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Publication numberUS2743526 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 1, 1956
Filing dateSep 16, 1954
Priority dateSep 16, 1954
Publication numberUS 2743526 A, US 2743526A, US-A-2743526, US2743526 A, US2743526A
InventorsIvy Jessie T
Original AssigneeIvy Jessie T
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Detachable top mount
US 2743526 A
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May 1, 1956 .1. T. NY 2,743,526

DETACHABLE TOP MOUNT Filed Sept. 16, 1954 II llllll llllllllllll K L 45 35 44 2 M/ INVENTOR.

Jc'ss/E 7. /VY

l A m/ United Sttes DETACHABLE TOP MOUNT Jessie T. Ivy, Seattle, Wash.

Application September 16, 1954, Serial No. 456,597 I 4 Claims. (21. 33-50 This invention relates to telescope mounting means as applied to hunting rifles, or the like, and it has reference more particularly to means that are especially desirable for the mounting of telescopes that are not equipped with internal means for adjusting the position of the reticule.

It is the principal object of this invention to provide what is designated as a top mount for supporing a telescope on the frame or barrel of a hunting rifle or shot gun and which mount permits the ready and easy removal of the telescope from the gun when such is desired; which provides for the quick and easy remounting of the telescope on the gun and which provides for all adjustments required for an accurate sighting in of the telescope after being mounted. Another object is to provide a top mount that does not interfere with the normal use of the gun sights.

Still further objects of the invention reside in the details of construction and combination of parts embodied in the mounts and in their mode of assembly, and use for the holding of a telescope.

In accomplishing the above mentioned and other objects of the invention, I have provided the improved details of construction, the preferred forms of which are illustrated in the accompanying drawing, wherein:

Fig. 1 is a side view of a portion of a hunting rifle equipped with a telescope and top mounts for the telescope embodied by the present invention.

Fig. 2 is a perspectiveview of one of the mountings detached from the rifle.

Fig. 3 is a perspective view, showing the various parts comprised in the mounting of Fig. 2, in separated relationship.

Fig. 4 is an end elevation of the mounting of Fig. 2, shown partly in section for better understanding of certain details of construction.

Fig. 5 is a section taken on the line 5-5 in Fig. 4.

Referring more in detail to the drawings:

In Fig. l, the frame portion of a rifle is designated by numeral and a part of the stock to which the frame is secured is designated at 11. The gun barrel, mounted in the frame, is designated by numeral 12 and a sighting telescope, which is typical of a certain type now commonly used on hunting rifles, is designated in its entirety by reference numeral 15.

The telescope 15 is mounted on the gun frame 10 by means of a forward and a rearward mount, each of which is like the other to the extent that each comprises a base block 16, that is adatped to be permanently fixed to the gun frame, and a collar 18 that is applicable about the telescope barrel and is adapted to be adjustably and also detachably applied to its corresponding base block 16.

Since the forward and rearward mounts are alike, both in construction and mode of application in use, the present description will be applied to the parts as comprised in the mount shown best in Figs. 2 to 5 inclusive, with the understanding that the description applies equally 2,743,526 Patented May 1, 1956 to both the rearward and the forward of each mount, as illustrated in Fig. l.

The base block 16, is formed with a cylindrically curved under surface 20 extending the full length of the block and adapted to conform to the cylindrically curved top surface of the gun frame 10 at the point of application of the block. Also, the block is channeled longitudinally and centrally of its top surface to provide it with an open, longitudinal channel 21 defined between the two parallel opposite side flanges 22 and 22. This base block 16 has its cylindrically curved under surface 20 fitted to the top surface of the frame 10 and permanently attached thereto by two screws 23 that are applied downwardly through the base wall of the channel 21 near its opposite ends; the screws being threaded into the frame and having their heads counter-sunk in the channel bottom as has been shown in Fig. 4.

