a spaced relation at opposite sides of the hinge portion 24 of the sheet 20 with the edges 29 being free of the sheet 20 to provide for the forming of pockets, between the inner sheets 23 and the sections 20a of the sheet 20.

For forming a series of card receiving pockets 25 in the card carrying section 12, between the inner sheets 23 and the sheet 20, a pair of transverse seams 31 are formed by bonding intermediate portions of each of the inner sheets 23 to the sections Zila of the sheet 20, with the seams 31 being formed by a dielectric sealing process and arranged so that a uniform spacing is provided between adjacent seams 31. As best appears in Figs. 1 and 2, the transverse seams 31 and the peripheral seam 28 for the inner sheets 23 provides six card receiving pockets 25 between the inner sheets 23 and the sheet 20, with three pockets 25 being located on each side of the hinge portion 24 of the sheet 22. Each of the inner sheets 23 is formed along the inner free edge 29 through the sheet sections 20a when the pocket secretary is in its'open position and the inner sheets 23am positioned against each other, namely, when the card section 12 is in a folded or closed position.

It is seen therefore that this invention providesa pocket secretary having a transparent card carrying section 12 which can readily be manipulated to exhibit all of the cards carried therein when desired. The

7 pocket secretary 10 is constructed of a vinyl plastic mate rial with the various parts of the pocket secretary being secured together by an electronic dielectric sealing process which provides for the economical manufacture of a compact and serviceable pocket secretary.

Although the invention has been described with respect to a preferred embodiment thereof, it is to be understood thatit is not to be so limited since changes can be made therein which are within the full intended scope of the invention as defined by the appended claim.

I claim:

A pocket secretary comprising a flat cover member formed of a plastic material and foldable upon itself along a longitudinally extended central portion thereof, a card carrying attachment for said cover member comprising a first sheet of transparent plastic material of substantially the same size as said cover member, said sheet being foldable upon itself along a longitudinal central portion thereof, said cover member and said sheet being heat welded together at said longitudinally extended central portions, a pair of second sheets of transparent plastic material, with each of said second sheets being heat welded along three of the edge portions thereof to said ffirst sheet at-aposition to one side of the longitudinal central portion of said first sheet, so that the free edges of said second sheets are substantially parallel to and closely adjacent said longitudinal contral portion, and transversely extended seams formed by heat bonding portions of said second sheets to said first sheet to thereby form a plurality of pockets in said card carrying attachment.

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U.S. Classification150/147, 40/404, D19/26, D03/247
International ClassificationA45C1/00, A45C1/06
Cooperative ClassificationA45C1/06
European ClassificationA45C1/06