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Publication numberUS2757934 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 7, 1956
Filing dateJan 29, 1954
Priority dateJan 29, 1954
Publication numberUS 2757934 A, US 2757934A, US-A-2757934, US2757934 A, US2757934A
InventorsDunbar Calvin D
Original AssigneeDunbar Calvin D
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Game board and playing pieces for use with the same
US 2757934 A
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Aug. 7, 1956 c. D. DUNBAR 2151934 GAME BOARD AND FLAYING PIECES FOR USE WITH THE SAME Filed Jan. 29, 1954 2 Sheets-Sheet 1 I 'Il .EEE f HH 3mm Em :mm X U um UUUUUUUU Um Em Unmmmmmnn Em ,24mm Ummnmmmnm Em Em UUUUUUUUU Em |.=1 IUUUUUUUU Em ,MEE Umfimmn nm/ E3 UHUUUUEUU mn UE mmmmmmmm nm gn UUUUUUUU Ui Em Unmnnmflmm Em THE UUUUUUUU Em? zz UUUUUUUUUUE 6 3 W mmfimflmm /gmn Unfinn w /0 T- W /0 l Ca/V/f? LI Dum f' I INVEN A118- 7, 1956 c. D. DUNBAR 2,757,934


2 Sheets-Sheet 2 l 26 j l Ca/v/n B. fiun ar INVENTOR.

A Mz/J United States Patent O GAIVIE BOARD AND PLAYING PIE'CES FOR USE WITH THZE 'S'AME Calvin D. Dunbar, Houston, Tex. Application January 29, 1954, Serial No. 407,061

3 Claims. (Cl. 273-136) This invention relates to a game board and playing pieces for the same, and more particularly to a spelling game and an improved game board and playing pieces for use in playing the same.

The invention has for its chief object the provision of an improved game board and playing pieces for use therewifth, for the playing of a game in which playing pieces are positioned on the board to spell out various words, and in which the playing board and game pieces cooperate to facilitate the playing of the game.

Another object of the invention is to -provide game apparatus of the type mentioned wherein the playing pieces are constructed and cooperate with the playing board in a manner to improve the visibility of the indicia employed in the playing of the game.

A further object of the invention is the provision of game apparatus of `the kind mentioned whercin the playing board and game pieces are so constructed that the game pieces are always oriented in the same manner with relation to the game board during the playing of A still further object of the invention is to provide game apparatus which is of simple design and rugged construction, and which may be easily manufaotured.

The above and other important objects and advantages of the invention will best be understood from the following detailed description, constituting a specification of the same, when considered in conjunotion with the annexed drawings, wherein* Figure 1 is a top plan view of a preferred form of the playing board of the invention;

Figure 2 is a fragmentary side eleva-tional view, on an enlarged scale, showing the manner in which the playing board may be formed in sections, hingedly secured together, and illustrating the manner in which the board may be unfolded for use and folded up for purposes of storage or transportation;I

Figure 3 is a fragmentary cross-Sectional view, on an enlarged scale, taken along the line 3-3 of Figure l, looking in the direction indicated by the arrows, and showing details of construction of the playing board and illustrating the manner in which the playing pieces are constructed for cooperation therewith;

lFigure 4 is a top plan view, on a somewhat enlarged scale, illustrating a preferred form of playing pieces in accordance With the invention;

Figure 5 is a cross-Sectional view, taken along the line 5-5 of Figure 4, looking in the direction indicated by the arrows;

Figure 6 is a fragmentary cross-Sectional view, similar to that of Figure 3, illustrating a somewhat modified form of the game board and playing pieces; and

Figure 7 is a side elevational view, on a somewhat enlarged scale showing details of construction of the playing piece of the modified form of the invention illustrated in Figure 6.

Referring now to the drawings in greater detail the invention, briefly described, comprises a playing board,


. a 2 generally indicated at 10, Which may conveniently be of generally rectangular configuration, laid off in rows of polygonal areas, such as those indicated at 12, upon which playing pieces are adapted to be arranged, each of the playing pieces bearing a letter of the lalphabet, and the game being played in a manner to spell out words by arranging the playing pieces in rows.

The playing board I10 is preferably formed With a rec- Itangular central playing area, designated `at 14, which is bordered `on its four sides ``by auxiliary rectangular areas, designated 16, within which the playing pieces of the individual players are placed at the commencement of the game. The central playing `area 1-4, in the present illustration contains 144 of the small rectangular areas 12 which are each adapted to receive a playing piece, while each of the auxiliary rectangular areas 16 is made up of 36 such areas 12, ad-apted to contain the playing pieces of the individual players. Thus, the central rectangular playing area is of sufficient size to contain all of 'the playing pieces of the individual players combined.

The playing board laid -ou-t in the manner described above is formed with depressions or upwardly opening recesses `18, one such recess in each of Ythe small rectangular areas 12, -the recesses 'being preferably of rectangular shape, as viewed in plan, and having their sides sloping inwardly and downwardly, as best seen in Figure 3 of the drawings.

