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Publication numberUS2754152 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 10, 1956
Filing dateMar 13, 1953
Priority dateMar 13, 1953
Publication numberUS 2754152 A, US 2754152A, US-A-2754152, US2754152 A, US2754152A
InventorsGilmour Robert A
Original AssigneeGilmour Robert A
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US 2754152 A
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July 10, 1956 R. A. GILMOUR SPRAYERS Filed March 13, 1955 INVENToR. A G L MOI/1 F0551? BY g ATTORNEY United States Patent O SPRAYERS Robert A. Gilmour, Somerset, Pa. Application March 13, 1953, Serial No. 342,120 1 Claim. (Cl. 299-84) This invention relates to an improved sprayer, and while primarily designed and intended for spraying flowers, trees, shrubbery, or like plants and vegetation, with an insecticide or analogous solutions, it will be obvious that the device may be employed for spraying any other type of fluid and for any other purposes wherein it is found to be applicable.

Important objects and advantages of the invention are to provide a sprayer of the character described, which is adapted for connection with a water hose and operated by the passage of the water therethrough from the water hose, which will facilitate and expedite spraying operations, and which embodies novel adjustable means for discharging the solution in a fanlike spread and spray to cover considerable areas at the same time.

Further objects of the invention are to provide a device of the class stated, which may be conveniently used by anyone of ordinary skill, which is simple in its construction and arrangement, durable and etiicient in its use, compact, and comparatively economical in its manufacture.

With the foregoing and other objects in View which will appear as the description proceeds, the invention resides in the novel construction, combination and arrangement of parts herein specifically described and illustrated in the accompanying drawing, but it is to be understood that changes in the form, proportions and details of construction may be resorted to that come within the scope of the claim hereunto appended.

In the drawing wherein like numerals of reference designate corresponding parts throughout the several views:

Figure 1 is a side elevational View, partly in cross section, of a sprayer constructed in accordance with the invention, and illustrating the connection of the sprayer with a water gun.

Figure 2 is a top plan view of the sprayer.

Figure 3 is a side elevational view, partly n cross section, of the sprayer, and illustrating the attachment of the sprayer with the receptacle containing the treated spraying agent in fluid form.

Figure 4 is a bottom plan view of the control valve embodied in the present invention.

Referring in detail to the drawing, the improved sprayer comprises a cylindrical body 1. The body is provided with a transversely extending passage 2, which is disposed approximately centrally of the length of the body and which is slightly olf side with respect to the axis of the body.

A nozzle cap 3, including a reduced apertured plug 4 having a screw thread attachment in the inner end of the passage 2, is carried by the body 1 and is adapted for screw thread connection with the discharge end of the barrel 5, of a water gun 6. The water gun is of the conventional hand-operated type of construction, is adapted for connection with a water supply hose, and is operable for controlling the ilow of water through the nozzle cap 2.

A horizontally extending discharge tube 7 is revolubly supported in the outer end of the passage 2 and is aligned the discharge tube 7 ;to the latter by respective pivoting screws projecting part of the spreader member end of a vertically extending passage 9, which is formed in the body 1, and which has its wall provided with screw threads. A ball 10 is shiftably mounted in the lower end of the vertical passage 9 and engages in the annular groove 8 in the discharge tube 7. A spiral spring 11 is mounted in the vertical passage 9 and the lower end thereof seats upon the ball 10. An adjusting plug 12, having screw thread engagement in the vertical passage 9, seats upon the upper end of the spring 11.

It will be apparent that by the adjustment of the adjusting plug 12 in the vertical passage 9, the spring 11 may be tensioned to exert the required pressure upon the ball 10 in the groove 8, to maintain the the discharge tube in the outer end of the transverse passage 2, while allowing the frictional rotation of the discharge tube in the transverse passage when required. v

A fluid spreader member 13 is shiftably supported by adjacent to the outer free end of the latter. The spreader member is provided with a pair of spaced attaching lugs 14, which engage respective sides of the discharge tube and which are pivotally connected The spreader member 13 projects a considerable distance beyond the outer free end of the discharge tube 7, and the surface thereof, disposed toward the discharge tube, is flat and of considerable width. The rearwardly is provided with an adjusting screw 16, which may be adjusted to engage the discharge tube to shift the spreader member to various angles from the horizontal to positions to best meet conditions found in practice. the discharge tube will forcibly strike against the flat surface of the spreader member and thereby cause a fanlke dispersion of the spraying solution.

