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Publication numberUS2748413 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 5, 1956
Filing dateAug 25, 1953
Priority dateAug 25, 1953
Publication numberUS 2748413 A, US 2748413A, US-A-2748413, US2748413 A, US2748413A
InventorsMorrow Sam C
Original AssigneeMorrow Sam C
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Razor blade drying holder
US 2748413 A
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June 5, 1956 s. c. MORROW 2,748,413


/C/ Q 6 67W C MOP/90W www mm United States This invention relates to storage containers, and particularly to a storage article or container which is especially adapted for storing razor blades therein.

it is well known that many men have very tough beards and that an extremely sharp razor blade is required for comfortable shaving by such men. Furthermore, many men are extremely concerned with the types of razor blades that they use and many men demand that their razor blades be maintained with utmost care so that ithe sharp cutting edges of the razor blades be maintained in serviceable condition for a maximum length of time.

It also is very diflicult to dry a razor blade thoroughly after use inasmuch as the sharp cutting edges of the razor blades frequently may cut the towel or other article used for drying the razor blade even though extreme care is taken in such drying action.

The general object of the present invention is to provide an improved storage container especially adapted for receiving razor blades for storing such articles in a dry atmosphere.

Another object of the invention is to increase the service life of razor blades by maintaining the cutting edges thereof in sharp, rust-free condition.

Another object of the invention is to provide a relatively inexpenisve, easily used storage member in which razor blades can be readily positioned and from which razor blades are likewise readily removable.

A further object of the invention is to make it possible to avoid the use of towels or other drying means With razor blades.

The foregoing and other objects and advantages of the invention will be made more apparent as the specification proceeds.

For a better understanding of the present invention, reference should be had to the accompanying drawings wherein currently preferred embodiments of the invention are shown and wherein:

Fig. l is a vertical section through one embodiment of a razor bladeA storage member or article of hte invention;

Figs. 2 and 3 are horizontal sections on lines 2,-2 and 3 3, respectively, of the article of Fig. l, with the razor blade and slot therefor turned at right angles to the Fig. l position thereof;

Fig. 4 is a side elevation of the holder pin used'in the article of Fig. 1; and

Fig. 5 is a vertical section through a modified form of the storage article of the invention..

The invention relates to a razor blade receiving article orcontainer comprising a container having a slotted opening therein, some type of a desiccant receiving member positioned within the container and including a slot extending therethrough and being positioned in register with the slotted opening in `the container, the desiccant receiving member including porous lining means for the slot extending therethrough, and a holding pin adapted to extend through the slots in the container and desiccant receiving member to position a razor blade within the conatent "ice tainer and by which pin the razor blade can be inserted into the container.

For a complete understanding of the invention, attention is directed to the details of the invention and a razor blade storage article is shown in the drawings and is indicated as a whole by the reference numeral 1. Such storage article 1 includes a container 2 that is shown as having a top 3 in removable engagement with the container 2, in this instance being shown as having a friction connection therewith. The top 3 has a slot 4 extending therethrough, which slot 4 has an enlarged usually annular portion provided therein, for a purpose hereinafter to be described. A suitable bracket 5 can be secured to the container 2 to aid in securing it to a wall, or other support in any desired manner.

As a feature of the invention, the container 2 receives some suitable type of a desiccant therein. Such desiccant may comprise, for example, a hygroscopic substance as calcium chloride which may be mixed with a body material, for example, infusorial earth. Obviously other suitable desiccants can be used in place of the particular one mentioned herein. The desiccant 6 is shown as being held in place by means of a plastic sheet 7 extending transversely of the container 2, which sheet 7 is held in place by a rib 8 rolled into, or otherwise provided in the container 2. It will be realized that the desiccant receiving member may be a separate container, usually made from plastic material, or else the desiccant material might be made as a substantially self-supporting segment or disc, but preferably portions of the container 2 are used to complete the enclosure means used for the desiccant 6 as shown. It should be noted that the desiccant has a slot extending therethrough, which slot is indicated at 9 andV withrsuch slot 9 being in alignment with and immediately adjacent the slot 4 in the container top 3. The slot 9 in the desiccant 6 is substantially filled by a pair of porous sheets or liners 10 and 11 which are suitably secured to the plastic sheet 7 and extend vertically of the container 2 up to the top 3 to abut thereagainst. The sheets 10 and 11, for example, may be made from leather whose porous nature will aid in withdrawing moisture from any razor blade slid between the sheets 10 and 11 and which leather will then transmit such moisture to the desiccant 6 for absorption thereby. The slot between the liner sheets 10 and 11 is provided for slidably receiving a razor blade 12 therein to pass such razor blade therethrough into the container 2. The desiccant 6 normally is in powdered or crystal form and it should exert slight pressure on the,