T he playing pieces used in playing the game are preferably constructed in the manner indicated in Figures 3, 4 and 5, each playing piece 20 being of generally inverted pyramidal shape, shaped to correspond to the depressions of recesses 1'8 of the board, and adapted to be positioned in the recesses. The playing pieces are preferably formed with flat bottom surfaces 22 adapted to seat Ion .the bottom walls 24 of 'the recesses 18, and are formed with corner `.projections 26, which extend beyond the recesses l18,

and are positioned to engage the surface of the playing board :between the recesses, so that .the pieces may be easily picked up from the board by grasping the pieces With the r.fingers by their opposite sides between the corner projections. t

The playing pieces 20 are also formed with upwardly opening recesses or depressions bottom walls 30, and upwardly and outwardly sloping side walls 32, eachV wall of the recess 28 bearing the same letter of the alphabet, as indicated at 34 and 36. 't will be apparent that by thus forming the playing pieces the letters 34 and 36, or other indicia employed, will be properly oriented relative to each of :the individual players, so tha-t it can be easily seen from any side of the game board. Because of the sloping of the walls 32 of the recesses 28, the letters 36 are presented in planes which make them more easily observed than -would be the case if the letter 34 alone were employed, and such arrangement also presents the advantage that 'the letter observed by each of the individual players is properly oriented and is right side up as viewed by him.

By forming the playing board in sections, which are hingedly secured together, =as indicated -at 40, in IFigure 2, Ithe various sections may be folded upon each other With the playing pieces positioned in -the recesses 18, if desired, whereby the apparatus is formed into a compact unit with the playing pieces contained therein, in the manner illustrated in Figure 2, for convenient carrying about.

In making use of the game app'ara-tus, cons-tructed as described above, the playing board is unfolded and laid out in the manner illustrated in Figure l, and each player is provided with a set of playing pieces containing `an entire alphabet with a suitable number of extra letters, which pieces are positioned in the auxiliary side areas 16 preparatory to the commencement of the game. Each 28, having rectangular ways, and inaccordance with` any desired' rules, as mayV be expedient orconducive to the; amusement and entertai'nment of the players.

.In Figures 61 and` 7 a somewhat modified form' of' the invention is illustrated', wherein the playing board 10' ma-y-z be l'aidf out-` in a manner similar to that described int connection with the invention as illustrated in Figure 1-. In this; forrnoff the invention, however, the playing area and' the auxiliary side areas; bordering the same may be; provided wit-hprojections 42', instead of the depressions- 118 ofV the-previously described form of the invention, over which projections playing pieces 20' are adapted'to be positioned; -to retain the playing pieces in properly-oriented-positions relative to each of the players. The-playing pieces 20' are preferably of pyramidal shape, and' of a size to fit-snuglyon the projections 42'. Each ofthesidesl of the playing pieces 20' is provided on its exterior with a letter of -thealphabet, as indicated at 32' so-.that in-playingthe game one letter of each playing piece will-be positioned for convenient observation by each-of'the players and; will be properly oriented or upright` relative to him. Inotherl respects the playing board` -105 is substantiallythe same as the board 10 of' thepreviously` described form of the invention.

By suitably hinging the sections of Ithe boards 10' Itogether the sectionsmay be'folded in a manner similar `to that previously described with the playing pieces 20' in position on lthe projections 42; whereby the apparatus may befolded into a compact unit for carrying about, with the playing piecescontainedtherein.

1Itwill thusbeseen that the invention, as described above, provides game apparatus for the playing of spellinggamesor 'the like, which isof simple design, and in whichthe boardand'game pieces are constructed to provideimproved' visibility and cooperate in a manner to assure. proper- Orientation of the' parts at alltimes.

The invention has: beendisclosed herein in connection with; certain; specific embodiments of' the same, but it will be understood that this is intended by way of 'illustrationonly,` and thabnumerous-changes-can be made in the. particular design and arrangement of the game board' andtplaying-pieces, withoutI depantingV fromy the spirit of the. invention orthe` scope' of the appvended` claims.

Having thus clearly shown and described the invention, what' is claimed' as new and desired to secure by Letters Patent is:

1. Game apparatus comprising a game board having a playing surface and formed with a plurality of spaced apart playing areas, each having a bottom portion of polygonal shape disposed in parallel spaced relation to said surface and sloping side walls extending between said portionand. said! surface, hollow, open-topped, game pieces each having side walls shaped to fit the sides of said areas, said sides having identical letters of the alphabet thereon in position to be seen in any position of the piecesv onsaid areas.

2. Game apparatus comprising a game board having a playing surface and' formed' with a plurality of spaced apart depressions forming playing areas each having a bottom portion disposed in parallel spaced relation to said surface and sloping sides. extending between. said portion and said' surface, hollow, open-topped game4 pieces having side walls shaped to conform to the sides of' said' areas, said'game pieces being engageable with the board in said depressions to hold' said Walls in parallel relation. to said Sides each of said Sides having a letter of the alphabet on the'interior thereof in position to be visible throughlthe top of the piece.

3; Game' apparatus comprising a game board having a playing surface and formed. with a plurality of spaced apart areas of polygonal'shape and. an upwardly extending'projection' in each' of said areas conforming to the shape of` the area and having upwardly converging sides, hollow gameV pieces havingside walls shaped to conform to the sides' of saidareas and'which slope upwardly and inwardly from lthe lower end of the' game piece, said game pieces. being engageable With said projectiony Ito hold'zsa'id'walls i`n parallel' relation to said Sides, each of'said' side walls having a letter of the alphabet on -the exterior thereof.

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