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Publication numberUS2751691 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 26, 1956
Filing dateSep 30, 1954
Priority dateSep 30, 1954
Publication numberUS 2751691 A, US 2751691A, US-A-2751691, US2751691 A, US2751691A
InventorsJr Otis T Clark
Original AssigneeJr Otis T Clark
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Shoe construction
US 2751691 A
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June 26, 1956 o. T. CLARK, JR

SHOE CONSTRUCTION Filed Sept. 50, 1954 1N VEN TOR.

BY fad/ United States Patent O SHOE CONSTRUCTION Otis T. Clark, Jr., Fort Worth, Tex. Application September 30, 1954, Serial No. 459,405 3 Claims. (Cl. 36-1) This invention relates to shoe structures, and it has particular reference to a removable or interchangeable toe cap for mens or womens shoes, and it has for its principal object the provision of a unique shoe design by which the toe cap is capable of being changed as desired without affecting the shoe structure and affording a means wherebjI the appearance of the shoe can lbe altered, as desired, as by changing to different colored toe caps, or by simply replacing worn and unattractive caps by new ones.

Another object of the invention is that of providing a shoe structure of generally conventional design which is provided with an outsole having a recess formed therein affording a seat for the bottom portion of a t'oe cap and wherein the insole of the shoe extends into the cap to provide comfort to the wearer and aid in securing the cap in position.

A still further object of the invention is manifest in the provision of an attractive device by which shoes, especially for women, can be changed as to appearance so as to appropriately match the apparel of the wearer, as by providing caps of different colors or design patterns, and such caps can be formed of plastic, fabrics, or other suitable materials.

lt is also an object of the invention to provide a toe cap which can be easily removed or installed and secured in position on the shoe in proper juncture with the upper thereof by one or more screws, r other device, arranged through the outsole, or the bottom of the shoe.

Broadly7 the invention contemplates the provision of a shoe construction in which the forward portion thereof is formed to detachably receive a toe cap which conforms to the style and shape of the shoe in order to permit of changing the toe cap from time to time as desired and in accordance with the costume of the wearer.

While the foregoing objects are paramount, other and lesser objects will become manifest as the description proceeds, taken in connection with the appended drawings wherein:

Figure 1 is a perspective illustration of the invention as applied to a masculine type of shoe, the latter being shown in broken lines.

Figure 2 illustrates, in perspective, a toe cap and shoe structure of the feminine type in which the invention is embodied.

Figure 3 is a side elevational view of a feminine type of shoe structure, shown partially in section, illustrating the recessed outsole, the toe cap seated in the outsole, and showing the securing device for the cap, and

Figure 4 is a transverse sectional view of the cap on lines 4-4 of Figure 3, illustrating the association thereof with the outsole and insole, and showing the attaching screws in dotted lines.

The invention accordingly comprises a shoe construction in which the toe cap 1t) thereof is detachable and therefore changeable as desired. 1t is contemplated that the cap may be formed of leather, plastic, rubber, metal, fabric materials, or other suitable substance which is durable, and provide proper protection for the wearer while also affording a medium which is decorative and capable of matching, when embodied in feminine wear, the color and design of the wearers clothing.

The cap 10 has the general form of the conventional toe cap, being conformable to the upper portion 11 of the shoe 12 in alignment with the vamp 13 thereof, as shown in Figures 1, 2 and 3. The cap 10 is substantially oval in transverse section, as illustrated in Figure 4, having an arched top portion 14 and a at bottom portion 15, the latter being seated in a recess 16 formed in lthe forward end of the outsole 17, as shown in longitudinal section in Figure 3. The recess 16 is defined by a shoulder 18 formed transversely of the sole 17 and provides a bearing for the inner edge of the bottom portion 15 of the cap 10.

It is important that the recess 16 be of a depth equal to the thickness of the bottom portion 15 of the cap 1l) in order to prevent discomfort to the wearer, although the insole 19 of the shoe extends over the juncture of the bottom 15 of the cap 10 and the upper surface of the outsole 17, as evident in Figure 3. The cap 10 is detachably secured to the outsole 17 by one or more screws 2t) inserted through the outsole 17 and into the bottom portion 15 of the cap 10. The screws Ztl may be of metal or plastic, as desired and have their heads countersunk to present a smooth surface on the tread. By this arrangement the cap 10 is securely fastened in position and in complete conformity with the shoe 12.

lt is desirable that the top portion 14 of the cap 10 be formed with an extending flange 21 which defines a shoulder 22 about its inner periphery, the flange 21 overlapping the forward edge of the vamp 13 to properly close the joint and provide a suitable finish. This structure can be modified, however, according to the individual requirements and shoe style and use.

Manifestly, the structure herein shown and described is capable of certain changes and modifications from time to time, by persons skilled in the art, without departing from the spirit of the invention or the scope of the appended claims.

What is claimed is:

1. In a shoe construction having an upper, an outsole and an insole, a recess formed across the forward end of said outsole and under said insole, a toe cap having a bottom portion seated in said recess and enclosing the forward end of said insole, and means comprising a screw in said outsole and penetrating said bottom portion of said toe cap for removably securing the same on said outsole.

2. In a shoe construction comprising an upper, an outsole and an insole, a recess formed in tne upper surface of said outsole across the toe portion thereof, a toe cap having a substantially flat bottom portion seated in said recess and extending rearwardly to overlap said upper, the said insole extending into said cap and covering said bottom portion thereof, and a screw in said outsole engaging said bottom portion of said cap removably securing the same in alignment with said upper.

3. ln a shoe construction, a removable toe cap in said shoe construction, an upper, an outsole and an insole, a recess formed in the inner surface of the toe portion of said outsole and defined by a shoulder transversely thereof and spaced from the forward end of said outsole, the said toe cap having a bottom portion seated in said recess and enclosing the forward end of said insole, and means removably securing said toe cap in said recess to said outsole in alignment with said upper.

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