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Publication numberUS2752106 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 26, 1956
Filing dateSep 2, 1952
Priority dateSep 2, 1952
Publication numberUS 2752106 A, US 2752106A, US-A-2752106, US2752106 A, US2752106A
InventorsThompson Reuben A
Original AssigneeThompson Reuben A
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Gauze holder
US 2752106 A
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June 1956 R. A. THOMPSON 2,752,106.

GAUZE HOLDER Filed Sept. 2, 1952 IN VEN TOR.

BY MM 3m United States Patent- GAUZE HOLDER Reuben A. Thompson, Slaton, Tex.

Application September 2, 1952, Serial No. 307,418

2 Claims. (Cl. 24255.2)

This invention relates in general to containers, and more specifically to a sanitary container for gauze and the like.

The primary object of this invention is to provide an improved holder for rolls of aseptic gauze or other bandage material which will protect the roll to preserve its aseptic character and at the same time permit the gauze or bandage to be unwound without unnecessary handling.

Another object of this invention is to provide an improved gauze holder which is provided with means for resisting unrolling of a roll of gauze or other bandage material whereby the 'same will not unreel when accidentally dropped.

Another object of this invention is to provide an improved gauze holder which may be utilized in the dispensing of gauze or other bandage materials, said gauze holder being openable to permit the insertion of a roll of gauze and being so constructed and designed whereby the same may be tightly closed to prevent the entrance of foreign material.

With these objects definitely in view, this invention resides in certain novel features of construction, combination and arrangement of elements and portions as will be hereinafter described in detail in the specification, particularly pointed out in the appended claims, and illustrated in the accompanying drawings which form a material part of this application and in which:

Figure l is a perspective view of the gauze holder, which is the subject of this invention, and shows the same provided with a roll of gauze;

Figure 2 is a perspective view of the gauze holder of Figure 1 and shows the same in an open position for receiving a roll of gauze, a roll of gauze being mounted therein; and

Figure 3 is an enlarged transverse horizontal sectional view taken substantially upon the plane indicated by the section line 3-3 of Figure 1 and shows the relationship of a roll of gauze with respect to means for retaining the same within the gauze holder and resisting unreeling thereof, an open position of one-half of the gauze holder being shown in dotted lines.

Similar characters of reference designate similar or identical elements and portions throughout the specification and throughout the different views of the drawings.

Referring now to the drawings in detail, it will be seen that the gauze holder is referred to in general by the reference numeral 10. The gauze holder includes a container having a cylindrical body portion which is divided into first and second halves 12 and 14, respectively. The halves 12 and 14 are semi-circular in cross-section and are hingedly connected together along abutting edges by hinges 16 which are secured to their inner surfaces.

Secured to the lower edge of the half 14 is a circular bottom Wall 18 of a diameter substantially identical to the diameter of the cylindrical body portion. The half 12 of the body portion is also provided with a bottom 20. The bottom 20 is semi-circular in outline and is adapted to overlie the bottom wall 18 in sealing relation 2,752,106 Patritd June 26, 1956 depending peripheral flange 26 which is adapted to bev positioned around the upper edges of the halves 12 and 14 to both form a seal therewith and prevent the swinging of one half with respect to the other. It will be understood that the halves 12 and 14 are retained in a cylindrical body forming position by the top wall 22 and that the vertical edges thereof remote from the edges connected together by the hinges 16 are retained in slightly spaced relation to form a gauze dispensing slot 28.

Referring now to Figure 2 in particular, it will be seen that secured to the bottom wall 18 and extending upwardly through the center thereof is a central spindle 30. The spindle 30 is adapted to pass through the center of a roll of gauze or bandage, the roll being referred to by the reference numeral 32, to support the same during an unreeling operation. Inasmuch as the bottom 20 is generally semi-circular in outline, the same is provided with a cutout 34 to provide clearance for the lower portion.

of the spindle 30.

It will be seen that the above described structure will provide a suitable holder for gauze, bandage or other tainer for preventing the accidental unreeling of the roll of material.

Referring now to Figures 2 and 3 in particular, it will be seen that the half 12 is provided with'a vertically extending opening 36 adjacent the edge thereof to which the hinges 16 are connected. Positioned within the opening 36 is an elongated coil spring 38 which has actuating arms 40 and 42 at the upper and lower ends, respectively, thereof. The lower arm 42 is positioned exteriorly of the half 12 and is rigidly secured to the outer surface thereof to facilitate the supporting of the coil spring 38.

