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Publication numberUS2758710 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 14, 1956
Filing dateApr 2, 1953
Priority dateApr 2, 1953
Publication numberUS 2758710 A, US 2758710A, US-A-2758710, US2758710 A, US2758710A
InventorsArens Egmont
Original AssigneeWhitehall Pharmacal Company
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Strip dispenser
US 2758710 A
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Aug. 14, 1956 I E, A RENS 2,758,710

STRIP DISPENSER Filed April 2, 1953 2 Sheets-Sheet l INVENTOR. EGMONT AREA/.5

A TTORNEY Aug. 14, 1956 E, ARENs I 2,758,710

STRIP DISPENSER Filed April 2, 1955- 2 Sheets-Sheet 2- IN VEN TOR. 19- EGMONT ARENS' United States STRIP DISPENSER Application April 2, 1953, Serial No. 346,487

1 Claim. Cl. 20656) This invention relates to a dispensing device for dispensing small individually-packaged articles which are adapted to be torn off and thus severed from a continuous strip or roll of such packages.

More particularly, it relates to a dispensing apparatus for dispensing individually-packaged tablets, capsules or pills which, for purposes of sanitation and preservation, are encased in a wrapping material which is formed in a long continuous strip, each such strip being provided with partially perforated or scored portions to assist in tearing off the individually-packaged tablets, capsules or pills.

My new and improved continuous strip dispenser may be constructed of cardboard or other light paper-like material, and it provides for the eifective dispensing of such articles as analgesic tablets, medicinal capsules, or vitamin pills from the interior thereof, wherein the long continuous strip of individually-packaged tablets, capsules or pills is housed as a roll, or in the form of multiple folds.

In the dispensing of articles, such as analgesic tablets,

capsules or pills, it is customary to wrap the tablets, pills or capsules in a continuous strip of pliable wrapping material, preferably in a transparent or translucent map ping material such as cellophane. The material is sealed around the individual pills, tablets or capsules, thereby providing a plurality of small envelopes containing one, two, or more of the medicament units. The continuous strip or web of individually-packaged elements thus resulting is partially perforated or scored at fixed intervals, thereby permitting the severance of each individuallypackaged medicament unit from the remainder of the web simply by tearing it ofl? from the continuous strip.

In dispensing individually-packaged tablets, capsulesor pills from such a continuous strip of wrapping material, scored or perforated to permit tearing oif the individually-packaged units, it is usual to place the continuous strip in a dispensing container so that it is stored in a completely sanitary condition until it is desired to sever one of the packaged units. Previously these dispensing containers have been relatively heavy and expensive devices made out of metal. It is a primary object of my invention to provide a dispensing container which is formed of ordinary paperboard or cardboard, with all the advantages of such a light and inexpensive material as compared with more expensive and cumbersome containers. As is well known in the cardboard container industry, such dispensing containers may be shipped flat, and then assembled by folding into the proper shape at the point of use.

Dispensing devices of the type now available for dispensing individually-wrapped tablets, capsules or pills in the form of a continuous strip have sometimes included some resilient means for forcing the web of packaged elements against the top of the dispensing container in order to permit ready severance of each individuallypackaged unit by tearing along a perforated or scored line. While a resilient means of this type is highly deatent O ice sirable, and permits the person tearing off the individually-packaged medicament unit to press the web thereagainst during the tearing-off operation, some of the dispensing devices which are now available have utilized for this purpose a separate metallic resilient element. While they are efiective, such resilient elements made of metal are expensive, add unnecessary and undesirable weight to the dispenser, and introduce an additional complexity in what should be a relatively simple dispenser.

I have avoided the use of such separate metallic spring-like means as a part of the continuous strip dispensing device by providing a separate cardboard element which, when suitably folded, assembled, and placed within the cardboard container, provides an inexpensive and effective resilient means for holding the continuous strip of packaged medicament against the underside of the upper cover or flap of the container during the severing operation.

Accordingly, it is another object of my invention to provide a resilient dispensing lip element which is formed of cardboard or some other paper-like material, which dispensing lip element serves as a support for the web of packaged medicament as it emerges from the dispensing container, at the same time resiliently urging this web against the interior upper surface of the container to permit easy tearing off of each individual package of analgesic tablets, vitamin pills, capsules, or other medicament which is being dispensed.

Other objects and features of the invention will be apparent from the ensuing description of a preferred form of my improved continuous strip dispensing apparatus.

