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Publication numberUS2746441 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 22, 1956
Filing dateJul 31, 1953
Priority dateNov 8, 1952
Publication numberUS 2746441 A, US 2746441A, US-A-2746441, US2746441 A, US2746441A
InventorsJohann Kremser
Original AssigneeJohann Kremser
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Two-stroke cycle internal-combustion engine
US 2746441 A
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May 22, 1956 J. KREMSER 2,746,441


ATTO R N EY United States Patent 2,746,441 TWO-STROKE CYCLE INTERNAL-COMBUSTION ENGINE This invention relates to a two-stroke cycle internal combustion engine which 'is characterized by the arrangement of an automatic governor depending upon the engine speed for the adjustment of the injection time.

It is one object of the present invention to provide an axial governor working with fly-weights of known design which is directly mounted on the camshaft, said axial governor being arranged between the cam shaft and its drive gear.

It is another object of the present invention to provide a two-stroke cycle internal combustion engine in which the alternating moments acting on the cam shaft and caused by the operation of the pump plungers do not affect the axial governor as, according to the present invention, the cam shaft is designed as a compensating element, or is provided with a centrifugal mass.

It is still another object of the present invention to provide a two-stroke cycle internal combustion engine in which the cam shaft drive gear rotates freely on the cam shaft and is fixedly connected with the governor body, while the control rods are fixedly mounted on the cam shaft, and if expansion ring elements of known design are used for mounting the control rods on the cam shaft, it is possible to adjust the governoreasily and quickly when assembling the unit.

Numerous different embodiments in accordance with this invention are possible. Other designs of automatically working governors maybe used to automatically adjust ice spur gear 4. The governor body 6 is provided with pins 8, on which the fiy-weights 9 can turn freely.

An arm 11 of the fly-weights'9 extends beyond the pin 8 into a recess 7 in the governor body 6, said recess 7 containing a compression spring 10 which tends to return the fly-weights 9 to their initial position An adjusting lever 14 is fixed on the cam shaft 5 by using known expansion ring elements (Fig. 3). By means of a nut 16 the lever 14 is secured inits position on the cam shaft 5. The ends of the lever 14 act, through the medium of connecting links 13, on the pin 12 on the fly-weights 9. j

Corresponding to the engine speed said flyweights 9 expand more or less outwardly, thereby effecting, through the medium of the connecting links 12 13,14, a turn of the cam shaft 5 in relation to the drive gear 4, thus varying the injection time.

The application of the expansion ring elements is of particular'advantage, as they enable a quick and easy adjustment of the cam shaft when mounting the axial governor. I claim:

1. A two-stroke cycle internal combustion engine with fuel injection comprising a-fuel injection pump having plungers, a cam shaft, compensating weights carried by said camshaft, said cam shaft being adapted for operaand said governor being disposed between said cam shaft 1 and said drive gear.

2. The'two-stroke cycle. internal combustion engine with fuel injection, as set forth in claim 1, in which said governor is designed as an axial governor operated by the injection time in dependence from the speed of twostroke cycle internal combustion engines.

With these and other objects in view which will becomeapparent in the following detailed description, the

present invention will be clearly understood in connection with the accompanying drawings, in which: Figure l is an elevational view, partly in section, of that part of the cam shaft carrying the governor;

Fig. 2 is a top elevational view of the axial governor, partly in section; and

Fig.3 is a sectional view of a component part of the axial governor.

Referring now to the drawing, the crankshaft 2 is arranged inthc crank shaft journals 1 of the engine, a

gear 3 being keyed on thefront end of said crank shaft. Parallel to the crank shaft 2 the cam shaft 5 is arranged, on which the drive gear 4 rotates freely, said drive gear being in mesh with the gear 3.

g The spur gear4 is turned out and carries the governor body 6, which is fitted into the tumed-out side of said 3. The two-stroke cycle internal combustion engine with fuel injection, as set forth in claim 2, in which said drive gear is freelyrotatable on said cam shaft, and said governor includes a governor body rigidly connected with said drive gear, said fly-weights are disposed in said governor body, and a control lever fixedly mounted on said cam shaft and link means connecting said fly-Weights with said control lever.

4. The two-stroke cycle internal combustion engine with fuel injection, as set forth in claim 3, which includes expansion ring elements for fixedly mounting said control lever on said cam shaft in order to permit easy and quick adjustment of said cam shaft relative to said governor body.

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U.S. Classification123/364, 123/195.00A, 123/501
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