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Publication numberUS2738101 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 13, 1956
Filing dateJul 27, 1953
Priority dateJul 27, 1953
Publication numberUS 2738101 A, US 2738101A, US-A-2738101, US2738101 A, US2738101A
InventorsVander Ven Charles E
Original AssigneeVander Ven Charles E
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Tobacco receptacle and pipe holder
US 2738101 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

March 13, 1956 c, E. VANDER VEN 2,738,101



TOBACCO RECEPTACLE AND PIPE HOLDER Filed July 27, 1955 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 IN V EN TOR.

CHARLES g VAN ggRvEN AT TORN EY United States Patent TOBACCO RECEPTACLE AND PIPE HOLDER Charles E. Vander Ven, Holland, Mich.

Application July 27, 1953, Serial No. 370,447

3 Claims. (Cl. 220-85) This invention relates to a novel structure for holding pipes applied in practice to the usual cans which hold a relatively large quantity of tobacco, such as pound cans or the like, and at the upper and lower ends of the can one or more stem and bowl holding devices are provided so that one or a number of pipes may be detachably located in place, the can with the pipe holding attachments of my invention applied thereto serving as a convenient and attractive pipe holding rack. The invention is of a simple and novel construction. The stem engaging members and the bowl supports for the pipe or pipes lie against the sides of the cans when on the shelves of the retail dealers, such stem and bowl holding members being adapted to be bent outwardly into operative position, at right angles generally to the vertical sides of the can.

An understanding of the invention may be had from the following description, taken in connection with the accompanying drawing, in which,

Fig. 1 is a perspective view of a tobacco holding can having my invention applied thereto and illustrating the manner in which a pipe is held.

Fig. 2 is a plan view of an upper ring attached to the upper end of the walls of the tobacco can, with the stem engaging members extending horizontally outward, and

Fig. 3 is an under plan view of the bottom of the can to which the bowl supporting members are preferably integrally joined, showing them extending outwardly in spaced relation to each other around the can bottom.

Like reference characters refer to like parts in the different figures of the drawings.

The can is of cylindrical form preferably having thin metal vertical walls 1. At the upper end of the can a ring such as shown in Fig. 2 and indicated at 2 may be secured having a peripheral rim 3 which extends over and grips the upper edges of the can and which has a central opening for the application of a detachable closure cover. Or, alternatively, the top 2 may be of a single sheet of material provided with the rim 3 at its peripheral edges, gripping the upper edges of the walls 1 and wholly removable for access to the contents. In practice either form may be used though that illustrated in Fig. 2 may be preferred.

From the lower edges of the outer side of the rim 3, a plurality of members 4 depend downwardly from the rim 3, being ingetrally attached thereto. Each has an opening 5 therethrough as shown. When the ring or top is secured at the upper ends of the vertical walls 1 such members 4 extend downwardly alongside the walls of the can. The bottom 6, also of thin sheet metal, is provided with a rim'7 to grip and engage the lower edges of the walls 1. From the outer portions of said rim integral members 8 extend upward alongside the walls 1 of the can. Such members are in spaced relation to each other and are are located one directly below each of the upper members 4. Such members 8 for enhanc- 2,738,101 Patented Mar. 13, 1956 ing appearance may simulate a leaf form and each is concave at its inner side when in vertical position, and at their upper sides when bent outwardly generally at right angles to the walls 1, providing a dished bowl in Which a pipe bowl 9 may rest, the stem 10 extending upwardly and passing through the opening 5 in a member 4 in vertical alignment therewith.

As previously mentioned, the can with its contents on the shelves of a retail dealer in tobacco will have the members 4 and 8 vertically located along the outer sides of the wall 1. The conversion to a pipe holder is by bending out as many of the upper members 4 and lower members 8 as are necessary to carry the pipes which the buyer of tobacco may have, either one or more. It is of course apparent that it is not necessary, in the fulfillment of the purposes of the present invention, that the entire circumference of the upper rim 2 or the entire peripheral length of the bottom 6 shall be supplied with the members 4 and 8 as the number of members used is variable, more or less of them being used as wanted.

The structure described is of a novel useful character. It is economical to produce, attractive in appearance and very useful for the purposes for which devised.

The invention is defined in the appended claims and is to be considered comprehensive of all forms of structure coming within their scope.

I claim:

1. A cylindrical receptacle having a vertical enclosing wall of thin material, a bottom for said receptacle, a member integrally connected With said bottom at an edge thereof normally extending upwardly at the outer side of said walls, said member being of thin, bendable material and concave at its inner side, and a second member of like thin, bendable material connected with said receptacle adjacent the upper end of said wall, located vertically above the first member, said second member having an opening therethrough and depending along side said wall of the receptacle, said first member being adapted to be bent outwardly and downwardly and the second member outwardly and upwardly to substantially horizontal positions.

2. A cylindrical receptacle having a vertical enclosing wall of thin material and a bottom of thin material, a member integrally connected with said bottom at an edges thereof normally extending upwardly at the outer side of said wall, said member being concave at its inner side, a ring of thin material secured at the upper end of the wall, and a second member integral with said ring at an edge thereof located above the first member and normally depending from said ring at the outer side of said wall, said second member having a pipe stem passing opening therethrough.

3. Structure having the elements in combination defined in claim 2, and additional first and second members integral, respectively, with said bottom and ring, spaced from each other and disposed in generally vertical pairs, on the receptacle.

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