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Publication numberUS2746505 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 22, 1956
Filing dateSep 16, 1953
Priority dateSep 16, 1953
Publication numberUS 2746505 A, US 2746505A, US-A-2746505, US2746505 A, US2746505A
InventorsRalph M Howard
Original AssigneeRalph M Howard
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US 2746505 A
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May 22, 1956 R. M. HOWARD RECEPTACLEI Filed Sept. 16, 1953 F ig. 2

@libri l Ralph M. Howard INVENToR.

BY im United States Patent O RECEPTACLE Ralph M. Howard, North Attleboro, Mass.

Application September 161953, Serial No. 380,454 1 Claim. (Cl. 150-52) lThis invention relates to new and useful improvements and structural refinements in receptacles, particularly receptacles which are formed from llexible and foldable material, and the principal object of the invention is to provide a highly pleasing receptacle of the character herein described, which may be conveniently and elfectively employed for storage in a compact manner, articles such as silverware.

Some of the advantages of the invention reside in its simplicity of construction, in its eicient operation which facilitates convenient accessibility and possible display of the articles stored in the receptacle, and in its adaptability to economical manufacture.

These together with other objects and advantages which will become subsequently apparent reside in the detailsI of `construction and operation as more fully hereinafter described and claimed, reference being had to the accompanying drawings forming a part hereof, wherein like numerals refer to like parts throughout, and in which:

Figure l is a perspective view of the invention in its closed position;

Figure 2 is a vertical sectional view, taken substantially in the plane of the line 2-2 in Figure l; and

Figure 3 is a perspective view of the invention in its open position.

Referring now to the accompanying drawings in detail, the receptacle is designated generally by the reference character and embodies in its construction a back wall 12, a bottom 14,`which is connected to the lower end of the backwall and is provided at the front edge thereof with an upstanding front wall 16, while a pairl of substantially triangular sidewalls 18 are suitably connected to the bottom 14 and to the front and back walls 16, 12, respectively.

It should be explained at this point that the various walls of the receptacle are formed from suitable ilexible and foldable material, whereby the front wall 16 may be swung forwardly and downwardly from the position shown in Figure 1 wherein the receptacle is closed, to the position shown in Figure 3, wherein the receptacle is open. During this opening and closing of the receptacle, the side walls 18 simply fold themselves inwardly or become stretched, as the case may be.

Y 2,746,505 Patented May 22, '1956 A closure flap 20 is provided at the top of the back wall 12 and overlaps the front wall 16 when the receptacle is closed, and suitable fastening means 22 may be employed for sustaining the closure ap in its closed position.

A plurality of individual partition panels 24 are hingedly connected at their lower edges by suitable tapes 26 to the bottom 14, the panels 24 being disposed between the back and front walls 12, 16 and being substantially parallel, as shown in Figure 2, when the receptacle is closed. However, when the receptacle is opened, as shown in Figure 3, the panels 24 may be individually swung downwardly and forwardly so that access to the interior of the receptacle is facilitated.

vA plurality of pockets 28 are provided on both the front and rear surfaces of the panels 24 and the upper edges of the panels are equipped with closure aps 30 for these pockets, as shown. As illustrated to advantage in Figure 2 of the drawing, the closure aps 30 straddle the partition panels 24 and are stitched to theupper marginal portions thereof.

lf desired, an additional pocket 32 may be provided on the interior of the back wall 12 and a closure ap 34 may be affixed to the interior of the back wall for the pocket 32.

From the foregoing, the construction and operation of the device will be readily understood and further explanation is believed to be unnecessary. However, since numerous modifications and changes will readily occur to those skilled in the art, it is not desired to limit the invention to the exact construction shown and described, and accordingly all suitable modifications and equivalents may be resortedl to, falling within the scope of the appended claim. g

What is claimed as new is as follows:

A flexible receptacle comprising a front, a back, a bottom and sides, a plurality of partitions hingedly mounted on the bottom and freely swingable between the sides, pockets. mounted on both sides of the partitions and closure flaps for the pockets comprising single sheets of flexible material folded over the upper edges of and straddling the partitions and stitched to the upper marginal portions thereof.

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U.S. Classification206/757, 190/902, 206/553
International ClassificationA45C3/00, A45C13/02
Cooperative ClassificationA45C13/02, A45C3/00, Y10S190/902
European ClassificationA45C13/02