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Publication numberUS2737069 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 6, 1956
Filing dateMar 4, 1954
Priority dateMar 4, 1954
Publication numberUS 2737069 A, US 2737069A, US-A-2737069, US2737069 A, US2737069A
InventorsWeindel Jr Fred
Original AssigneeL F Grammes & Sons Inc
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Sheathed container opener
US 2737069 A
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March 6, 1956 F, WEINDEL, R 2,737,069


Bed h Z'z'aa" iJn, BY 21 z (51 A TTORNEYS.

This invention relates to implements or tools of the combination type, that is to say, to implements or tools which can be used for several different purposes.

The chief aim of my invention is to provide an implement or tool of the kind referred to which is adaptable for service either as a can top puncturing device, as a screw driver or as a bottle cap remover; which can be made relatively small and compact for convenience of carriage in the pocket; and which lends itself to ready manufacture in quantity from sheet metal at small cost.

Other objects and attendant advantages will appear from the following detailed description of the attached drawings, wherein:

Fig. i is a perspective view of a combination implement or tool conveniently embodying my invention.

Fig. 2 shows the implement in longitudinal section.

Fig, 3 is a cross section taken as indicated by the angled arrows 3-3 in Fig. 2; and

Fig. 4 is a perspective view of one of the components of the implement.

As herein exemplified, my improved combination im plement or tool comprises an elongate casing component 5 which is tubular and rectangular in cross section, and a slide component 6 which is likewise elongate but of channel cross section, and which is normally completely sheathed within the casing component as shown in Fig. 2, both components being fashioned in practice from suitably stiff hard plate metal. it is to be particularly noted from Figs. 2 and 3 that the depth of the side flanges of the slide 6 is made somewhat less than the vertical depth of the hollow of the casing component 5, to permit slight downward displacement of said slide as and for a purpose later on explained. The casing component 5 is provided medially of its top side with a narrow longitudinal slot '7 having a circular notch 3 at the center and similar notches and lb respectively at opposite ends thereof.

The main or top web of the slide 6 is extended beyond the side flanges at one end and fashioned to the form of a downwardly-curved pointed blade ll, and the corresponding ents of side flanges are fashioned to provide fulcrum hooks 12 to cooperate with said blade to enable use of the implement as a can top puncturing device. The main web of the slide 6 is likewise extended at the opposite end as at 13 and fashioned to serve as a screw driver, and the corresponding end portions of the side flanges are bighted as at 14 with incidental formation of hooks 15 to enable use of the implement as a bottle cap remover.

Anchored in a hole lo centrally of the top or main web of the slide 6 is a stud l7 whereof the shank extends up through the slot '7 in the upper side of the casing component 5 (see Figs. 2 and 3) and which is provided at the top with a press button or head 18. At a slight distance below the head 13, the stud 17 has an integral collar 19 of a diameter to fit into the notches 8-l of the slot '7 in the casing component. Disposed within the hollow of the slide 6 is a double ended leaf spring 20 which is apertured at the center to engage over the bottom protruding end of the shank of stud 1% which is peened over as at 21 to secure said spring. As shown, the ends of the spring 24) are curved downwardly and outwardly to frictionally bear upon the bottom of the casing component 5, said spring tending to yieldingly urge to slide upwardly within the casing component.

Normally, with the collar l9 of the stud 17 in registry and in locking engagement with the central notch 8 of the slot '7 in the casing component as in Fig. 2, the slide 6 is completely sheathed and yieldingly held raised by the spring 2% with its main web bearing fully against the inner face of the top side of the casing component. By pushing down upon the button head 18 of the stud 17, the slide 6 is depressed against the action of the spring 2%) and, upon clearance of the collar 19 on the stud from the notch S of the slot '7 in the casing component 6, the slide can be shifted to the left for example and the can puncturing end thereof projected to operative position beyond the corresponding end of the casing component as in Fig. i. As the slide is so shifted, it will be raised eventually by the action of the spring 29 upon registry of the collar 1) of the stud 1'7 with the notch 9 in the slot 7 of the casing component, and be thereby releasably locked. By a similar procedure, the slide 6 can be released and shifted to the right for projection of its screw driver and bottle cap removing end portion beyond the corresponding end of the casing, with incidental locking thereof automatically in extended position upon registry and engagement of the collar 1? of stud 17 within the end notch it of the slot 7 in the casing component, as will be readily understood by reference to Figs. 1 and 2.

Having thus described my invention, 1 claim:

A container opener comprising an elongate open ended hollow sheath having parallel side walls joining parallel top and bottom walls, said top wall having an elongated slot with enlargements in the middle and at the ends thereof, a channel sectioned tool slide including a cross web and side flanges, the length of said slide being less than that of said sheath, the width of said side flanges being less than the width of the sheath side walls, opposite ends of the tool slide having container opening tool formations, a manipulating stud secured to said cross web midway of its length, said stud including a circular collar abutting the outer surface of said web and a head disposed on the end of said stud outwardly of the collar, said collar having a diameter greater than the width of the slot and smaller than the diameter of the enlargements whereby said tool slide may be selectively locked with either tool formation exposed or with both tool formations housed, a spring having a pair of side arms joined by a web which is secured to the end of said stud on the inside of said slide, said spring arms having arcuate ends abutting the bottom wall of said sheath to allow flexing of the spring when the stud head is depressed thereby disengaging the stud collar from the enlargements and permitting sliding adjustment of the tool slide with respect to the sheath.

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