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Publication numberUS2746664 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 22, 1956
Filing dateApr 11, 1952
Priority dateApr 11, 1952
Publication numberUS 2746664 A, US 2746664A, US-A-2746664, US2746664 A, US2746664A
InventorsStrmic Victor C
Original AssigneeStrmic Victor C
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Adjustable stand for lavatories
US 2746664 A
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May 22, 1956 v Q STRMK; 2,746,564

ADJUSTABLE STAND FOR LAVATORIES Filed April 11, 1952 32 VIC/0f 6. $lrm/c i INVENTOR.

BY v a, 36 W United States Patent() 2,746,664 ADJUSTABLE STAND FOR LAVATORIES Victor C. Strmic, Chicago, Ill.

Application April 11, 1952, Serial No. 281,788

2 Claims. (Cl. 228-45) This invention relates to new and useful improvements in portable supports and the primary object of the present invention is to provide an adjustable stand clampingly disposed between a wash basin and floor and which includes a platform so that children may stand in a convenient position relative to the wash basin.

Another important object of the present invention is to provide an adjustable stand for lavatories involving parts that are quickly and readily adjusted to engage the depending apron of a lavatory and a floor surface beneath the same.

Yet another object of this invention is to provide an elevated platform that is swingably mounted upon a supporting frame and which platform may be raised to a vertically inclined position beneath a lavatory when not In use.

A further object of the present invention is to provide an adjustable stand for lavatories including a platform that is vertically adjustable to accommodate children of various sizes.

A still further aim of the present invention is to provide a device of the aforementioned character that is simple and practical in construction, strong and reliable in use, neat and attractive in appearance, inexpensive to manufacture, install and service, and otherwise Well adapted for the purposes for which the same is intended.

Other objects and advantages reside in the details of construction and operation as more fully hereinafter described and claimed, reference being had to the accompanying drawings forming part hereof, wherein like numerals refer to like parts throughout, and in which:

Figure 1 is a perspective view showing the present invention in use;

Figure 2 is a vertical sectional view taken substantially on the plane of section line 2-2 of Figure 1;

Figure 3 is a horizontal sectional view taken substantially on the plane of section line 3--3 of Figure 1;

Figure 4 is an enlarged detailed vertical sectional view of one of the floor engaging members and illustrating the means adjustably securing the same to the U-shaped support; and,

Figure 5 is a perspective view of the vertically adjustable platform supporting element used in the invention.

Referring now to the accompanying drawings in detail, wherein for the purpose of illustration there is disclosed a preferred embodiment of the present invention, the numeral represents an inverted U-shaped tubular frame or support generally, including a horizontal bight portion 12 and a pair of spaced parallel vertical leg portions 14 and 16 joined at their upper ends by said bight portion.

A bracket 18 in the form of two angle members 20 and 22 is fixed to the bight portion 12. The horizontal flanges of members 20 and 22 overlap each other and are fixed together, and the vertical flanges of the members 20 and 22 are spaced parallel to each other to define a channel 24 that will receive the depending apron 26 of a wash basin or lavatory 28 therein. Methber20 is provided with a curved lip 30 on its horizontal flange that is suitably fixed about bight portion 12.

Nuts 32 are fixed to the lower ends of the leg portions 14 and 16 and include threaded vertical apertures that register with the interior of the leg portions. Tubes 34 are telescoped over the lower ends of the leg portions 14 and 16 and support resilient pressure feet or floor engaging elements 36 at their lower ends by any suitable means. Plugs 38 fixed in the lower ends of the tubes 34 fixedly support threaded rods 40 that extend axially through the tubes. The rods are threaded in the apertures in nuts 32 and extend upwardly into the leg portions of support 10, to provide a means whereby the frame may be selectively raised or lowered.

A pair of sleeves 42 and 44 are slidably received on the leg portions 14 and 16. The sleeves are formed with threaded apertures that receive set screws 46 and 48 that engage the uprights to retain the sleeves vertically adjusted on the uprights. The ends of an angle iron member 50 are fixed by welding, or the like to the sleeves 42 and 44. The vertical flange 52 of member 50 is provided with apertures that receive fasteners 54 that extend through and secure a kick-board 56 against the flange 52.

The horizontal flange 58 of member 50 is also provided with apertures that receive fasteners 60. The fasteners 60 secure a base strip 62 against flange 58 and one leaf of a hinge 64 against the base strip. The free leaf of hinge 64 is secured by fasteners 66 to the upper surface of a rigid platform or step 68 having an inner edge that will abut the strip 62 to retain the step 68 horizontal even though a child is standing thereon. The step 68 may be raised to a vertically inclined position to rest against the leg portions 14 and 16 when the same is not in use, as shown by dotted lines in Figure 2.

In practical use of the present invention, the front portion of the apron 26 is extended between the vertical flanges 20 and 22 and the tubes 34 are manually rotated to bear against the floor surface under the basin 28. Thus, the support 10 is held in a vertical position and engaged between the floor surface and the basin.

Next, the set screws 46, 48 are loosened and the sleeves 42 and 44 moved upon the leg portions 14 and 16 to a desired height. The set screws 46, 48 are next tightened to retain the sleeves 42 and 44 in their adjusted position.

The step 68 may be swung downwardly to its horizontal position for use and when step 68 is not in use, the same is swung to the dotted line position shown in Figure 2 so that the basin 28 may be used without interference from the step 68.

In view of the foregoing description taken in conjunction with the accompanying drawings it is believed that a clear understanding of the device will be quite apparent to those skilled in this art. A more detailed description is accordingly deemed unnecessary.

It is to be understood, however, that even though there is herein shown and described a preferred embodiment of the invention the same is susceptible to certain changes fully comprehended by the spirit of the invention as herein described and the scope of the appended claims.

Having described the invention, what is claimed as new is:

1. A standing platform for wash basins and the like, said platform comprising an inverted U-shaped tubular support having a bight portion and a pair of parallel leg portions joined by saidbight portion, a bracket secured to said bight portion and adapted to receive the depending apron of a wash basin, nuts fixed to the lower ends of said leg portions and having threaded apertures in communication with the interior of said leg portions, tubes telescoped over the lower ends of said leg portions, hearing feet attached to the lower ends of said tubes, threaded rods fixed axially within said tubes and threaded through said apertures and extending upwardly into said leg portions, a pair of sleeves, adjustably slidably received on said leg portions, an elongated angle iron member terminally fixed to said sleeves and having a vertical flange and a horizontal flange, a kick board secured to said vertical flange, a base strip secured to said horizontal flange, and a step hinged to said base strip and engaged against the base strip to be retained in a horizontal position, said step being swingable upwardly from its horizontal position to rest against the leg portions when not in use.

2. A childrens stand for lavatories of the type including a depending front apron, said stand comprising: a substantially U-shaped vertical support, a substantially channel shaped bracket on the bight portion of the support engageable upwardly with the apron from therebencath for anchoring the support thereto, floor engaging means on the legs of the support for adjusting same vertically for engaging the bracket with the apron, and a platform mounted on the support, said means including nuts fixed on the free ends of the legs, tubes slidably and rotatably mounted on the legs and depending therefrom, plugs fixed in said tubes, rods fixed on said plugs and threaded through the nuts, and feet on the lower ends of the tubes.

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