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Publication numberUS2735146 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 21, 1956
Filing dateJan 27, 1953
Publication numberUS 2735146 A, US 2735146A, US-A-2735146, US2735146 A, US2735146A
InventorsNathan M. Purvianee
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Building block construction
US 2735146 A
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Feb. 21, 1956 PURWANCE 2,735,146


United States atent BUILDING BLOCK CONTRUTKON Nathan M. Purviance, Lewiston, ldahe Application January 27, 1953, Serial No. 333,557

1 Claim. (Ci. 20-92) This invention relates to building block construction, and more particularly to building blocks such as used by children in building toy structures such as houses, walls or the like.

The primary object of the invention is to provide building blocks which are constructed so that grooves are provided in the ends thereof which register when blocks are placed together in the formation of a toy building structure, the grooves receiving keys of a construction to secure the blocks together.

Another object of the invention is to provide grooves in the faces of building blocks, the grooves having substantially rectangular walls in which keys of rounded construction are positioned, the difierence in construction of the grooves and keys presenting openings in which a tool may be inserted between the keys and walls of the openings, for engagement with the keys, to remove the keys from the grooves, when it is desired to disassemble the blocks.

With the foregoing and other objects in view which will appear as the description proceeds, the invention consists of certain novel details of construction and combinations of parts hereinafter more fully described and pointed out in the claim, it being understood that changes may be made in the construction and arrangement of parts without departing from the spirit of the invention as claimed.

Referring to the drawing,

Figure 1 is a perspective view illustrating several blocks, constructed in accordance with the invention, as connected by a key, constructed in accordance with the invention.

Fig. 2 is an elevational view partly in section, illustrating a key as connecting blocks laid at right angles with respect to each other.

Fig, 3 is a fragmental plan view of blocks placed in longitudinal alignment with respect to each other, and a key connecting the adjacent ends of the block.

Fig. 4 is a perspective view of the key used in connection with the blocks.

Referring to the drawing in detail, the reference character 5 indicates building blocks, which are provided with grooves 6 formed in one of their longitudinal edges, which grooves communicate with grooves 7 of like construction, formed in the ends of the blocks.

As clearly shown by the drawing, these grooves are substantially dovetail-shaped and comprise angular walls 8 and 9 forming opposite edges of the grooves.

These grooves are formed in the ends and one of the edges of each block, the grooves being formed along the longitudinal axes of the blocks.

These grooves provide keyways for the reception of the keys which embody a double cylinder construction indicated by the reference character 10, the keys being so constructed that they will pass into the grooves which are aligned in adjacent blocks, when the blocks are placed or positioned in the construction of a wall or building, as shown by the drawing. Because the keys are of rounded construction, and the walls of the grooves in which the keys are positioned, are of substantially rectangular construction, it will be noted that when the keys have been positioned in the grooves, spaces such as indicated at 11 are provided for the insertion of a suitable tool having a hook at one end thereof, which may be hooked into the keys and the keys removed by pulling the tool with the key attached, from the opening.

It might be further stated that because of the construction of the grooves and keys, the blocks may not only be laid in longitudinal alignment with respect to each other, but may be used as corner blocks, as indicated in Fig. 1 of the drawing, the grooves of the adjacent blocks aligning for the reception of keys in a manner as described to securely hold the blocks in connected relation.

From the foregoing it will be seen that due to the construction shown and described, I have provided building blocks which are specially adapted for use in building toy structures from toy blocks, the blocks being tied together by the keys so that they may not be readily pushed over or disconnected.

While I have shown and described the blocks as designed as toy building blocks, it is to be understood that the principle of the invention can be carried out in the construction of building blocks used in building structures, without departing from the spirit of the invention. Having thus described the invention, what is claimed is: The combination with building blocks having straightwalled substantially V-shaped key-ways in surfaces thereof, the key-ways of adjacent blocks aligning in the formation of a course, each keyway being formed of a pair of confronting V-shaped channels, the outer edge of each channel being flush with the adjacent surface of each block, of keys of parallel cylindrical construction, fitted within said V-shaped keyways, each block being formed with a rectangular groove at the inner end of each keyway thereby providing inner spaces between portions of said keys and keyways for insertion of a keyremoving tool.

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