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Publication numberUS2753047 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 3, 1956
Filing dateJan 27, 1953
Priority dateJan 27, 1953
Publication numberUS 2753047 A, US 2753047A, US-A-2753047, US2753047 A, US2753047A
InventorsMeredith G Kettlewell
Original AssigneeA R Wood Mfg Company
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US 2753047 A
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y 1956 M. G. KETTLEWELL 2,753,047

F ILTER Filed Jan. 27, 1953 IN VEN TOR. MERE/J1 TH G. KErnEwELL HIS ATT GENE Y United States Patent FILTER Meredith G. Kettlewell, Dearborn, Mich, assi nor to A. R. Wood Manufacturing Company, Laverne, Minin a corporation of Minnesota Application January 27, 1953, Serial No. 333,450

1 Claim. (Cl. 210131) This invention relates to a filter of the type for use in a fluid line for removing foreign particles from the fluid.

It is an object of the present invention to provide a two-part container which may be disassembled for removing the filter cartridge from the container without disturbing the fluid line connections to the container.

Another object of the invention is to provide an inlet passage at one side of an inner partition and dual outlet passages at the opposite side of the partition, whereby one or the other may be used for connection with an outlet line.

A further object of the invention is to provide a filter cartridge having an external fluid contact area of greater area than the circumference of the cartridge times its height.

A still further object of the invention is to provide a filter cartridge composed of a plurality of superimposed discs of felt like material, each disc having an irregular outer peripheral surface and to arrange the discs in assembled relation in such a manner that pockets are provided in the outer surface of the cartridge.

Other objects and advantages of the invention will be Fig. 1 is a fragmentary View of a fluid supply tank showing the improved filter applied thereto with the fluid 1 line connections;

Fig. 2 is a longitudinal sectional view through the improved filter; and

Fig. 3 is a cross sectional View taken on line 3-3 of Fig. 2.

Referring to the drawings, I have shown a filter container it having a cup-shaped body part 12 and a head part 14. The cup-shaped body 12 has an opening 16 through the bottom with an inwardly extending flange 18 around the opening. The upper edge of the body 12 has an outwardly extending flange 26 forming a supporting ledge and an upwardly extending flange 22 forming a guide for centering the head 14 on the supporting ledge.

The head 14 is an inverted cup-shaped member having a cylindrical wall portion 24 and a dome shaped top wall 26. The cylindrical wall 24 is provided with internally flanged openings 23 and 30 at opposite sides thereof and the top is provided with an internally flanged opening 32. Flanged bushings 34 are received in the openings 28 and 30, preferably brazed therein to provide a rigid and fluid tight connection. The bushings 34 have a screw threaded opening 36 for receiving the usual pipe line connections. The flanged opening 32 receives a flanged sleeve 38 having the inner periphery, at its opposite ends, provided with screw threads 4%) and 42. The wall of the sleeve 38 has openings 44 therethrough. 1

A partition 46 is provided in the head 14 having its outer periphery secured to the inner periphery of the head set points below the opening 30 and above the opening 28. The partition 46 has a central opening 48 and a downwardly extending flange 50 surrounding the opening 48. A cylindrical screen 52 is received on the lower end of the sleeve 38 and extends downwardly in close proximity to the bottom of the body 12 where the lower end of the sleeve 38 is fitted over a flanged stamping 54. The stamping 54 is supported by a shouldered sleeve 56 having an upwardly extending annular flange 58. The sleeve 56 is supported on the bottom of the body 12, fitted over the flange 18. I 1

The filter material is formed from porous or fabric material such as felt, cotton fibers, or the like, and is shaped into annular pads 60, each having a central aperture 62. Two opposite sides of each disc are cut away along a chord of the disc forming fiat side edges 64 and arcuate ends 66. The aperture of each disc is slid over the outer periphery of the cylindrical screen 52 and the discs are stacked, one on top of another, with the fiat side edges 64 of one disc at right angles to the fiat side edges of an adjacent disc, that is, each disc is alternately stacked on the screen 52 so as to provide pockets 68 or overhanging ledges which are the arcuate ends 66.

When a sufficient number of the discs have been applied around the screen 52 to substantially fill the space between the flanges 50 and 58, below the diaphragm 46, a bolt '70 is inserted through the opening 16, through screen 52 and threaded to the sleeve 38. When the bolt 70 is tightened the flange of the sleeve 38 and the head of the bolt '70 draw the head 14 tightly on the supporting ledge 26 there being a sealing gasket 72 arranged between the outer free edge of the head 14 and the ledge 20. A sealing ring 74 is provided between the head of the bolt 70 and the lower surface of the body 12.

The inwardly extending annular flanges 50 and 58 are drawn inwardly and the free edges thereof bite into the opposite end discs 60 for sealing and compressing the several discs into compact form.

By removing the bolt 70, the body 12 may be removed from the head 14 with the filter element, comprising the pads 60 and screen 52, which may be easily removed for replacement purposes.

The threaded openings 36 and 40 are of equal diameter for receiving a plug 7 6 which may be placed in either the vertically extending outlet opening in the top of the head 14 or the horizontally extending opening in the side of the head 14. The pipe line connection for the outlet may be placed in the side opening for horizontal installation, as illustrated at '78 in Fig. 1, or the plug 76 may be placed in the side opening and the outlet line may be placed in the top opening, as illustrated by the dot and dash lines at 80, for vertical installation. If desired both outlet passages may be used simultaneously. The plug, when in the top opening also serves as a vent closure for removing any air which might be in the filter unit after final assembly. The inlet pipe connection is shown at 82 leading to a supply tank 84.

It will be noted that the inlet and outlet openings are arranged in the head 14 and all connections of the fluid flow system may be permanently made to the head and the filter unit may be disassembled for replacement of the filter element without disturbing the fluid connections. The advantage of providing both the horizontal and vertical outlets is that the filter assembly may be always in a vertical position with the outlet chamber B at the top and the sediment collection chamber A at the bottom. The fluid is admitted to chamber A at the top, remote from any sediment at the bottom of the chamber, flows through the filter pads 60, screen 52 and into chamber B. The flanges 50 and 58 prevent any fluid from entering chamber B without having first passed through the filter pads 60.

I have herein illustrated and described a preferred embodiment of the invention, but it is to be understood that various changes, including the size, shape and arrangements of parts -rnay-be made Without departing from the spirit of the invention and it is not my intention to limit its scope. other than by the terms of the appended clain II claim:

Afilter of the -class described comprising, an inverted cup-shaped head member having, an inlet opening and an outlet opening'inthe peripherial wail thereof, a partition within sai'dheajd separating the inlet and outlet openings, a*fiange'd.o pening centrally'located in said partition, said flange extending toward the open end of said head, a cupshaped bodyhaving. 'its.,-open, end removably fitted to the open end of said head, an annularfiange adjacent 'the base of said body extending ,in a direction toward the open end of said'bojdy andin axial alignment with 'the flange of saidpar'tition, a cylindrical scr een member within the flanges andbridgingthejspace.therebetween, a filter-element around said screen member in the space between said flanges, a laterally aperture'd sleeve;,in the dome of said inverted cup-shaped head, a screw threaded plug for the outer open end of-said sleeve'beyond the apertures'in said sleeve, the size of said inlet opening, said outlet opening and said plug receiving sleeve opening being of the same diameter, and a headed bolt extending through the base of said body and through said screen having a screw threaded connection with the inner end of said sleeve below the apertures wherebytightening of the bolt causes said head and body to be drawn together and pressing said filterbetween said flanges.

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International ClassificationB01D36/00
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