A vertically extending valve passage 17 is formed in the body 1 and extends throughout the length of the latter. The valve passage is disposed slightly off side with passage 2 in the body 1. A wall between the valve passage 17 and the transverse passage 2, whereby the valve passage is communicatively joined with the transverse passage 2 at a point in the latter intermediate of the spaced adjacent ends of the cap plug 4 and the discharge tube 7.

A needle valve 19 is mounted for vertical adjustment in the valve passage 17, and includes an enlarged valve stem 20, which has a screw thread engagement in the upper part of the valve passage, and which is operable for vertically adjusting the needle valve in the valve pass-age. A knurled head 21 is removably attached to the upper end of the stem 20 by means of a removable pin 22, or in any other suitable manner, to facilitate the adjustment of the needle valve. The head 21 seats upon the top of the body 1 when the needle valve is in the closing position.

The under face of the head 21 is formed with a plurality of regularly spaced, circularly aligned, shallow pockets 22 for automatically engaging a spring actuated ball 24, which is shiftably mounted in a vertically disposed well 25 in the upper end of the body 1. The function of such ball and pocket engagements is to apprise the operator of the extent of the adjustment made in valve adjusting operations, and further to aid in holding the needle valve 19 in the adjusted position.

An apertured valve seating plug 26, for seating the free lower end of the needle valve 19, is threadedly engaged in the lower end of the valve passage 17 and projects a considerable distance beyond the lower end of the body 1.

Patented July 10, 1956- plug 4 which is engaged attachment of The solution discharging from' The projecting-end o the seating plug extends through the iidv 27 of the receptacle 28 containingl thetreatedfluid 29. T he lid is secured to the seating plug by means of a washer 30, and by a nut 31 which is engaged on the projecting end'of-the seating plug. Ahose 32'L isattached to the projecting endofi theseating plug 26 and' depends intoV the receptacle to the bottom ofthe latter, as shown in Figure 3.

Itewill beapparentv that by advancingthe u eedlevalvey 19 `toseatin theseating plug26 the valve passage'is closed, and that by retracting the needle valve a slight distance, the passage 17 `is-fully opened to communicate with the hose 32; The extentjof' valve needle adjustment will ofl course, determineV the amount ot"k treated fluid 29 being added toproduce the required sprayingY solution;

Inthe use ofthe improved sprayer, the dischargetube 7 is suitably adjusted on; itsA revoluble connection with thebody 1; and' thespreader member 13 is adjusted'by the adjustment of` the adjusting screw 16, to provide the desired fanlike dispersionof the spraying solution in the selected vertieal,horizontal, or other angular positions.

In the'operation ofthe` sprayer, the forced ow of 'water through the nozzle cap 3, andthrough the transverse passage 2 and discharge tube 7, will create a vacuum draw-ing a-predetermined amount-of the treated'uid'29 from-the` receptacle-28, throughl the hose 32' and through the seating plug 26-and through the valve passage 17 and port18, to mix withand impregnato the Water flowing through the transverse passage 2,V and thereby produce the required spraying solution.

It will be noted'that the improved sprayer can be ernployed forl spraying purposes by using air instead of water tocreate the vacuumto create the drawing action required. Whenso using air, the hose 32 would` be extended into a quantity of premixed, solution containing all of the necessary ingredients for. the purpose intended. Such premixed solution may be paint, a detergent, or any other chemical composition or compound in fluid form.

The present invention providesafmost eicientL device of its kind, which may be economically constructed, and successfully employed 'fori the-purposes andin the-manner herein set forth.

What I claim is:

A sprayer of the class described, comprising in combination, a cylindrical body provided with a transverse passage, a nozzle cap communicatively connected at one end of said transverse passageand; being adapted for attachment to a tiuid supplyy conduit,v a discharge tube communicatively connected atthe other end of said transverse passage and beingrevolubly adjustable in the latter, said body further provided withV an eccentrically disposed vertically extending valve passage and with a port communicatively joining the, latter with said transverse passage, a valve seating Velement connected at the lower end of said valve passage, a valve mechanism adjustably mounted in said valve passage and being operable for controlling the ow of fluid through said seating element, automatically operable means carried' by said body and engaging saidvalve mechanism for apprising the operator, of the extent' ofY the adjustment of said valve mechanism in said valve passage andl for aiding in holding said valve mechanismV in theA adjusted position in saidvalve passage, means carried bysaid valve seating element for attaching a hose to the latter, and a iluid spreader member adjustably connected with saidl discharge tube and projecting beyondV the outer free-end of the latter.

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