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Publication numberUS2745575 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 15, 1956
Filing dateOct 15, 1951
Priority dateOct 15, 1951
Publication numberUS 2745575 A, US 2745575A, US-A-2745575, US2745575 A, US2745575A
InventorsSpencer Alvin C
Original AssigneeSpencer Alvin C
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Printing ink holder and dispenser, including a cylindrical container and piston
US 2745575 A
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y 5, 1956 A. c. SPENCER 2,745,575




CLUDING A CYLINDRICAL CONTAINER AND PISTON This invention relates to the packaging and handling of commodities including those containing varying amounts of moisture and capable of being dispensed from containers or receptacles.

In addition to the packaging and handling of printing ink the invention further relates to the dispensing of the same. More particularly, the invention relates to the holding and dispensing of substances of the character or consistency of ink of a type generally used in printing.

Printing ink is usually contained in one-pound cans which vary in size on account of the fact that different colors and grades of ink vary both in consistency and in volume. Variation in the size of the containers complicates the handling of the product and emphasizes the desirability of having containers of uniform size as well as simple means for removing and dispensing the substance from its container or receptacle.

It is an object of the invention to provide a simple, inexpensive, container or receptacle which can be easily and quickly handled and which is capable of holding substances of varying consistencies and specific gravities from which removal or dispensing may be readily accomplished.

Another object of the invention is to provide a holder and dispenser which can be easily and quickly assembled for use and taken apart for cleaning or other desired purpose.

Further objects and advantages of the invention will be apparent from the following description taken in conjunction with the accompanying drawings, wherein:

Fig. 1 is a side elevation illustrating one application of the invention;

Fig. 2, a longitudinal section with the cap removed;

Fig. 3, a section on the line 3-3 of Fig. 1;

Fig. 4, a section on the line 44 of Fig. 2; and

Fig. 5, a section on the line 55 of Fig. 2.

The invention comprises a holder and dispenser for ink or other substance of varying degree of consistency or fluidity, which holder and dispenser may be a can or other container or receptacle of metal or other substance. The container has a cylindrical body with a beaded joint 11 at its upper end forming a connection with an inclined or trusto-conical wall 12 and a cylindrical dispensing mouth or opening 13 having a reinforcing bead 14 at its extremity. A cap or cover 15 is adapted to fit over the head of the dispensing mouth and in order to cause it to be retained in position the cap is provided with an annular lip 16 adapted to snap over such reinforcing head.

The opposite end of the can is provided with an annular rolled-over portion or head 17 providing a relatively stifi retaining rim. By means of this rim an externally knurled can mounting or support 18 having a reduced externally knurled portion may be secured to the body 10 by means of a flange 19. This flange extends around a 2,745,575 Patented May 15, 1956 substantial portion of the can mounting and has an open side 20 through which the head 17 may be applied.

The can mounting 18 has an axial opening 21 in which is mounted a movable, externally threaded stem 22 which forms in effect a piston rod having at one enda reduced cylindrical portion 23 with an annular groove 24 for the reception of a spring clip 25 for maintaining a piston or plunger head 26 connected to the reduced portion 23 of the stem 22. The piston or plunger head 26 is in the form of a disk, having an annular recess 27 and a central opening 28 in which the reduced and of the stem is disposed.

In frictional contact with the piston or plunger head 26 is an ink engaging head 29 having an inclined or frusto-conical wall 30 corresponding inangularity to the wall 12 of the end of the container and terminating in a peripheral angular undercut wiping edge, having a fiat upper portion 31 designed to force ink evenly from the mouth of the container. The ink engaging head 29 has a cavity 32 to reduce the amount and weight of the material;

The outer end of the stem 22 is provided with a reduced portion 33 on which is mounted an externally knurled operating knob or head 34 which is fixed to the reduced portion 33 by means of a pin 35.

The threaded stem 22 is of an external diameter to slide freely through the axial opening 21 of the mounting or support. In order to obtain the axial movement of the head 29 within the container 10, the mounting 18 is provided with a slot 36 in which is slidably located a quick release nut 37 having a U-shaped opening 38, a portion of which is provided with semi-circular threads 39. A spring 40 tends to maintain the threads 39 of the nut 37 in engagement with the threads of the stem 22. Movement of the nut against the action of the spring will withdraw the threads of the nut from contact with the stem and permit the stem to be moved axially within the open ing 21.

From the foregoing it will be apparent that by the present invention there is provided a compact, relatively simple, inexpensive holder and dispenser for printing ink or other substance which can be easily operated to dispense the contents and due to the similar configuration of the plunger and the top of the container there need be no appreciable loss of ink. After the contents of the container are exhausted a new supply can be obtained and the empty container replaced thereby. On account of the particular construction the contents of the containers need not be emptied but may be interchanged with a filled or partially filled container, particularly with inks of dilferent colors. The construction and arrangement of parts causes the retention or confinement of the contents of the container within the desired area thus preventing the ink from soiling the hands and clothing.

It will be obvious to those skilled in the art that various changes may be made in the invention without departing from the spirit and scope thereof and therefore the invention is not limited by that which is shown in the drawing and described in the specification but only as indicated in the appended claims.

What is claimed is:

1. A holder and dispenser for printing ink comprising a container having a cylindrical body with a discharge opening at one end, a frusto-conical wall about said discharge opening, a piston for applying pressure upon the ink for discharging the same, said piston having a frustoconical wall structure of substantially the angularity of the internal Wall structure between the body of the cylinder and the dispensing opening to conform closely thereto and insure discharge of a maximum amount of ink from the container, the peripheral edge of said piston defining an t u angular undercut Wiping edge, an externally threaded stem engaging said piston, a mounting for said container having an axial bore through which said stem is reciprocable, a nut slidably carried by said mounting and having an opening with threads extending around ajportion thereof for engaging the external threads of thestem,

7 said opening being of'a size to permit disengagement of the respective threads, spring means for maintainingzsaid threads normally in engagement, and an operating memher on said stem by means of which it may be operated for expelling ink from said container, said container having a bead at its end and said mounting member having flange means for engaging said bead and retaining the parts assembled.

2. Apparatus for dispensing viscous fluid from; a can having an outwardly extending bead at its bottom, and a discharge opening at 'its top, said can having its bottom the flange and the can support by lateral movement of a the can with the bead moving generally parallel to the flange of the can support for preventing the can from being removedfrom the can support by a movement of the can 'in a direction fromits bottom toward its top, plunger mean mounted on said can support for movement across the plane of the flange from a position clear of the bottom of the can to a position adjacent the top of the can, and means for positivelytmoving said plunger relative to the can support in the direction from the bottom toward the top of the can.

3. Theinvention according to claim 2 in which the means for positively moving the plunger is a screw threaded through said support, and a handle'is provided on the lower end of said screw for use as an operating means as Well as a supporting base for the apparatus and a can thereon.

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