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Publication numberUS2751656 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 26, 1956
Filing dateFeb 18, 1952
Priority dateFeb 18, 1952
Publication numberUS 2751656 A, US 2751656A, US-A-2751656, US2751656 A, US2751656A
InventorsNoe William M
Original AssigneeNoe William M
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Safety belt buckle
US 2751656 A
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June 26, 1956 w. M. NOE 2,751,656

SAFETY BELT BUCKLE Filed Feb. 18; 1952 INVENTOR. M044 MM M /1 0 United States Patent 2,751,656 SAFETY BELT BUCKLE warm M. Noe, South Pasadena, Calif.

Application February 18, 1952, Serial No. 272,072 1 ciaini;- (ci;'24-1'70 My invention relates to safety belt buckles, more particularly to safety belt buckles of the type depicted in Patent No. 2,513,169, issued June 27, 1950, to Owen H. Griswold for Safety Belt Buckle. Included in the objects of my invention are:

First, to provide a safety belt buckle wherein the user can only thread the end of the belt through the buckle in the correct way, the parts of the buckle forming a guide to insure proper positioning of the belt even when fastened by an inexperienced or handicapped person.

Second, to provide a safety belt buckle primarily intended for use in airplanes and which is capable of holding excessive loads under the most adverse conditions, but which may be readily and quickly released with a minimum of effort either during or after application of such excessive loads. In this regard, it should be 10bserved that in the past, lives have been lost after airplane crashes due to the fact that the force exerted on a safety belt and conventional buckle at the crash so jammed the buckle that ready release was impossible. Thus, the delay or inability to release a safety belt buckle after a crash can and has prevented escape from the burning airplane.

Third, to provide a safety belt buckle, wherein the spring elements are concealed and covered so that externally the buckle presents a smooth and obstructionfree surface to avoid catching on the clothes of the user.

With the above and other objects in view as may appear hereinafter, reference is directed to the accompanying drawings in which:

Figure 1 is an elevational view of the buckle shown in its operating position and indicating fragmentarily the connecting belt or strap.

Figure 2 is a longitudinal sectional view thereof through 2--2 of Figure 1 indicating by dotted lines the released position of the buckle.

Figure 3 is a transverse sectional view through 3-3 of Figure 2.

Figure 4 is an inside elevational view with the straps omitted and a portion of the buckle frame broken away to facilitate illustration.

My safety belt buckle includes a frame 1 comprising side members or marginal flanges 2 which are joined by their lower margins adjacent one extremity by a cross bar 3. The cross bar 3 is relatively flat and is adapted to be permanently fitted to the looped end of a strap or belt A. The side members 2 taper or reduce slightly in height from their end joined by the cross bar and are joined at their opposite ends by a relatively massive fixed clamp jaw 4. The clamp jaw is substantially triangular in cross section with a rounded lower margin, as viewed in Figure 2 and a sloping knurled face 5 directed upwardly and into the space between the side members 2. The side members, cross bar and clamp jaw define an entrance slot 6 which is adapted to receive a strap or belt end B, preferably provided with a rigid reinforcing tab C.

The side members 2 are joined above the remote margin of the cross bar 3 by a journal pin 7. Fitted over 2 the frame 1 and completely closing the space between the marginal flanges 2 is a release lever plate 8 having marginal flanges 9 which set within and adjacent the side members 2. These marginal flanges or sidemembers 9 are apertured to receive the journal pin 7. The release lever plate forms a curved guard 10 which extends over and conceals the journal pin 7. The opposite end of the release lever plate extends over and beyond the fixed; clamp jaw 4 to form a handle 11. The projecting handle curves downwardly slightly and terminates in a rudi mentary lip 12.

- The marginal receive the ends of a journal pin 13 disposed parallel to and adjacent the journal pin 7. The journal pin 13 pivotally supports the arms 14 of a U-shaped movable clamp element 15, the cross portions of which form a movable jaw 16 having a sloping knurled jaw face 17 adapted to confront the knurled face 5 of the fixed clamp jaw 4.

The journal pin 7 receives a spring 18, one end of which is anchored in the cross bar 3, and the other end of which bears against the journal pin 13. The spring is so biased as to urge the release lever plate 8 toward the fixed clamp jaw 4, that is, from the dotted line toward the solid line position shown in Figure 2.

A second spring 19 surrounds the journal pin 13. One end of this spring loops over the spring 18, whereas the other end rests on a retainer lug 20 formed inside one of the arms 14. The spring 19 is so biased that the movable clamp element is urged upwardly against the release lever plate and normally moves in unison therewith.

It will be observed that the distance between the arms 14 of the movable clamp element is less than the width of the belt end or strap B so that the end may be guided into the region between the two clamp jaws. This may be further facilitated by a central rib 21. It will also be observed that the face of the movable jaw and the undersurface of the handle 11 together form a guide means for the belt and so that the belt end may be readily and quickly threaded in place with a minimum amount of skill on the part of a user.

Normally, on opening and closing the safety belt buckle, the movable jaw and release lever plate move in unison. However, should the movable jaw bind on the strap, the release lever will rise independently of the movable jaw, and in so doing, the pivotal movement of the journal pin 13 around the journal pin 7 as an axis draws the movable clamp jaw away from the fixed jaw until it is freed, whereupon the movable jaw snaps into abutting contact with 'the under surface of the release lever plate.

It will also be observed that the buckle may be released by pulling directly upwardly on the handle portion 11 on the release lever plate or by pulling upwardly on the extremity or tab C of the belt end B.

Having fully described my invention, it is to be understood that I do not wish to be limited to the details herein set forth, but my invention is of the full scope of the appended claim.

I claim:

A safety belt buckle comprising, in combination: a frame having parallel side members and having a fixed clamp jaw and a belt attachment bar connecting the side members and defining an entrance opening for a belt end, a release lever pivotally connected to the frame side members at a location adjacent said bar, the release lever having a substantially flat plate extending between the side members, said plate having parallel flanges projecting downward therefrom along the margins thereof, said flanges being wholly received between said parallel side members, and the plate being substantially flush with Patented June 26, 1956 flanges 9 of the release lever plates theuppersurfaces of said side members, the flanges extending'frornthe pivotal connection between there lease lever and the frame and terminating short of said fixed clamp jaw, the plate also extendingover said fixed said flanges, said movable clampelement having a jaw confronting said fixed clamp jaw, the jaw on said movablecl'ampelement engaging the under side of said plate, the

a jaw on said movable clamp element cooperating with the V rojecting handle portion of said plate to define a guide means for" deflecting a belt strap inserted through said entrance opening into position between the handle por- -tion and thefixed jaw. e a

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International ClassificationA44B11/00, A44B11/14
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European ClassificationA44B11/14