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Publication numberUS2746463 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 22, 1956
Filing dateApr 18, 1955
Priority dateApr 18, 1955
Publication numberUS 2746463 A, US 2746463A, US-A-2746463, US2746463 A, US2746463A
InventorsMary Stuart
Original AssigneeMary Stuart
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Guide for the application of lipstick to the lips
US 2746463 A
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M. STUART May 22, 1956 GUIDE FOR THE APPLICATION OF LIPSTICK TO THE LIPS Filed April 18, 1955 INVENTOR. M142 Y 5 TUAQT WM W361 AT TORNEYS United States P t fit o .GUIDEFOR THE APPLICATION OF LIPSTICK i TO LIPS Mary Stuart, New York, Y. Application April 18, 1955, Serial No. 501,847 2 Claims. c1. 13.2-88.5

a Cupids bowor other desired shape. It is then only necessary to apply a brush applicator to the lips, following a path defined by the contour of said opening in order to produce the desired application of lipstick to the lips.

'As an important feature of the invention, the guide does not merely permit outlining of the shape of the lips, but permits a full application of lipstick in the desired path.

Another important object of this invention is to provide a guide of the above described type which conforms asclosely as possible to the anatomical'structnre of the .face, and which does not create protrusion of the natural lips through the opening, resulting from pressure upon the face or upon the lips. In other words, an important objectof the invention is to provide a guide of the above described type whichmay be applied to the face in such a way as to expose the lips adjacent the peripheral edge of the opening in the guide, but to permit the lips to remain in their normal relaxed state while lipstick is being applied thereto.

As another important feature of the invention, the improved guide accommodates both normal and protruding chins, and in either instance permits the lips to be exposed while they are in their normal relaxed state,

and without protrusion of the lips through the opening in the guide.

Another important object of the invention is to provide a lipstick guide which is transparent and light in weight, so that it may be readily placed in proper registration with the natural lips.

Another important objectof the invention is to provide a lipstick guide which permits lipstick to be applied to the lips in a pleasing design, which need not necessarily conform to the exact contour of the natural lips. In this connection, it is well known that many women prefer to apply lipstick to the lips in such a way as to conceal or modify the natural contour of the lips, in order to achieve a more pleasing appearance or to copy the lipstick pattern used by movie stars and other celebrities.

Another important object of this invention is to provide a lip guide which permits lipstick to be appliedto the lips rapidly, neatly and precisely, which permits the lips to beheld in repose during application ofthe lipstick thereto and which permits full visibility during the entire operation.

Other objects and advantages of this invention will become apparent from the following description, in conjunction with the annexed drawings, in which a preferred embodiment of the invention is disclosed.

In the drawings, Fig. 1 is a front elevation of my improved lipstick guide.

2,746,463 P atentedMay 22, 1955 r ce Fig. 2 is a top plan 'view of my improved lipstick guide.

Fig. 3 is a side-elevation of my improved lipstick guide. H

Fig. 4 is a section on line 4-4 of Fig. 1, and

Fig. 5 is. a section on line 5-5 of Fig. 1. Fig. 5 also shows in broken line the profile of a face to which the lipstick guide is applied.

Upon reference tofthe drawings in detail it will be noted that. they show a lipstick guide having a head with an opening 11, and a handle 12 depending from said head 10. Said guide is preferably made of transparent, relatively rigid, plastic material.

Head 10 has an upper central zone 13, located above opening 11, which is adapted to be positioned between the upper lip 14 and the base of the nose 15.. Said zone 13 is slightly. convex as viewed from the front, as is best shown in Fig. 2, and extends laterally toward the cheeks when the guide is applied to the mouth. Said center zone merges into cheekbone zones or wings 16 which are adapted tobe located adjacent 'the cheekbones of the wearer. These cheekbone zones 16 are bent forwardly outwardly relative to zone 13, as is clearly shown in Fig. 2 and'as is also apparent in other views.

Opening 11 occupies a substantial portion of the mouth zone 17 of the guide, said mouth zone 17 being located below thetop icentral zone 13. This mouth zone 17 merges into a chin zone 18 located below said mouth zone 17 and adapted to abut the chin 19 of the wearer. These zones 17 and 18 are also convex, and have approximatelythesame curvature as top central zone 13.

The side edges 20of mouth zone 17 converge slightly downwardly, and this convergency increases substantially in the side edges 21 of chin zone 18, said side edges 21 being respectively continuous with the sideedges 2%) of mouth zone 17. In other words, the respective side edges 20and 21 follow generally the narrowing contour of the lower portion of the human face.

In front elevation, as shown in Fig. 1, mouth opening 11 isgenerally in the shape of what is commonly known asa Cupids bow. Said opening 11 has a concave lower edge 11a, twin convex upper edges 11b and slightly convex side edges which diverge downwardly and outwardly from the outer ends of the edges 11b to the outer ends of edge 11a. In addition, as shown in Figs. 3 and 5, the edges 11b and 11 extend rearwardly from the top center point 22 of opening 11, and the respective halves of lower edge 11a also diverge rearwardly from the center point 23 of said edge 11a. As a As a result, when the guide is applied to the lips, the I complete lips 14 are adapted to be exposed in repose through opening 11, but the lips do not protrude through the opening beyond the front surface of the guide. This is shown in Fig. 5. In this connection, it is pointed out that if the lips were to protrude forwardly through opening 11, beyond the front surface of the guide, the guide would not work satisfactorily, and it would be difficult to apply lipstick properly to the lips 14. In addition, if it were necessary to distort the lips so as to make them fully exposed through opening 11, the appearance of the lipstick after application and after relaxation of the lips would be unsatisfactory.

