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Publication numberUS2743470 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 1, 1956
Filing dateJul 6, 1953
Priority dateJul 6, 1953
Publication numberUS 2743470 A, US 2743470A, US-A-2743470, US2743470 A, US2743470A
InventorsGoldie Horowitz Ruth
Original AssigneeGoldie Horowitz Ruth
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Typewriter ribbon reinking device
US 2743470 A
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United States Patent TYPEWRITER RIBBON REINKING DEVICE Ruth Goldie Horowitz, Detroit, Mich.

Application July 6, 1953, Serial No. 366,212

4 Claims. (Cl. 15-138) to easily apply the same to a ribbon and move the ribbon therethrough without detaching the ribbon from the typewriter.

Another object of my invention is to provide an inking pad of such construction that the attachment thereof to a ribbon may be easily effected and the constant flow of I ink applied thereto while the ribbon is being inked.

Another object of my invention is to provide an inking pad with a rubber lining for preventing the excessive saturation of the ribbon with ink.

Other objects and advantages will become more fully apparent from a consideration or the following description taken in connection with the accompanying draWings, in which:

Figure 1 is a view in perspective of a fully assembled inking pad showing a typewriter ribbon in its respective positon when movement thereof through said in'king pad is eifected.

Figure 2 is a cross-sectional view of said ribbon inker.

Figure 3 is a cross-sectional view taken onthe line 3--3 of Figure 2.

Referring specifically to the drawings wherein like reference characters designate like or similar parts, the typewriter ribbon re-inker comprises a cylindrical casing 10 having the base endthereof enclosed, an ink retaining cover 11, a valve 12, a cylindrical rubber ink scraper 13, and an inking pad 14.

Reverting to the cylindrical casing 10, it has a diametrical slot formed in its wall substantially extending toward its base for passing the ribbon therethrough.

Mounted into the interior of said cylindrical chamber 10 V is a rubber cylinder 13 also having a slot 16 in an aligned position with the slot 15 of said cylindrical casing 10, and mounted into the interior of said rubber cylinder 13 is an inking pad 14 having a slot 17 also in an aligned position with the slots 15 and 16 of the cylindrical casing 10 and the rubber cylinder 13 into which a typewriter ribbon is inserted for the inking operation thereof.

The ink retaining cover cap 11 is of annular formation for fitting over said cylindrical casing 10. It has in its interior a transversal wall 18 which forms a chamber 19 for retaining ink therein.

Said transversal wall 18 has a tapered central opening 20 for the admission of ink therethrough into the slot 17 of the inking pad 14 through which the ribbon 21 is being moved.

As shown in Figure 2, the ink retaining cover cap 11 has a threaded opening 22 provided centrally in its top Ice 2 wall, said opening 22 being in an aligned position with the tapered opening 20, for the purpose of filling the ink into said chamber 19, and for enclosing said ink therein by a threadedly operative valve needle 12. Adjacent said threaded opening 22 there is a second opening 23 which is used for the admission 'of air into said ink retaining chamber 19 for the purpose of eliminating a vacuum and, thereby, affording a free flow of ink through said tapered opening 20 when the valve needle 12 is'turnably moved in an upward direction.

It will be realized that the closing of said air inlet 23 is eifected by the shoulder of the head 24 of said valve needle 12 simultaneously when closing of the tapered opening 20 is eifected.

The ink retaining cover 11 also has a diametrical slot 25 substantially extended in depth for passing said ribbon therethrough, as shown in Figure 1.

In order to effect the inking operation of the ribbon, the ribbon 21'is inserted into said aligned slots 15, 16, and 17 and the ink retaining cover 11 is placed over said ribbon thus enclosing said ribbon within said inking pad 14, said casing 10, and said rubber lining 13. The valve 12, through the turning operation, is moved into the outward direction thereby causing the ink to drip into the slot 17 of said inking pad 14 and over the ribbon 21, which is moving therethrough through the cranking operation of a typewriter crank, and simultaneously maintaining saturation of said inking pad.

It will be realized that the excessive saturation of said ribbon 21 by ink is reduced by the squeezing action of the slot in the rubber lining 13 when said ribbon 21 passes therethrough.

It will also be realized that when the inking operation is terminated and the ribbon inker proper is not in use, said cover cap 11 is turned into either direction to efiiect disalignment of said slot 25 and said slot 15 of said casing It for the purpose of preventing evaporation of moisture from said inking pad M within said casing 10.

In order to ink the typewriter ribbon, the above described device may be held by the fingers, or-a detachable clip, not shown herein, may be used for such a purpose.

Various modifications and changes may be contemplated, and the express right is herein reserved to make such changes and modifications provided they fall within the spirit and scope of this invention, in which I claim:

'1. A device of the class described comprising a housing having a slot for moving a typewriter ribbon therethrough, an inking pad having a slot, said inking pad being carried by said housing, means carried by said housing for controlling excessive saturation of ink on said ribbon, a slotted cover for enclosing said ribbon within said slots of said housing and said inking pad, said cover having an ink chamber, and means carried by said cover for regulating the flow of ink from said chamber into said slot of said inking pad. 7 v

2. A device of the class described comprising a housing having a slot for passing a typewriter ribbon therethrough, an inking pad mounted into said housing, said inking pad having a slot in an aligned position with the slot of said housing, a rubber lining between the wall of said housing and said inking pad, said rubber lining having a slit in an aligned position with the slots of said housing and said inking pad for squeezing excessive ink from said typewriter ribbon when the same is pulled therethrough, a slotted cover cap for enclosing said ribbon within said slots of said housing and said inking pad, said cover cap having an ink retaining chamber, and means carried by said cover cap for regulating the flow of ink into the slot of said inking pad.

3. As in claim 2, in which said slotted cover cap com prising an annularly formed sleeve having a diametrical 2 slot of substantial depth and having above said slot 21 Patented May'l, 1956 3 4r transversewg ll forming an ink retaining chamber enclosed said cover and being in an aligned position with said central by M912 117411.91! 1 l annul r; sleeve! @i. fire 099 395 9t said fir tmns rs l lr closing or p n transversal wall having a central opening for the admission said central opening. of ink therethrough into the slot of said inking pad, and m ans rded y s id o er fo mgu atin he low o inle 5 References Cited in the file of this Patent t e lq at aid kin P d- UNITED STATES PATENTS 4- As in c a m 3, n w i h a d mans for e u atin Re. 18,588 Sw1tzer Sept. 6, 1932 the fiow sal mls m s ot of s d in s p d Wm 2,441,973 Onzay May 25 1948 pr s a lve t d d y op rative i n h op Wal f

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International ClassificationB41J31/14
Cooperative ClassificationB41J31/14
European ClassificationB41J31/14