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Publication numberUS2744807 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 8, 1956
Filing dateFeb 18, 1953
Priority dateFeb 18, 1953
Publication numberUS 2744807 A, US 2744807A, US-A-2744807, US2744807 A, US2744807A
InventorsBently George K
Original AssigneeMccray Refrigerator Company In
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Adjustable mezzanine shelf for refrigerated display cases
US 2744807 A
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y 1956 G. K. BENTLY 2,744,807

ADJUSTABLE MEZZANINE SHE LF FOR REFRIGERATED DISPLAY CASES Filed Feb. 18, 1953 2 Sheets-Sheet l gwwe/wtm y 8, 1956 K. BENTLY 2,744,807

ADJUSTABLE MEZZANINE SHEILFFOR REFRIGERATED DISPLAY CASES Filed Feb. 18, 1955 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 gvwe/rvfm 660576 ff. Ben/Q United States Patent ADJUSTABLE MEZZANINE SHELF FOR REFRIGERATED DISPLAY CASES George K. Bently, Kendallville, Ind., assignor to McCray Refrigerator Company, Inc., Kendallville, Ind., a corporation of Indiana Application February 18, 1953, Serial No. 337,521

6 Claims. (Cl. 312-351) This invention relates to refrigerators of the produce display type commonly used in stores where perishable goods are sold and has reference more particularly to what may be termed a mezzanine shelf for use in such refrigerators for displaying small items such as peppers, tomatoes, sweet corn, berries, and the like, that do not normally require a considerable vertical height for display.

In refrigerators of the class described, and particularly those of the open-top self-serve type, it is customary to provide a single merchandise supporting shelf or tray that is substantially coextensive in horizontal area with that of the display space and which may be adjustable to place it in horizontal position or in various inclinations from front to rear of the case, depending on the nature, as to height or size, of the articles displayed as well as the most desired inclination or angle at which to display them. Ordinarily it is not desired or practical to place both small and large items together on the main display shelf.

It is, therefore, the primary object of the present invention to provide a supplemental or mezzanine like shelf that may be mounted in the upper portion of the display space of a refrigerated case in convenient position for use and which is adapted for supportng in display position small items that should, for various reasons, be displayed separately from the larger items customarily placed on the main shelf of the case.

A further object of the invention is the provision of a supplemental shelf of the character described which is simple and strong in construction, is available at low cost, and is adjustable and detachably supported in various positions in the display space of a refrigerator to suit the display effect desired and the nature of the products displayed. I

Further objects and advantages of the invention will be apparent from the following detailed description, and from the accompanying drawings illustrating one embodiment thereof, in which- Fig. 1 is an end elevation of the upper portion of a refrigerated display cabinet equipped with the invention, and with a part broken away;

Fig. 2 is a similar fragmentary section thereof with the main display shelf and the mezzanine shelf in different positions of adjustment from those shown in Fig. 1;

Fig. 3 is a perspective view of a mezzanine shelf embodying the invention;

Fig. 4 is an enlarged section on the line 4--4 in Fig. 3, and

Fig. 5 is an enlarged end view of a front corner portion of the mezzanine shelf with the supporting leg partly broken away.

Referring to the drawings, 1 designates the upper portion of a display refrigerator cabinet, in the present instance of the open-top self-serve type, 2 the display compartment thereof, and 3 the usual up-draft cold air flue at the rear of said compartment and from which 2,744,807 Patented May 8, 1956 cold air is supplied at various levels to the compartment through openings in the front flue wall, as well understood in the art. In this type of refrigerator, the cold air passes forwardly through the display compartmentfrom the discharge openings of the flue 3 and usually most, if not all, of such air passes from the compartment through a downflue 4 at the front of the case and into a lower chamber where it is again cooled and then returned to the display compartment for produce cooling purposes.

The produce being displayed is supported on a'main shelf 5 that is detachably mounted in the compartment 2 and is supported at its rear, at the desired inclination and height, by any one of a series of vertically spaced brackets 6 on the front side of the front wall of the flue 3, as is common in the art. In the present instance, one of such brackets is located at the extreme upper end of the flue so that the discharge of cold air from such end may be therebeneath.

The mezzanine or supplemental shelf comprising the present invention is designated 10 and is supported at its rear end by resting on one of the brackets 6, depending on the inclination desired, and is supported at its forward end by one or more legs 11, the shelf being shown in Fig. -3 as equipped with two of such legs, one for each end.

The shelf 10 is of open constructionto permit the passage of air therethrough and in its preferred construction comprises a rectangular frame having longitudinally extending front and rear bars 12 and 13, respectively, and end bars 14, 14, withthe front and rear bars preferably connected by smaller cross-bars 15 and the end bars preferably connected by an intermediate longitudinally extending bar 16. This latter bar is beneath and serves to support the cross-bars 15 and to impart strength and rigidity to the frame. The rear ends of the end bars 14 preferably extend beyond the rear bar 13 and are turned down to form hooks 17 for engaging in the channels of the brackets 6 at the rear of the compartment 2, whereby to support the rear of the shelf 10 at the desired height. The bars 12, 13, 14, 15 and 16 combine to form a shelf of foraminous or grate-like form.