sheets 10 and 11 to aid in maintaining them in resilient face to face engagement so that the razor blade 12 will slide against such sheets in being slid therethrough into the container 2 through the slot 4 therein. Itwill beI noted that the plastic sheet 7 likewise has a slot 7a there-V in through which the razor blade can be passed.

The razor blade 12 is actually supported in the storage` article 1 by a suitable retainer such as a pin 13. The pin 13 has bifurcated ends 14 and 15 to provide a slot in which the razor blade 12 can be slid. Normally the razor blade 12 would be forced slightly into the slot between the liner sheets and then the pin 13 would be engaged with the upper end of such razorblade to push it down through such slot and retain the razor blade in the interior of the container 2, as shown in Fig. 1. In Fig. l,

the pin 13 has been rotated through a 90 arc afterthe' blade 12 has been slid into the container 2 to aid in showing the subject matter of the invention.

Usually the lower end of the container 2 is provided with a bottom cover 16 that is held closed against the' container 2 by means such as a conventional spring hingeA 17. To remove the razor blade 12 from the storage arti cle 1, the cover 16 is merely swung downwardly manually and a person then can readily engage or grasp thel (l lower end of the r`razor blade 12 to withdraw it safely from the-container for use. A 4flange 18 isprovi'ded 'on the upper end of the pin 13to prevent it from being completely inserted into the container 2.

A modiiied storage article of the invention 'is shown in Fig. 5 and is indicated as a Whole by the numeral lla. In this instance, 'the container comprises an upper section 2a and a lower section 2b which are in telescopic engagement with each other to facilitate access to the interior of the container. This modiiied form of the invention includes a llangc 2) provided on a bottom cover 16a so that screws 21 or similar means can be used for securing the storage article 1a to a suitable support surface.

It will be seen that the tops .of the containers .of the storage articles Vof the invention may be removed from engagement with the remainder of the container to permit emptying 'of the desiccant containingchamber portionof the container of the invention vandretillingsuch container with fresh desiccant, when necessary. The porous lining sheets may be of unitary construction and Ytheir porosity aids in maintaining the entire interior of the container 2 in a dry condition.

Desiccant receiving or vpositioning .means for the meaning of this specification and claims includes the sheet 7 and the upper portion of the container 2, While in some instances `.the liners 10 and 1l maybe considered to be part of such positioningmeans.

'The slotin the pipe lmay .have aprojection .extending .thereinto to aid in engaging vthe blade .12, .or the end of the pin may have :an outer diameter sized to bereceived in and engage the slot in a conventionalrazor blade. A hook .may be provided in the container 2 to receive auxiliary blades in the container 2.

.It will be realized that any suitable absorbent material may be used for the leather sheets lit) and 11 to dry a bladeand pass moisture to the desiccant.

:From the foregoing, it will be realized that a relatively inexpensive, easily .made and used .novel storage article has been .provided for razor blades. This storage article will automatically wipe any drop of water remaining on a razor blade therefrom and will thenstore the razor blade in a dry, enclosed chamber so that rusting of the razor blade or other dulling of the edge surfaces thereof is avoided. Likewise complete drying 'of the razor blade before insertion into the storagearticle is ynot required andthe objects of the invention areachieved.

While two complete embodiments of the invention have been .disclosed herein, it will be appreciated that `modication-of these .particularembodimentsof .the invention may be-resorted without departing `from the scope of the invention as defined in the appended claims.