Handle 12 is inclined substantially forwardly relative to the respective mouth andchin portions 17 of head 10, as is best shown in Figs. 3 and 5. Said handle 12 is convex, so that the sides of handle 12 form a smooth continuation of the side portions of chin portion 18.

tions. sastviewed. inrverlicall section are shown in Fig. 5. Fig. 5 shows a base line 24 which corresponds to the upper central portion 13 of head 10 as viewediimt-th'e acentralstventical section; along: lines -5i.5. Thea.-correspton'ding*sectionrlihe: through thew respective mouth and chin portions 18 is designated by the refer.- ence numeral; 25, andui'stdisplacedi relative'to line '24 by an: angle of approximately-10%;. Thecorrespondingsection linev ofr'handle .12;malesx an: angle. of. approximately 45 with base line 24.

The. convex: shape :of' chintporltion 18;. as well asthe inclination thereof relativeitoqthe; upper central: portion 13,lmakes .it possible tfort-theaguidei. to be applied: to-faces havingznormal chins andralswhavingchins twhich prov trude forwardly more than thezusualamount; Thus; upon consideration-:ofiFigz; 53;: ittwilb :be: apparentethat' .the'- guide would; functionnsatisfactorilyt even if the: chin where to protrudeforwardiy .tona slightly greater? extent, andalso ifithe; chin were protrude: forwardly: slightly" less" In effect, the, variation extennof'protrusion. of the chin would cause theguidelobeturned:slightlyangularly' about the approximate-center point: of: guideportion 13,. as viewed inzgFig. 5; In: all casesyhowever; withinra reasonabledegreetsofi latitude, thezlips; would;.-be fully exposed; although thetamount lOiWhiChlhB lips CXiCIldf. into opening 11 might vary slightly; wTheimportant; consideration .is that lips :14 shouldrnot be located much behind or zmuch ahead of: the. plane :oftthe guide.

In. the use-oh thea iinprovedzlipstick; guideaiti is placed against the face .in' symmetricakorientatiomrelative thereto; with:.lips.14- extending: naturally through. the: lip opening 11. A. brush to:.whichdipstickchasrbeerr applied2is; then applied. to the: lips: and moved. alongthe: periphery of opening 11,.inz sidewise; abutment therewith; Asia result,

the lipstick. is; appliedi to; the lips of :the wearer. ina' 1 pat. tern; corresponding to; thetsshape. of opening. 11;.

Whilexthe applied, lipstick. on; the-face generallyvf'ollowsthe lips 14-, it williba apparentthat at certainzpoints; the pattern: diverges" somewhat. from: the'ulips as .it'.fol-. lows the outline of opening: L1,.achieving-asymmetrical effect; when distortionsizexist'or when greater fullness: is desired. Thisis1 a desirable andimportant-t feature of. the inventionbecause theshape= ofiopenin'g. 11:is. selected to provide; an extremely: attractive pattern of; lipstick upon the face... Thispattern; by departingfromrthe: contour:

4 of the lips in individual cases, obscures and masks the undesiredtappearanceofthehps insuch individual cases.

I have found that the sizeof my improved lipstick guide may be standardized into very few sizes, in order to be useable by the vast majority of Women.

While I have disclosed a preferred embodiment of my invention, and have indicated various changes, omissions and additions which may-- bemade therein, it will be apparentwthatvarious. other changes, omissions and additions may be made in; the-invention without departing from the scope and spirit thereof.

I claim: 7

1. A lipstick. applicationguide inthe. form of a unitary member adapted to overlie the mouth and chin and connecting and adjacent; portions ofi theface, said member being horizontally convex and downwardly tapered to conform to the shape of the face, being forwardly inclined in the chin zone to accommodate forward protrusion of the chin,v having-a handle: dependingxfrom the chin zone, and being forwardly fiaredz iatritsnupper' corners to: ac commodate the :cheekbones; said: member having a mouth openingtshaped.andposifionedttozexposezthe -lips in repose thez-contour zof; said topening; s'erving;=to guide arlipstick brushtappli'cator-inithe application: of:lipstick to thelips in a selected patternz;

' 2.1A.,.lipstick. application .guide; intzthe form of a uni tary member having-mhori'zontally: convex central mouth zone.;adap.ted: to;.o.v.erlie..-the mouth: of the'user, a horizonallyconvex..upper zone: merging with: said mouth zone .andeadapted .toro-verliez the face. above a the lips and below. the: mouth; forwardly .flareth wing: zones extending upwardly" and: outwardly from said mouth zone: and adapted: toxoverlie; the: cheekhones,:. a horizontally convex chin zoneextending :below saictmouthzzone and adapted to overliethelchin'; saidmouth zone and; said chin zonebeing inclinedsforwandlyrelative;tot said (upper zone, the respectiveslower 'sideredges of. said mouthtzone and side edges? ofi saidz chin .zone being continuous and converging downwardly-inwardly, and a: handle extending downwardly 'and; outwardly-r fromz said chinportion; said 'mouth portion having: a mouth opening; shaped: andpositioned to expose: the. 1iPSlf,lI1-' repose;. the :-contour: o-fsaid opening serving to guide: a :lipstickc-brush. applicator in; theapplication of lipsticlhtozthe lipsein a.se1ected-pattern;

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