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Publication numberUS2745558 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 15, 1956
Filing dateDec 23, 1952
Priority dateDec 23, 1952
Publication numberUS 2745558 A, US 2745558A, US-A-2745558, US2745558 A, US2745558A
InventorsGreenspan Stephen H
Original AssigneeGreenspan Stephen H
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Supports for archery equipment
US 2745558 A
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i! 1956 s. H. GREENSPAN 2,745,558

SUPPORTS FOR ARCHERY EQUIPMENT Filed Dec. 23, 1952 INVENTOR JTEPHE/V H. Gaza/524m ATTORNEY United States Patent SUPPORTS FGR ARCHERY EQUIPMENT Stephen H. Greenspan, Baltimore, Application December 23, E52, Serial No. 327,579

3 (Ilaims. (3. 2116il) This invention relates to supports for archery equipment, and more particularly to a wall-mounted frame support embodying a detachable arrow rack which may be removed conveniently from the support for transportation to the point of utilization of the arrows.

It is the object of the present invention to provide a support for archery equipment which is rugged and economical in construction, pleasing in appearance, and highly utilitarian, by providing a suitable repository for all of the equipment generally necessary in the practice of the art of archery, and which additionally embodies as a part thereof a detachable stand for accommodating the arrows. The stand may be detached conveniently from the support for transportation to the site where archery is practiced; it is self-supporting on the ground at the latter site, and following its utilization, it may be replaced on its support neatly and with dispatch.

It is a further object of the invention to provide a combined rack and cabinet for supporting and storing in a compact space all of the paraphernalia normally used in the practice of archery, which space includes cabinet compartments for housing items of small size so that these are not lost or displaced.

It is another object of the invention to provide a simple rack for archery equipment which may be hung conveniently on the wall of a recreation room, lodge or the like, to provide a fixture of pleasing appearance while at the same time serving to maintain the equipment in neat and good working order and in condition for immediate use.

The invention proceeds upon the principle of providing a frame of wood or analogous material, which is furnished with pegs extending forwardly therefrom in order tosuspend therefrom bows, hats and other incidentals which are normally used by the archery enthusiast. In addition, the frame is provided with a plurality of pegs for the purpose of detachably supporting thereon a self-supporting rack which accommodates a plurality of arrows in vertically aligned position in readiness for use. The arrow rack may be quickly and easily removed from the frame support for the purpose of transporting it to the archery site whereat it may be positioned on the ground as a standing quiver holding the arrows therein in properly aligned position and spaced from each other for convenient handling. Following the utilization of the arrows and the replacement thereof in the rack, the latter may be quickly replaced onto the frame support in order to provide a compact storage space for all of the archery equipment in a state of perfect orderliness.

In addition, the frame is provided with compartmented cabinet space for the purpose of housing bow strings, arm guards, finger guards and any other equipment or repair items which are generally utilized or desirable in the maintenance of archery equipment in perfect operative condition.

Other objects and purposes will appear from the detailed description of the invention following hereinafter 2,745,558 Patented May 15, 1956 taken in conjunction with the accompanying drawing, wherein:

Fig. 1 is a front elevation of the archery equipment support in accordance with my invention;

Fig. 2 is a side elevation of Fig. 1; and

Fig. 3 is a perspective view of the component parts of the support in their separated position.

In the preferred embodiment of the invention illustrated in the drawing, the archery equipment frame F is formed by a plurality of wooden frame members consisting of an extended top horizontal member 2 and a bottom member 3 which are spaced by vertical members 4 and 5 and integrated by conventional carpentry joints, for example, of the mortise and tenon type.

The top member 2 extends beyond the vertical members 4 and 5 and in circular capping plate 1 is afiixed to the mid-point thereof. This circular member may simulate a target to indicate the functional purpose of the rack. The rack may be suspended on a wall by supports placed under the extended portions of the horizontal member 2.

A plurality of pegs 9 extend forwardly from the opposite ends of upper horizontal member 2 and serve to provide suspension points for bows B, hats or similar items which may be supported from these pegs.

In addition, pegs 7 extend forwardly from the vertical members 4 and 5, at intermediate points along the length thereof. These pegs 7 are supplemented by additional pegs 8 extending forwardly from the lower member 3. The pegs 7 and 8 serve as a mounting support for a detachable rectangular frame 10 functioning as a standing quiver for a plurality of arrows A.

The arrow rack 10 is formed as a rectangular casing bounded by upper horizontal bar 12, lower horizontal bar 13 and spaced vertical lateral bars 14 and 15. A horizontal bracing bar 16 extends between the lateral members 14 and 15 at the rear of the rack 10 and another horizontal bracing member 17 extends between the lateral members 14 and 15 at the front of the rack. Preferably, the bracing bars 16 and 17 are displaced at different levels.

A plurality of aligned openings 18 are bored in the upper horizontal member 12 and corresponding recesses are bored in the upper face of the lower member 13. The shafts of the arrows extend through the openings 18 and the arrow heads or points are supported in the depressions or recesses 19 formed in base 13 which are in corresponding alignment. The points of the arrows are protected against damage or injury to others by being seated in the recesses 19. Furthermore, the arrows remain true and are not bent in view of their vertical upstanding position.

The displacement between pegs 7 and 8 correspond to the difference in spacing between the members 12 and 13 so that both sets of pegs provide support for the removable rack 10 when the same is positioned as shown in Fig. 1. However, the supporting function could be attained by pegs 7 alone.

As shown in Fig. 3, the arrow rack 10 may be conveniently detached from the frame F for the purpose of transporting it to a distant archery site whereat the rack 10 may be positioned on the ground to function as a standing quiver for the arrows. Following its use and upon the assembly of the arrows therein, the rack 10 may be repositioned on the frame F in order to provide a neat storage space for the arrows.

The utility of the archery equipment rack is enhanced by the provision of a cabinet 20 which may be mounted within the confines of the frame and beyond the field of movement of the arrow rack with the arrows therein. As shown, the cabinet 20 is mounted immediately below the upper horizontal member 2 and between the vertical frame members 4 and 5. The same could be positioned below the rack 10. The cabinet 20 may be divided into compartments of different sizes, 21 and 22, the former serving to house bow strings, arm guards, finger guards and similar small items, while the compartment 22 may be used for the storage of any larger devices.

The provision of swinging doors 23 for the front of the cabinet serves to close off the interior thereof so that the cabinet in its closed position presents a neat appearance and combines with the other elements of the rack to form a compact storage space for'all of the equipment required to practice the art of archery.

While I have described my invention as embodied in a specific form and as operating in a specific manner for purposes of illustration, it should be understood that I do not limit my invention thereto, since various modifications will suggest themselves to those skilled in the art without departing from the spirit of my invention, the scope of which is set forth in the annexed claims.

I claim:

1. A combined rack and cabinet for archery equipment comprising a rectangular frame defined by spaced horizontal members with displaced vertical members extending therebetween disposed in a common vertical plane, a plurality of pegs extending forwardly from said frame on both said horizontal and vertical members, a rectangular rack for arrows comprising spaced horizontal bars integrated by opposite vertical bars, said horizontal bars having a displacement corresponding to the spacing of pegs on said frame to render the arrow rack detachably supportable on the pegs of said frame at both horizontal bars of said rack, and a cabinet compartment mounted Within the confines of said frame forwardly of the vertical plane thereof and displaced from said arrow rack.

2. The device as set forth in claim 1 wherein said cabinet is mounted above the arrow rack and directly below the horizontal member of said frame.

3. The device as set forth in claim 1 wherein the horizontal bars are provided withaligned openings and recesses for vertically supporting arrows therein.

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