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Publication numberUS2756914 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 31, 1956
Filing dateDec 13, 1954
Priority dateDec 13, 1954
Publication numberUS 2756914 A, US 2756914A, US-A-2756914, US2756914 A, US2756914A
InventorsBonderer Charles F
Original AssigneeBonderer Charles F
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Golf ball holders
US 2756914 A
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July 31, 1956 c, F. BONDERER GOLF BALL HOLDERS Filed Dec. 15, 1954 INVENTOR.

CHARLES F. BONDERER ATTORNEYS United States Patent 2,756,914 GOLF BALL HOLDERS Charles F. Bonderer, St. Louis, Mo. Application December 13, 1954, Serial No. 474,995 3 Claims. (Cl. 224-29) This invention relates to golf ball holders and is particularly adapted to be applied to the handle of a golf cart.

The primary object of the invention is to provide a golf ball holder mounted to a golf cart, preferably on the handle of the cant, storing the balls at a convenient location for the player to reach.

Another object of the invention is to provide 'a holder that will hold a number of golf balls wherein one ball at a time can be removed by the player.

A still further object of the invention is to providea holder that can the easily folded over the handle while not in use. This object is an improvement over my copending application, Serial No. 370,331, filed July 27, 1953, and entitled Golf Ball Holders.

A further object of this invention is to provide a storage rack for golf ball tees, said rack being associated with the holder.

These and other incidental objects will be apparent in the drawing, specification and claims.

Referring to the drawings:

Figure 1 is a side view of a golf cart, having my new and improved golf hall holder in operating position on the handle of the cart.

Figure 2 is a medial longitudinal cross-sectional view of the holder.

Figure 3 is a rear elevational view of the holder, taken on the line 33 of Figure 1, .with the golf ball tees removed therefrom, and looking in the direction of the arrows.

Figure 4 is a cross-sectiona1 view, taken on the line 4-4 of Figure 1.

Figure 5 is a front perspective view of the holder removed from the cart.

Figure 6 illustrates how the holder can be folded down over the handle of the cart when not in use.

Referring more specifically to the drawing:

This new and improved golf hall holder consists of a golf ball tubular container 10. This container is adapted to be secured to the handle 11 of the golf cart 12. The lower end 13 is .cut away at 14, this said cutout portion 14 is adapted to rest over the handle 11 when the holder is in operating position, as shown in Figures 1, 2, 3 and 4.

Holes 15 are provided in the lower end 13 of the holder 10 and adapted to receive the bolt '16, which passes through the handle 11, being held in place by the wing nut 17. A tee holding 'bracket 18 is also applied under the head 19 of the bolt 16, holding the same against the side of the holder 10, as :best illustrated in Figures 3 and 4.

Holes 20 are formed in the bracket 18 .and are adapted to receive the golf tee-s 21. A longitudinal slot 22 is formed on the rear of the holder 10, and is adapted to receive the handle 11 while the holder 10 is out of working position, as illustrated in Figure 6. This feature is primarily the improvement over my now pending application above mentioned. It makes it possible to fold the holder 10 over the handle 11 without removing the same from the handle 11, as shown and described in the said pending application.

A V-shaped notch 23 is located on the upper end 24 of the holder 10' and is adapted to hold a cigarette 25.

A clamp 26, illustrated in Figures 1 and 3, may be pro-,

The golf balls 28 are entered into the top of the holder 10, coming to rest as illustrated in Figure 2. The operator then can enter his fingers into the cut out portion 27, grasping the ball 28 and removing the same as his various plays are being made.

The tees 21 are entered into the openings 20 of the rack 1'8, where they are easily accessible.

During the playing operation, the player can place his cigarette into the V-shaped notch 23, which will hold the same as illustrated in Figure 1.

What is claimed is:

1. A golf ball holder comprising an elongated completely open tubular mem'ber, said member having a longitudinal slot formed therein extending lengthwise and throughout its length, said member having a notch extending inwardly from an end thereof, said notch being oppositely disposed with respect to said slot and being adapted to receive the handle of a golf cart therein, means adjacent said one end of said member for securing said member on said handle, and said member having a cut-out portion formed therein adjacent said notch to permit the removal of golf balls therefrom.

2. In combination with a golf cart having a handle, a golf ball holding device comprising an elongated com pletely open tubular member having a longitudinally extending slot formed therein and extending lengthwise therethrough, said tubular member having a notch extending inwardly from one end thereof, said notch being oppositely disposed with respect to said slot, said member having a cutout portion formed therein adjacent said notch to permit the removal of golf halls therefrom, said tubular member having a pair of oppositely disposed openings extending transversely 'therethrough, a pivot pin extending through said openings and said handle member for pivotally securing said tubular memher to said handle, and means on said pivot pin for clamping said tubular member to said handle in pivotally adjusted selective positions.

3. In combination, a golf bag carrier having a handle, an elongated completely open tubular hall container having a longitudinally extending slot formed therein and extending throughout its length, said tubular container having .a notch formed therein and extending inwardly from an end thereof, said notch being adapted to receive said handle therein, said tubular container having a cutout portion formed therein adjacent said one end to permit the lower one of a plurality of golf halls to be removed there-through, mean-s pivotally securing said container on said handle whereby said tubular container may be pivoted to effect the entrance of said handle through said slot and into said container when said container is in its inoperative position.

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U.S. Classification224/274, 224/571, 224/567, 312/49, 224/558, 224/557
International ClassificationA63B47/00
Cooperative ClassificationA63B47/00
European ClassificationA63B47/00