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Publication numberUS2754586 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 17, 1956
Filing dateOct 5, 1955
Priority dateOct 5, 1955
Publication numberUS 2754586 A, US 2754586A, US-A-2754586, US2754586 A, US2754586A
InventorsManstorp Eric R
Original AssigneeManstorp Eric R
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Gasket circular cutting instrument
US 2754586 A
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July 17, 1956 E. R. MANSTORP 2,754,586



Application October 5, 1955, Serial No. 538,710

4 Claims. (Cl. 30-300) This invention relates to cutters and cutting instruments for cutting sheets of various kinds of material such as may be used for packings and gaskets, and particularly to a circular gasket cutter or cutting instrument.

The main object of my invention is to provide a special manually operated instrument for cutting circles and rings, etc., of flat packing and gasket sheet material in such fashion as to make certain that they are clean cut and circular.

Another object of my invention is to have such a cutting instrument or tool that is adjustable for cutting any one of a large range of sizes of circles and rings.

A further object of the invention is to have such a cutting tool which may be provided with a single point center or a crown center to avoid piercing the material at the centre.

Still another object is to have a cutting tool of the character described which may be made with a single cutter arm or a double cutter arm equipment.

It is a practical object to have such a tool which may be firmly pressed down with one hand while the other hand is used for manipulating the instrument.

It is, of course a definite object to have a cutting instrument as indicated which is simple to make and as simple to use and not likely to get out of order, in view of encouraging wide distribution on the market.

Other objects and advantages of my invention will appear in greater detail as the specification proceeds.

In order to facilitate ready comprehension of this invention for a proper appreciation of the salient features thereof, the invention is illustrated on the accompanying drawing forming part hereof, and in which:

Figure 1 is an elevational view of a circular gasket cutter made according to my invention and embodying the same in practical form;

Figure 2 is a similar view of a modification which embodies the preferred form of my invention; and

Figure 3 is a fragmentary enlarged section of the lower portion of the main leg forming the center support of the cutter.

In these views, the same reference numerals indicate the same or like parts and features.

When cutting gaskets in the form of disks, circles and rings, it is usually a problem to cut a perfect circle and to make a clean edge at the periphery, and at the same time avoid piercing the center of the gasket, for the intermediate area is sometimes quite important.

Upon considering this problem, it has occurred to me that a gasket cutter should be available which is not only adjustable to out various sizes of gaskets, but has a pressure handle and special features for adjusting it as well as auxiliary cutting means. As a result of such consideration, I have succeeded in producing a special gasket cutter for cutting circles, disks and rings and made along the lines already indicated, and which will now be described in detail in the following.

Hence, in the practice of my invention, and referring again to the drawing, the circular cutting instrument, genclamping or tightening screw 11 thereon to fix the bracket at any point along the bracket, the screw extending through this slot and the bracket being preferably bifurcated so as to straddle the bracket with the screw preventing loss of said bracket. At the lower end, this bracket 10 is pivotally connected by a pin 12 to the upper end of a cutter leg 13 terminating at its lower end in a cutter 14 mounted in an insert device 15 having a shank 16 retained in the lower hollow end 17 of leg 13 by a set screw 18. In addition, thecenter leg 7 has a transverse slot or aperture 19 in the lower portion thereof, in which one end of an arcuate link 20 is pivoted by a pin 21, the link itself extending through a slot 22 in cutter leg 13, while a set screw 23 in this leg 13 serves to fix the link in any desired position of adjustment for the cutter leg 13; the center leg has a point center 24 at its extremity to form a compass center, as it were for the instrument.

This device may be adjusted for various diameters of disk, ring or circle by releasing screw 23 and swinging leg 13 to the proper position for the selected size, when screw 23 is again tightened and the center point 24 put into center and the cutter 14 placed down on the sheet to be cut and the tool then rotated about center point 24 while the palm of the hand rests on handle 6. The circle, ring or disk will then be cut out.

In Figure 2 a modification appears which has the same plate 5, handle 6, slot 10, linlo20, as well as screws or rivets 8, 8. The center support leg 7 resembles leg 7 and has a slot 19 with a pin 21 retaining the end of arcuate link 20 in this slot, the leg being secured by rivets or screws 8, 8 to plate 5 as in Figure 1. The lower hollow end 30 of leg 7' is adapted to receive the shank 29 of a center support 31 having a crown of points or teeth 32 about a center point 33 and provided with a ball 34 in a socket mounting 34 to allow limited swiveling in all directions. The shank is secured in place by a set screw 35, while the socket cover 36 serves to retain the ball 34 forming the lower end of shank 29.

Upon plate 5 is mounted a bracket 25 having a set screw 11 for clamping it in place, this bracket at one side continuing downwards in the form of a cutter leg 26 having a slot 28 for arcuate link 20 and having a set screw 37 for fixing this leg in attained position along the link, the cutter 27 being set in the lower extremity of this leg. In the upper portion of the leg 26 at its junction with bracket 25 is a pivot mounting 38 to which is pivotally connected the upper end of a second cutter leg 13 having a lower slot 22 for link 20 and a set screw 23 for setting this leg at any desired point along the link. The pivot pin 39 in mounting 38 need not affect leg 26 but forms the pivot point for swinging leg 13' to desired position. At the lower end 17 it is hollow and carries the shank 16 of the cutter unit 15 provided with cutter blade 14 as in Figure 1 and the shank is retained by screw 23 engaging against the link as already described. Release of screw 23 allows adjustment of outer or second leg 13 independently of the inner or first leg 26 which is adjustable about the center of set screw 11 in bracket 25 as well as along slot 10, at will.

If both cutter legs 26 and 13 are moved inwardly into more or less close relation, both may be arranged to cut circles simultaneously, resulting in cutting rings, but if only one leg, for example inner leg 26 is in range to cut,

Patented July 17, 1956 then: a disk will be cut. The center mounting or support 31 can readily be centered. properly without danger of cutting through any material from which the circular gaskets are intended to be cut. Solid circles and disks as well as rings of variouswidths and diametersmay thus be cut. from gasket sheet material, as the sizes are merely a matter of. adjustment or" either or both cutter legs along the arcuate link and setting. them by the set screws.

Manifestly, variations may be resorted to, and parts and. features may be modified or used without others within the scope of the appended claims.

Having now fully described my invention, 1 claim:

1. A circular gasket cutter of the. character described,

including. a. plate. provided with a hand pressure handle.

and having a transverse slot in the lower portion thereof, a fixed center support leg rigidly secured to one side of the plate below the pressure handle and having a center point devicev at the lower end thereof, a bracket mounted upon the lower portion of the plate and having a clamping screw therein extending through said slot for adjustably securing the bracket in various positions upon said plate along said slot at will, a. depending cutter leg connected at the upper end thereof to the bracket and having a cutter at the lower end, a link pivotally connected at one end to an intermediate portion of the center support :2 leg, the cutter leg having a transverse slot in an intermediate portion thereof through which said link extends, and an adjustable set screw in said cutter leg for engaging with said link within said slot in said cutter leg.

2. A circular gasket cutter according to claim 1, wherein the center point device at the lower end of the center support leg includes a center support having a crown of points at the lower end with a center point within said crown and a ball and socket joint above with a shank connected thereto, the lower end of said center support leg being hollow for receiving said shank, and a set screw for retaining said shank in place.

3. A gasket cutter according to claim 1, wherein said bracket extends downwardly in the form of a second cutter leg integral therewith, said second leg being adjustably mounted on said link, said second leg serving also as a pivot for said first mentioned cutter leg.

4. The cutter of claim 1 wherein said link is arcuate in outline.

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