The collar 18 which is associated with the base block 16 comprises a base portion 25 and a top portion 26. The base portion is in block-forn1 and is disposed transversely of the base 16 as well shown in Fig. 2. It has leg portions 27-2'7 extended directly downward from its opposite sides, spaced apart to receive the opposite side flanges 22-22 of the base block 16 between them with some clearance, thus to provide for limited lateral shifting of the collar on the base. The two depending leg portions, 27-27, define the opposite sides of a downwardly opening recess 30 that has a flat top wall surface 31.

The base member 25 of the collar is formed with a cylindrically curved, upwardly facing seat 32 adapted to receive the cylindrical body portion of the telescope 15 thereagainst in the functional mounting of the telescope.

The top portion 26 of the collar is in the form of a cylindrically curved band that is shaped to conform to and applicable over the telescope barrel when the latter is engaged against the seat 32, and at its opposite ends, this band has outwardly and downwardly directed feet or flanges 26' that are flatly engageable with seats 25 on the base member 25 at opposite sides of the seat 32, and are equipped with holes 33 to receive screws 34 therethrough for the securing of the parts 25 and 26 together, and also for the clamping of the telescope therebetween.

When the parts 16 and 18 are assembled, they assume the relationship in which they are shown in Figs. 2 and 4, and they are joined together by adjusting means best shown in Figs. 4 and 5, and which will now be described.

Threaded inwardly through the opposite leg portions 27-27 of the base portion 25 of the collar 13 are screws 36-36. These screws are in axial alignment with each other and they have conically tapered inner end portions 36x adapted to be seated in similarly tapered conical, and axially aligned sockets 38 formed through the flanges 22-22 of the base member 16. These screws have Allen heads to facilitate their adjustment and are equipped with lock nuts 40 adapted to be tightened against the outer faces of the legs 27-27 to hold what ever adjustments of the screws 36 may be made.

It will be understood that by reason of the clearance provided between the legs 27-27 of the part 26, and the flanges 22-22 that extend along opposite sides of the block 16, it is possible to make certain lateral adjustment of the collar 18 relative to the block 16. Such adjustments are made for example, by threading one screw 36 outwardly and the opposite screw 36 inwardly. When the desired lateral adjustment of the collar 18 relative to the base block 16, has thus been made, it is then secured by tightening the lock nuts 40 on the screws against the adjacent legs 27.

If it is desired to make a vertical adjustment of the collar relative to the base, 'this can be accomplished by loosening both" the screws "36"36' to a" certain "extent so that their conically tapered inner end portions 36X do not fully seat in. the. taperedsoekets38. Then the..base 25 is lifted to take up the slack thus-:provided... .TEhis.

lifting is. efiectedsby. certain-means =ShWll..! b6St in .Eigs. 4 and 5 which. comprises a, pair: of vertical .pins..40 40,.

slidably fitted in vertically boredholes 41in .theopposite and at..their lower ends.they extendtinto horizontally bored holes 44in the base portionlof blo'cle16. Threaded into theopposite endsof'these:.holes.44-are.screws..45'

with conically tapered...inner:end .portions 45xt-engaged with.the.lower.ends of the.pins 40. By adjusting the screws 45. inwardly, their tapered. ends can be...made. to push thepins 40-40..upwardly, to..the. extent. permitted by thethe extent of loosenessuof the screws 36. It is the usual practice in making thiswparticular. adjustment to. fully loosen the screws 36, and to then lift .the collar to the. height desired by the. inward. adjustment of. the screws 45. Then, to .tighten .the .screws .36. into the tapered sockets to .hold the part .25 firmly against. the upper ends of the pins.40.

Assuming that the parts are so constructed, and that the blocks 16-46 have beenfixed to the vgun frame. in a desired or proper spacing therealong,. as shown in Fig. 1, and that the base blocks 25.0f. the two collars have beenapplied to the blocks .16, .the telescope 15. is then laid. in the seats 32 of .thetwo mounts... and the collar portions 26 applied over the telescope barrel and secured by the bolts 34. Before tightening thescrews 34, the telescope can be adjustedendwise to. a position to best suit the user, then clamped by tightening the screwsinto the holes 33x.

