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Publication numberUS2751914 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 26, 1956
Filing dateFeb 18, 1955
Priority dateFeb 18, 1955
Publication numberUS 2751914 A, US 2751914A, US-A-2751914, US2751914 A, US2751914A
InventorsKatz Grace M
Original AssigneeKatz Grace M
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Lipstick device
US 2751914 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

J1me 26, 1956 G. M. KATZ LIPSTICK DEVICE Filed Feb. 18, 1955 INVENTOR.

United States Patent LIPSTICK DEVICE Grace M. Katz, Hollywood, Calif.

Application February 18, 1955, Serial No. 489,076

2 Claims. (Cl. 132-79) This invention relates to cosmetic devices with special reference to lipsticks and lipstick applicators.

The general object of the invention is to achieve exceptional convenience and compactness in a self-contained kit that includes a lipstick, a brush applicator and a mirror. It is contemplated that these three component parts will be assembled together in the form of a small closed container that is suitable for a ladys purse and may be quickly disassembled for use when needed.

With reference to compactness, the invention is characterized by telescoping relationships and by multiple functions of various parts of the kit. The lipstick telescopes inside a first casing section having an open end; the brush applicator telescopes inside a second casing section having an open end and the open ends of the two casing sections telescope together to form the closed container.

By virtue of this arrangement the first casing section not only serves as lipstick holder but also as a closure for the second casing section. In addition the first casing section serves as a holder or handle for the mirror. In like manner the second casing section not only serves as a holder for the brush applicator but also serves as a closure for the first casing section. In addition the second casing section encloses a portion of the lipstick when the container is closed.

A special object of the invention is to provide a relatively long brush applicator that has a handle portion of ample dimension in length to facilitate careful application of the lipstick material and yet telescopes compactly when not in use. A brush applicator is less cumbersome than a conventional lipstick holder and moreover, is flexible and small in dimension at the point of application. Consequently lipstick material may be applied and distributed more accurately with a brush than by direct contact of a lipstick with the lips. The special advantages of a brush applicator are largely defeated, however, if the brush together with its handle is relatively short in length since the users fingers too easily block the line of sight in the course of the procedure of applying the brush to the users lips.

This special object is attained in part by making the brush-holding second casing section relatively long, in part, by mounting the brush in the casing section in an extensible manner, and finally, by using an elf-center brush.

The various features, objects and advantages of the invention will be apparent in the following detailed description, considered with the accompanying drawing.

In the drawing, which is to be regarded as merely illustrative:

Fig. 1 is a perspective view of the presently preferred embodiment of the invention, showing the assembled parts in closed position;

Fig. 2 is a view of the closed device largely in longitudinal section and partly in side elevation;

Fig. 3 is a perspective view showing how the two sections of the device may be separated and reversed for use;

Fig. 4 is an exploded perspective view of one of the two separate sections;

Fig. 5 is a similar view of the other section; and

Fig. 6 is a fragmentary sectional view illustrating a modification of the invention.

The embodiment of the invention disclosed herein comprises a container which is shown in closed state in Figs. 1 and 2. This container comprises two casing sections generally designated 10 and 12, respectively, which have open ends that telescope together to form the closed contamer.

The casing section 10 includes a cylindrical shell 14 which is open at both ends and has an end portion 15 separated from the rest of the shell by a circumferential bead or shoulder 16. The casing section 12 telescopes over the reduced end portion 15 into abutment with the circumferential head 16 as shown in Figs. 1 and 2.

The casing section 10 also includes an end wall member 18 that closes the outer end of the cylindrical shell 14 but is structurally separate from the cylindrical shell for rotation relative thereto. This end wall member 18 is of flared configuration as shown and is recessed to receive an external mirror 20 which is permanently mounted thereon. An inner cylinder 22 is fixedly united with the end wall member 18 inside the cylindrical shell 14 and for this purpose the inner cylinder is closed at one end and is fixedly attached to the end wall member 18 by a suitable rivet 24. The closed end of the inner cylinder 22 is offset so that the inner cylinder and the end wall member 18 to which it is attached form a peripheral circumferential groove 25, the purpose of this groove being to interlock the cylindrical shell 14 with the end wall member 18. The inner cylinder 22 is formed with a longitudinal slot 26 which terminates short of the two ends of the cylinder.

Tie cylindrical shell 14 is provided with a cylindrical liner 28 that is fixedly attached thereto. This liner is provided with a helical slot 30 that intersects the longitudinal slot 26. The liner 28 has an inwardly turned tongue portion or projection 32 on its inner end that extends in a freely slidable manner into the circumferential groove to interlock the shell 14 with the end wall member 18 to prevent relative axial movement between the two.

A cup-shaped holder 34 for a lipstick 35 is slidingly mounted inside the inner cylinder 22 and is provided with a radial projection in the form of a pin 36 that extends through the helical slot into the longitudinal slot 26 at the intersection between the two slots. Thus rotation of the cylindrical shell 14 relative to the end wall member 18 with corresponding rotation of the helically-slotted liner 28 relative to the longitudinally-slotted inner cylinder 22 causes the intersection of helical slot with the longitudinal slot to travel with consequent shift of the pin 36 along the longitudinal slot 26. Thus relative rotation is used to shift the lipstick holder 34 between the retracted position shown in Fig. 2 and the extended position shown I in Fig. 3 with the lipstick exposed.