I claim:

.1. A razor blade `storage article comprising an airtight container havinga .bottomcover-rnovably secured thereto :and .having a removable top cover, said top cover having an elongate slot therein, apin extending through said-slot-into said'container and slotted at its inner end for engaging a razor blade, and;desiccant.receiving means positioned -in only a portion -of .said container immediately adjacent said slotin said top cover, -said desiccant receiving means including leather means for contacting and fconining desiccant and for providing a slot in said desiccant receiving .means in .register with 'and connecting said 'slot .in -said top .cover -the interior-of said container to pass a razor blade thereinto for .storage spaced from :all ,parts 'of said container and desiccant receiving means.

2. A razor blade storage .article comprising-a container having a movable bottom cover and having --a .top cover, said top cover .having zan relongate `slot .therein for lpassing a razor .blade ltherethrough, La pin iexten'ding through said slot .into said`d .adapted at fits .inn'er end to engage a razor blade, `and vdesiccant lreceiving yirneans positioned in said container 'immediately adjacent Ysaid slot in said top cover, said desiccant receiving means including porous Jmeans "extending mthe height "of 'said 'desiccant receiving means for contacting and confining desiccant and for providing a slot in said desiccant receiving means in register with and connecting said slot in said top cover to the interior of said container to pass a razor blade thereinto said razor blade being insertable into said container when'engagedby said pin only through said top cover Vto be dried by contact `with said porous means and being removed through the bottom of said container when said lbottom cover -is moved.

3. Arazor blade storage article comprising an airtight container having a top cover section with an elongate slot therein, a pin snugly extending through said slot into said container for engaging a razor blade and positioning it in said container, and desiccant receiving means positioned in said container only immediately adjacent said slot in said top cover section,.said desiccant receiving -means vincluding porous means for contactingdesiccant and `for -providing a .resiliently Aclosed Vslot vin said desiccant receivingmeans in .register with and connecting saidslot :in said .top cover to the interior of said container to pass a razor blade .thereinto, said top cover section being in removable engagement with the remainder of said container to facilitate access to said desiccant receiving means.

4. A razor 'blade receiving article comprising an `airtight container having .a slotted opening therein, desiccant positioning means within said container and including a slot therethrough in register with the slotted opening, desiccant means, porous lining means contining said desiccant .means and connecting the slots in said container and desiccant positioning means, and aholding ipin extending through said slotted opening in said container, lining .means and said slot vin said desiccant positioningmeans ltoposition a razor blade within said container, said container having an openable end portion thereinfthrough which a razor blade storedrin said container can be removed, said holding pin positioning the razor lblade spaced from said liningmeans and desiccant positioning means.

5.V A razor bladestorage article .comprising a container having an operable bottom cover and having a :top cover, said top coverV having an elongate slot-therein for passing a razor blade therethrough, `a pin -extending through .said .slot .into said container and adapted at its inner end to engage a razor blade, a partition member extending .transversely of said .container and having a slotttherein aligned and in Yregister with the slot Ain said top cover, porous lining means connecting said -slots in said.topcoverandfpartition member, anddesiccant means positioned in `said v.container on said 4partition member andencompassingvsaid.lining means, said pin also extending through said lining means and saidslot Ainsaid ,partitonzmemberand positioning .a .razor blade within said container below .said partition .member spaced Y from ysaid desiccant-meansand .the walls-of lsaid .container for .storage, which .razor blade can be removed from the said container readily by opening said bottom cover but is inserted into said container only through said top cover.

6. A razor blade storage article comprising an airtight container having 'an 'openable cover at one end thereof and having a cover at the other 'end thereof, 'said second cover `having an elongate slot therein, a pin extending through said slot into said 'container a limited distance only and slotted at v'its inner end for engaging a razor blade, desiccant receiving -means positioned in said vcontainer adjacent said second lcover for drying a razor 'blade positioned Vtherein vand drying air in said container,lmeans forminga -chamber in said .container spaced from vsaid vdesiccant receiving means, and porousmeans .in said 'container de'ning raslot in said desiccant receiving means .and =in register with and connecting to Isaid slot infsaid -secon'dc'over andextending to the chamber of -said container Itolpass a razor blade `thereinto-and at References Cited in the iile of this patent UNITED STATES PATENTS England Mar. 18, 1924 Dyer June 6, 1933 Mayr Apr. 13, 1937 Fleckenstine Jan. 16, 1940 Elbourn May 13, 1941 Sapp Ian. 3, 1950

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