Passing downwardly through the coil spring 38 is a vertical web 44 of a C-shaped support. The C-shaped support also includes an upper arm 46 and a lower arm 48 which are integral with the vertical web 44. Rigidly secured to the outer ends of the arms 46 and 48 is a vertically extending bar 50 which is engageable with the roll 32 and frictionally engages the outer convolution thereof to restrain the same against unreeling. The bar 50 is urged against the outer convolution of the roll 32 by the upper arm 40 which has a free end 52 hooked over the upper arm 46 and urging the same towards the spindle 30.

It will be noted that the upper end of the coil spring 38 is supported by straps 54 and 56 disposed on opposite sides of the upper portion of the vertical web 44 and secured to the inner and outer surfaces of the half 12, respectively.

Referring now to Figures 1 and 3 in particular, it will be seen that the half 14 is also provided with a vertically extending opening in which is positioned a vertically extending elongated coil spring 60. The coil spring 60 is provided with spring arms 62 and 64 at its upper and lower ends, respectively, the spring arms being integral with the main portion of the spring. The spring arm 3. 62 is positioned exteriorly ofithe half 14 and is secured to the. outer. surfacethereof adjacent the upperend of the opening 58. The lower arm 64 extends within the container and its function will be explained in more detail hereinafter. Extending through the coil spring 60'i s a vertical web 6 6 of a C-shaped support; COnnected to the vertical Vt e066 are upper and lower horizontal arms 68' and 70, respectively. Either both arms may be integral with the vertical web 66, or the upper arm 68' may be provided with a hook 72 onthe outer end'thereofwhich engages around the upper. portion of the web 66 andpivotally connects the arm 68 thereto. With respect to'the pivotal connection between'the arm 68 and the vertical Web 66, itwill be understood that a similar connection between the lower arm- 48' and'the vertical;

, may be rigidly supported within the opening 58, there are provided inner and outer straps 76 and 78 which are disposed on opposite sides'of the lower portion of the ver-' tical web 66 and which are. secured to the inner and outer surfaces of the half "14, respectively.

It will be understood. that the frictional engagement of the bars Siland 74 with the outer convolution of the roll 32 is such that the roll 32will be prevented from unreeling due to its own. Weight and the, weight 'or: the holder should the holder be dropped while holding onto one end of the gauze or bandage However, the frictional engagement will be such that the gauze may be unreeled by holding thegauze holder 10 in one hand.

andpulling ontthe end of the gauze with the other. the same time, the reaction of the roller 32 on the. bars 50' and 74 and the springs 38 and 60'wil1'urge the-halves i2and 14 apart. a

The operation of this device will be understood from. the foregoing description of the details thereof, taken in.

connection with the aboverecited objects and the drawings. Further description :-would appear to be unnecessary.

arms 68' pensing opening.

Minor modifications of the device, varying in minor details from the embodiment of the device illustrated and described here, 'may be resorted to without departure from the'spirit and scope of this invention, asdefined in the appended claims. V 7

Having described the invention, what is claimed as new is:

1. A holder for gauze andI-the like comprising a container, a central support in, said container for receiving 7 a roll of material, means within said container for resisting unreeiing of mater-ial-fromsaid support, said container including a tubular body portion, top and bottorn walls, saidtubular body portion being dividedwith halves thereof h-ingedly; connected together along one abutting edge, means carried by saidhalves urging 'said halves apart, said top wall engaging said halves to limit separation thereof whereby opposite edges of said halves are retained in spaced relation to form a material dis- 2. In combination with a roll of to one of saidhalves'. and being provided with a depending'peripheral flange engageable around the tops of said halves to prevent movement of said halves away from each other, spring urged means carried by each of said' halves and being engaged with saidroll of material to prevent rotation thereof, said spring urged means react ing, against said roll and urgingsaid halves apart, op

posite'edges of said halves. being retained in spaced re i lation by said springurged means to provide amaterial passing opening.

References Cited in thefile of this patent V UNITED STATES PATENTS" sheet material, a holdercomprising a container, a central support in said" container forreceivingj said roll of material, said con-v tainer including a tubular body'portion,top and bottom' walls, said tubular body portion divided into'halveswith' said halves being hingedly connected together along one; abutting edge, said .top wall being hingedly connected 7

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