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Publication numberUS2741886 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 17, 1956
Filing dateJul 28, 1951
Priority dateJul 28, 1951
Publication numberUS 2741886 A, US 2741886A, US-A-2741886, US2741886 A, US2741886A
InventorsMichael Lombardi, Orlando Garapolo
Original AssigneeWilson & Co Inc
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Card dispensing tray
US 2741886 A
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April 7, 1956 o. GARAPOLO ET AL 2,741,886

CARD DISPENSING TRAY Filed July 28, 1951 2 Sheets-Sheet l 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 0% woolu v 1. u 3 ww April 7, 1956 o. GARAPOLO ETAL CARD DISPENSING TRAY Filed July 28, 1951 United States Patent CARD DISPENSING TRAY Orlando Garapolo and MichaelLombardi, Chicago, 111.,

assignors to Wilson & Co., Inc., a corporation of Delaware Application July 28, 1951, Serial No. 239,170

4 Claims. (Cl. 53--255) This invention relates to a novel card dispensing tray adapted to aid in the packaging of food products.

In the merchandising of certain food products, particularly sliced bacon, it is desirable to package them so that the contents are visible to the prospective purchaser. One of the most effective ways of doing this is to place the sliced bacon on a stiff backing material, such as a cardboard card, and then wrap the card and bacon with cellophane or other similar transparent material. The tray of the present invention enables one operator in a line operation to quickly place a desired amount of sliced bacon on a singlecard with one motion; and the operator can repeat this operation in a minimum amount of time with a minimum amount of effort. Succeeding operators wrap the card and bacon with cellophane to complete the packaging operation.

The tray of the present invention is used in conjunction with a conveyor belt, system. One set of conveyor belts serves to bring the sliced bacon to a series of takeoff fingers. The tray is positioned below the take-off fingers and has a plurality of cards thereon in fanned or staggered relationship. The tray is provided with a novel take-off lip which enables the operator, with but a single motion, to slide an approximate predetermined amount of bacon from the take-ofi fingers onto the top card and then slide the bacon and top card only onto a second set of conveyor belts which delivers the product to other operators who complete the packaging operation.

The tray of the present invention enables a stack of stiff backing cards to be positioned thereon readily in the desired fanned or staggered relationship By so positioning the stack of cards below the take-off fingers in the line operation described, the top card and the sliced bacon thereon can be quickly swept from the stack of cards onto the conveyor system. In consequence, the packaging of sliced bacon in display-type containers is greatly speeded up.

Other advantages of our invention will be brought out in the following specification, taken in conjunction with the accompanying drawings showing a preferred illustrative embodiment of the invention, in which:

Figure l is a perspective view of the card dispensing tray of the present invention;

Fig. 2 is a perspective view of one of the cards which may be dispensed from the tray;

Fig. 3 is a perspective view of the tray, having a plurality of cards positioned thereon 'in staggered relationship, in position in the conveyor system;

Fig. 4 is a longitudinal sectional view of the tray and cards positioned in the conveyor system; and

Fig. 5 is a perspective view, similar to Fig. 3,, showing the operation of the apparatus with the tray of the present invention.

Referring to the drawings, the tray 11 has a flat, substantially rectangular base 12. At the rear edge of the base is an upstanding flange 13. Mounting means 14 may be provided at the rear of the base to firmly mount the tray in place in the conveyor system. The mounting ice means 14 may be of any form. As shown in Fig. 1, the mounting means include a flange which is bent rearwardly from flange 13, as indicated at 15, and then downwardly as at 16. A threaded opening 17 is provided in portion 16 for a thumb set screw 39. A guide flange 18 is provided at one side edge of the base 12 and a take-oif lip 19 extends upwardly from the front edge of the tray at an obtuse angle. The tray may also be provided with legs 20 at the forward end, but such legs may be omitted if desired.

Tray 11 is adapted to receive a plurality of display cards 21. The cards are preferably made of a substantially stiff material such as wax coated cardboard, and each card has two sides scored, as indicated at 22, so that flaps 23 and 24 may be folded along the scores. The

under side of each flap 23 and 24 may be suitably printed as desired so that when the product is packaged and the flaps folded over, the printed material appearing thereon will be visible to the purchaser.

The tray 11, having a plurality of cards 21 positioned thereon, is connected in a conveyor system. The conveyor system is mounted between frame members 25 and 26 and consists of a plurality of endless belts 27 mounted on rollers 28 which deliver the product to be packaged to a plurality of take-01f fingers 29. A single belt may be used, if desired. The take-oil fingers are pivoted at their rear, as indicated at 30, so that they may be raised to allow tray 11 and cards 21 to be positioned beneath the take-off fingers. A second series of conveyor belts 31 on rollers 32 is positioned below the tray and take-oft fingers and serves to carry away the product after it has been placed on a card 21.

Mounting members 33 and 34 are secured to frame members 25 and 2s. Each mounting member 33 and 34 has a plurality of notches 35 therein so that a mounting bar 36 may be adjustably secured thereon. Mounting bar 36 is connected to base plate .37 which rests on the top 38 of the conveyor system. Tray 11 is attached to mounting bar 36 by means of thumb screws 39 which are screwed into threaded openings 17 and frictionally engage mounting bar 36. Legs 2% rest on base plate 37 and the tray 11 is positioned at a slight decline in the direction of the second set of, conveyor belts 31 to simplify removal of the cards from the tray. A stack of cards 21 is placed on the tray. Due to the decline and upturned lip 19, the cards are readily placed and held on the tray in a fanned-out or staggered relationship, as shown in Figs. 3 and 4.