'It' is customary in sighting. in the telescopeflas thus held in the mounts,.to adjust for. elevation .by use of the adjusting screws 45.0f .the'rearwardmount. Then, when this adjustment has been made, .toadjust for windage, by means of the screws 36-36 of the forward mount. However, since both mounts are-alike,,either or both adjustmentsmay be made by either mount.

Due to the fact that the blocks 16 are longitudinally channeled, it will be understood that an un-obstructed view of .the gun sights is had even with both mounts and telescope in place and this is of advantage. insighting on moving targets.

If it is not desired to use the-.telescope,rit can. be .readily removed merely by threading the. mounting .screws..36 outwardly to clear the flanges. 22,. and then. lifting the telescope off.

Having thus described my. invention, what I claim as new therein and desire to secure by Letters Patent .is:

l. A telescope mount of the character-described comprising a base block adapted tobe disposed upon. and fixed to agun frame, and a collar that is adapted .for mounting on said base block and to be secured about a telescope barrel; said collar havinglegportions at ing screws threaded inwardly through said leg portions of the collar; in axialalignment," and"having"conicalty tapered inner end portions; and said base block being longitudinally channeled centrally of its top surface and to its full length providing an open sighting passage through which the gun sights are visible and provided with correspondingly V tapered sockets containing the tapered ends of said adjustingscrews therein, and said screws being equipped :atvtheir outer .endsx'with means for effecting their adjustment whereby the transverse position of the collar relative to the base block is established. a

2. A telescope mount of the character described comprising a base block adapted to be-"disposed upon and fixed to a gun frame, and a collar that is applicable about a telescope barrel for the securement of said barrel therein; said base block having conically tapered sockets formed therein in. axialalignment .transverselypf the block, and said collarwhavinguleg portions .-at.- its.

opposite sides depending at the oppositesidesof .said. base. block with clearance that., lateral adjustment of the collar relative tothe. block, ..adjusting;.. screws threaded .inwardly through saidtlegs, .and..forrned with comically tapcredinner ends, corresponding .totthe taper of the block. sockets andadapted. to beseatedhin. said sockets .for fixed supportof the..collar, said screws being equipped .at their outer ends with .means fortheir adjustment, .as may be required for..effecting,.a.lateral its opposite sides, depending along opposite sides of the .base block with clearance that permitslimited lateral adjustment of the collar relative to the base block, adjustadjustment and fixed-securement of the. collaron the block, or for providing looseness in .the socketswhereby thecollar. is permitted .limited vertical adjustment .in accordance with the degree. of looseness, .and means. associated with the block and collarfor fixing. .the.- collar in. that position of vertical adjustment. relative to -the base block as permitted by the-looseness of the. tapered ends'of .the adjustinggscrews in theblocksockets.

3. A telescope mount as recited. in claim 2.wherein. locknuts are threaded onto the. outer end .portionsrof said adjusting. screws, .adapted .to .betightened. against the legs of the collar .to secure. an. adjustment... established by the set screws.

4. A telescope mount as recited in claim 2 whereintthe means for .fixing thecollar in a position. of vertical adjustment relative. to. the base blockaspermitted. byra looseness .of. the tapered .ends of. the. collaradjusting screws in the base block sockets comprisespush: pins that are mounted for endwisemovementin the block, with. their upper. ends engaging against theunder. surface of'the collar as applied to the base block, and adjusting screws thrcadedinto the baseblock; said screws haying sonically tapered .inner. end portions engaged against. the lowerends of said push pins. with an upward'wedging effect for lifting .thepins to effect a.consequent'lifting of the collar to they extent provided forby the looseness of the adjusting screws asv mounted in the collar legs, and its securement in Ithatlifted position.

Sparr Dec. 8, 1931 Leupold -Apr 10,- 1951

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