The shelf 10 is provided at itsfront with a raised guard rail 18 and at its, ends with raised guard rails 19, 19. The front rail 18 is preferably of inverted U-form with its down-turned ends or legs integrally connected to the front and end bars, respectively, of the shelf frame at the points of juncture, while the end rails 19 are integrally connected at their upper ends to the upper end of the respective one of said legs. The rear ends of the end bars 19 are turned down and attached to the bars 13 and 14 at their corner points of juncture. The said connections are preferably made by welding. The shelf 10 may be of any desired length and one or more may be placed in a refrigerated cabinet lengthwise thereof and these may be differentially adjusted as to height, position and inclination to suit the desired display of produce.

Each shelf 10 may be provided with one or more sup porting legs 11 at its front edge, two being shown, and each is carried at its upper end by a guide rail 21 for forward and rearward swinging movements and also for sliding movements lengthwise of the shelf, thus permitting various adjustments of a leg relative to the shelf. Each guide rail 21 is suspended on a rearward inclination from the front edge portion of the shelf frame, being connected thereto by upwardly extending end portions 22, one of which is welded or otherwise suitably attached to the front bar 12 while the other is shown as being similarly attached to the adjacent end bar 14 at a point slightly rearward from its forward end (Figs. 4 and 5).

The legs 11 preferably comprise adjustable telescoped sections to permit lengthwise adjustment, and each is provided at its upper end with a head piece 23 that is preferably of U or channel-shape in cross-section with the leg fixed to and projecting substantially centrally from its web portion as shown. The side flanges of the channel head are perforated in transverse alignment to slidingly and pivotally receive the respective guide rail '21. These perforations are slightly to the rear of the axial line of the leg so that upon a forward swinging the front portion of the head-piece may strike the frame 'bar 12 and limit such movement, as shown in Fig. 2. This swinging adjustment, combined with a lengthwise adjustment of a leg as well as its lengthwise adjustment on the guide rail 21, facilitates positioning the leg with respect to produce on the main shelf 5. The leg is intended to project down through a registering opening in the shelf and to rest on the bottom 2a of the display compartment. The shelves 1%) are of comparatively low cost and may becompactly folded for storage when not in use. One or more of these shelves may be used in a display case and is capable of being quickly mounted in usable position therein by placing its rear supporting hooks 17 in engagement with a bracket 6 at the desired level in the case and the legs 11 then adjusted as to height and inclination relative to the shelf to suit the desired display position. The legs may also be adjusted lengthwise of the shelf on the guide rails 21 so as to pass down between articles on the main shelf 5.

I wish it understood that my invention is not limited to any specific construction, arrangement or form of the parts, as it is capable of numerous modifications and changes without departing from the spirit of the claims.

What I claim is:

1. In a refrigerated cabinet having a top display compartment with front, back, end and bottom walls, a rear use for discharging cold air forwardly into the compartment through said back wall, a main produce supporting shelf in said compartment, and means on said rear wall within the compartment for supporting the rear edge of the shelf in various positions relative thereto, the provision of 'a mezzanine shelf in the rear portion of the compartment above said main shelf adapted to rest at its rear edge on said shelf supporting means in elevated relation to the main shelf, one or more legs for the forward edge of the mezzanine shelf and a guide bar at the lower portionof said lower edge on which the leg is'hinged for forward and rearward swinging movements and on which it has adjustable shifting movements lengthwise of the bar.

2. A combination as called for in claim 1 wherein said guide bar depends from the forward edge portion of the mezzanine'shelf in rearwardly spaced relation thereto, and said leg has a projection at its upper end for engagement with the forward portion of the mezzanine shelf to limit the extent of forward swinging movements of the leg relative thereto.

3. A combination as called for in claim 2 wherein said projection constitutes a channel member the side flanges of which are mounted for pivotal and axial sliding movements on the guide bar and the web of which has the leg fixedly projecting downwardly therefrom forwardly of the guide bar.

4. A mezzanine shelf for mounting in the upper rear portion of the display compartment of a refrigerated display cabinet above the main shelf therein, said mezzanine shelf comprising a rectangular frame, a foraminous produce supporting means thereon, means at the rear of the frame for engaging a support, a guide rail at the forward edge of the shelf lengthwise thereof, and a supporting leg for the shelf attached to said rail for pivotal move ments transverse thereto and sliding movements lengthwise thereof.

. 5. A combination as called for in claim 4 together with front and end guard rails mounted on the corresponding front and end members of said frame.

6. in a refrigerator cabinet having a top display compartment with a rear flue for discharging cold air from its upper end forwardly into the upper portion of said compartment, a main shelf in said compartment extending substantially from front to rear thereof and disposed at its rear end below the plane of said air discharge into the compartment, the provision of a mezzanine shelf at the rear of said compartment disposed above said main shelf and, at its rear end, above the plane of said air discharge into said compartment, means at the rear of the compartment for supporting the rear end of said mezzanine shelf, and means for supporting the forward end of the mezzanine shelf above the main shelf, said last means including a leg, and a pivot bar on the forward end of the mezzanine shelf, said bar being elongated lengthwise of the cabinet, and said leg being attached at its upper end to the bar for swinging movements transverse thereto and shifting movements lengthwise thereof.

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