It will be manifest that the present invention may be used with any product which is packaged in display containers. For the purpose of this description, however, the operation of the apparatus will be described in conjunction with the packaging of sliced bacon.

In operation, a bacon slicer (not shown) delivers the slices of bacon 40 to conveyor belts 27. When the bacon reaches take-off fingers 2Q, and operator estimates the proper amount of bacon to be packaged and sweeps this amount down the take-oil fingers onto the top card 2t. Continuing with the same sweeping motion, the operator moves the bacon and top card over takeoff lip 19 onto endless belts 31 which carry the bacon and card to other operators who complete the packaging operation. Endless belts 31 preferably travel at a more rapid rate of speed than endless belts 27 to prevent jamming oi the product on take-0E fingers 29.

Take-off lip 19 is positioned at an angle so that the top card may be easily removed from the rest of the stack. As the top card is moved (to the left as shown in Figs. 3, 4 and 5) it rides up and over the take-off lip, freeing the top card from the other cards in the stack. The angle between the take-off lip and the tray can be any obtuse angle. However, it is preferred that the angle b 911 between .1.25 and ,13.5?,.preterab1y ,1-303. .Too large an angle will increaseghe tendency of the cards to stick to one another, and too small an angle makes it difi clllttt slidert-he-zQardsone:byroneoverfthe lip. 'sT he tflk -Q fw1ip :fihQUId {be of =,-a :width sufiicient :to nnaintain the forward edgespf the caiidszintalignmentandtolthis and, more than ,oneztake-off lip maysbeeprovidedif desired. The height-iof'the lip :may'varyzbutxittshould be high enough to jmaintain assu'ificient number of cards 21 on the tray :11,-; and;;shonld notbeso-high as 'tmmake it:i('lifiicult-toswfzepthe cards overithe liprasnhetstack of cards becomes :depletcld.

Guide flange 18 cooperates with take-off lip .19:toeaid instaking and aligning the1ca1tds. iR-eanfiange llimay also :helpzin doing this "and,additionally,prevents1the cardsjfmm: 'slidingroutrofthe rear'ofthe tray.

All ltgh "We Ehave described a rpreterred embodiment of ,our invention in :considerable detail, a the description, is intendedtozbe illustrative, rather thansrestrictive, andr-it iszfilanifestthata variety of modifications :maybemade without departing from the :spirit -or'seope of :thecinvention. Accordingly, we do not intend tolbezlimited'to the exact; structure disclosed.


1. A card dispensing tray-having amopen;top.-and :one open side to facilitate access to cards positionedthereon, said 'traytconsisting essentially ofravflat'base, 3a flange-extending upwardly at right anglesfrom the rearedgesof said base,tan upstanding guide member onone side edge of said-base, and a take-cit lip onKthe front edge of ,said base, I said take-01f lip extending upwardly from said base at an angle of approximately130tso thatiapluralityaof cards positioned on said tray may be readilyrernoved one at a time. therefrom.

2. A card dispensing tray having :an-opentopanndnn open side to facilitate: access-to cards-positionedthereon, said tray consisting essentiallyof a flat base, a;:fiange extending upwardly at right anglesfrom the rearzedge or" said base,-an upstanding guide membenonpnesideedge of said base, and a take-off lip on the front edge of said base, said take-off lip extending upwardly from; said :base at an obtuseangle sothat a pluralit'y 'of cardspositione on'said tray may be readilyremove'd-one-at atime; therefrom.

3. Ina packaging device,:afirst-conveyorbelt, a sec- 0nd .lconvevoribelt below said lfirsnconveyor belt, vharpinrality of take-ofi fingers, means for supporting said takeoff fingers with their rear ends adjacent said first conveyor belt and their front ends downwardly inclined towards said second conveyor belt, and a card dispensing tray below the front ends of said take-oh? fingers and above said second conveyor belt, said tray comprising a flat base and a take-01f lip on thetfrontz-edgerof said"=base, said takeoffllip extending upwardlyfrom said ,base ,at-antobtuse ng in a packaging device, a first conveyor belt, a -.second conveyor belt below said first conveyor belt, a pinrality of take off 'fingers, means for supporting said takeoif fingers with ..their rearendssadjaeent said first conveyor belt and their front ends downwardly inclined towards said second conveyor belt, and a card dispensing tray below the front ends of said take-off fingers and above :saidsecond :conveyor belt, said rtray comprising a fiat base and a:take.-,ofi'lip.ontheifront-edge of said base said ,takeaotf lipz extending; upwardlyrfrom said base at; an :obtuse; angle,::said take-ofiz lipextending'rbeyond' the extremity oft the take-off ifingerst above said :second: conveyor belt, whereby-a product tobe: packaged is isweptoff said firsbconveyor belt ontosaid take-ofifingersiand thence onto :a packaging card-positioned on said-earid dispensing tray, from which point said; product and; card are I swept'over :said taker-off lip, onto said second :conveyor belt.

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