The second casing section 12 is of the same general construction as the first casing section 10. Thus the second casing section has a cylindrical shell 40 that is open at both ends and has an end wall member 42 that closes one end of the cylindrical shell but is structurally separate from the shell for rotation relative thereto. An inner cylinder 44 is united with the end wall member 42 and for this purpose is closed at one end with the closed end directly attached to the end wall member by a suitable rivet 45. The end of the inner cylinder 44 is oifset to form a peripheral circumferential groove 46, as before,

rotatable end wall member 42.

A cup-shapedbrush-holder .55 is slidingly mounted in the inner cylinder 44 and is ,providcdzwith a radial proicction in the form ofa pinfio that extends through the helical slot 52 into the longitudinal slot 4% at the intersection of the two slots. Thus rotation of the end wall member 42 relative to the shell 4t? causcsthe brush holder 45 to travel between the retracted position shown in Fig.

2 and the fully extended position shown in 3 where the brush member 5.8 that-ismounted-inthe brush holder is exposed tor use. 7 a I Preferably the brush member 53 is of eccentric configuration, the brush member comprising a taperedhollow base ti'with a mass of bristles 62 extending therefrom. By virtue of the, eccentric-or off-center configuration, the bristles 62 are offset from the axis of the brush holder 55 being nearerthe projected circumference of the brush holder than to the axis of the brush holder.

The mannerin which the device serves its purpose may be readily understood from the foregoing description. The device is, of course, small enough to be carried in a ladys purse. Normally the parts are positioned relative to each other as shown in Fig. 2 to form a closed container that houses the iipstic'k 35 and the brush member 58 in their retracted positions. 7

To use the devicethe two casing sections it and 12 are pulled apart. The end wall member 18 is then rotated relative'to the shell 14 to whatevereXtent may be desired to extend the lipstick 35 suificiently to make the lipstick accessible .for wiping contact with the bristles 62 of the brush member 58. The other end wall member 42 is then rotated relative to the shell 40 to cause the brush member 52 to be extended for use. The brush is appiied tothe lipstick 35 topick up some of the lipstick material and then the operator reverses the two casing sections it} and Rasindicated by Fig. 3.

in thesereversed positions the shell 49 serves as a handle forthe brush member in the a lication of the bristles 62 to the users lips and the mirror 2% is positioned for visual guidance in the use of the brush. The fact that the casing section 12 that carries the brush member 58 is relatively long and the fact that themass of bristles 62 are offset from the axis of the casing sectionmakes it possihis to manipulate .the brush without the users fingers blocking visibility of the'usefislips.

Fig.6 illustratesa modification oi the invention which consists in forming the shell .9a with a slight tapered restriction 65 at its open end, this slight tapered restric- My description of the presently preferred embodiment of the invention by way of example will suggest various changes, substitutions and other departures from my disclosure that properly lie within the spirit and scope of the appended claims. 7 7

I claim: a

1. A cosmetic device of the character described com prising: a first casing shell closed at one end; a mirroriounted on the outer cl sed end of. said shell; means to hold a lipstick inside said shell; a second casing shell closed at one end, the open end of said second shell being dimensioned to telescope into the open endof the first shell to form therewith a closed container, and a brush' member for applying the material of said lipstick, said brush member being movably rnounted in said second shell for retractable extension from the open end'thereof, the open end of said second shell being reduced in inside diameter to .provideashoulder to abut andstabilize :said brush member at theextendedposition-of the brush memher, said brush member being tapered and saidtshoulder being correspondingly tapered :to receive the extended brush member with animmobilizin-g wedging .actionfor making the cXteuded-brushmember rigid relativeto the second shell.

2. Acosmetic device of the character described comprising: a first casing to hold a lipstick, said casing being open atone endand'closed at the other; a mirror mounted on the exterior of the closed end. of said shell; a second casing shell open at both ends,'said'two shells being di mcnsioned to telescopetogethenan end wall-member-for said secondshell separate therefrom for rotation rela-' tive. thereto; "an inner cylinder fixedly united with said end wall member for rotation therewith inside said second Y shell, said end wall member'and inner cylinder. forming,

a peripheral circumferential groove adjacent the end wall member, said inner cylinder having a longitudinal slot; a liner for said second shell fixedly united therewith and having a helical slot intersecting said longitudinal slot, said liner having a projection slidingly engaging said circumferential groove toprevent relative longitudinal movement between said second shell sndsaid end wall member; a brush holder .of circular cross-section 'slidingly mounted in said inner cylinder, said brush holder-having a radial projection slidingly positioned in said two slots atthe intersection thereotto cause thebrush holder-to shift longitudinally between aretr-actedv position adjacent said end wall member and an'extended position atthe opposite end vofi the inner cylmderin response torrotation otsaid-end wallmember relative tosaid second shell; and a brush mounted in said holder, said brush having an ecccntrically positioned tip closer to the projected cir-- cumference oflsaid inner cylinder than to the axis thereof.

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