My invention may be best understood in connection with the annexed drawing, wherein:

Fig. l is a perspective view of the completely assembled dispenser, a portion of the side thereof being removed for clearness in illustration. This view shows the continuous strip of individually-wrapped tablets, pills, or capsules positioned within the dispenser in the form of a roll;

Fig. 2 shows the upper portion of the dispenser of Fig. l, with the upper flaps folded back to show the U- shaped element whose terminal outer edge portion provides the resilient dispensing lip over which the continuous strip passes during the dispensing operationj Fig. 3 is a partial view wherein one individually- Wrapped package or envelope containing the medicament has emerged from the dispenser, preparatory to its being torn off from the rest of the continuous strip or web along the perforated or scored tear line;

Fig. 4 is a partial view similar to Fig. 3 showing the operation of tearing off one individually-packaged en velope of medicament from the rest of the continuous strip;

Fig. 5 is a partial view similar to Fig. 4, illustrating the operation of moving forward an additional individually-packaged dosage unit, which will subsequently be severed from the remainder of the continuous strip as shown in Fig. 4;

Fig. 6 is a cross-sectional view, certain elements being shown in elevation, taken along the line 66 of Fig. 3. In this view, however, the continuous strip of pills, tablets, or capsules wrapped in transparent wrapping material such as cellophane is shown positioned within the dispenser in the form of multiple folds;

Fig. 7 is a perspective view of the flat cardboard blank which is cut and folded to provide the inner container insert element which goes inside of the dispensing carton and provides the U-shaped element whose terminal outer edge portion provides the resilient dispensing lip;

Fig. 8 is a view illustrating the assembly of the card- 3 board. box which provides. the: container. element. of. the dispensing unit shown in Figs,, 1 and 2;

Fig. 9 is a view showing the completely folded and assembled: cardboard blank of; Big. 7; folded: to. pro: vide.the inner. container. or. inserti element supplyingthe resilient dispensing lip, which; elementis adapted; tobe inserted within the. dispensing. carton of Fig. 8;.

Fig. 10 isapartialcross sectional:view ofitheassembled dispenser, certainelements being shown.inelevation; this view. .being-..taken along the line-'10.-1tk of Fig. 6-.

Referring.morespecificallytcxFigs; l and 2, the pills or capsulesv 10! are spaced betweentwo. layers of transparentmaterial, which may becel lophane, waxed paper, or. other.- similar. cellulosicmaterial; wherein they are sealed in small pockets,- thereby providing thecontinuous; strip 12 frornwhich-the tablets onpil-ls are dispensed; As shown, a--unit-dose-.1t}of the medicament, such as two tablets of-amana-lgesic, may be brought together and individually packaged, the partially perforated orscored tearli-nes 1 3 X betweenthe individual 1 packages permitting the severing of each individually-packaged dosage unit from the remainder of the continuous web.

Thecontainer of the dispensing cartonfrom which the pills, tablets or capsules are dispensed may-be formedof a cardboardblank 15 of--usual type, this cardboard blank including side panels 16, 17 18-and-19;-top panel 21; and bottom panel 22. Theblank isreadily assembledin carton orbox-like form haying elongated sides and narrow front and-rear walls by means ofthe; glued flap 24; andfold-overflaps 26, 2'7; 28; 29'; 30-and 31. As shown in Fig. 4, for example, an opening-33 -is provided in the top panel'-21-'adjacent-the frontwall of the-containerfor. a persons thumb, so that the-continuous strip QfJ-packagedmedicament may be pressed against the resilient dispensing lip 59 to permit tearing often in. dividually-packaged dose, which operation isillustrated in Figs. 3 to 5.

As shown bestin-Figs; 1 and 6; the continuousstrip or-web= 12 containingdhe tablets-or-pills 10--rnay-either be.loosely.placedt within the dispensing carton 15 with theend ofutheweb-projecting from one end thereofi to-permitfor ready .dispensing..(.the dispensing beingshoWmsche matically in Figs. 2 to 5 inclusive), or it may be folded back; innaccordion-like fashion? to---.provide -a-plurality of fiat folds.-.which. rest.ontthesbottorn ofi thedispensing cartorn. asL shownhins Fig. 6.. Regardless of f the particular. scheme-of housing. the continuousstripwhichr is selected;

the dispensingtcapton servesto retain.-the.:cor1tinuous. strip.

on ,web. of individually-packagedelements Minna ,sanitary cQ Sli i miWi hin1 the carton,- and to permit easy-dispensing heres n ari .r fi ach:=individually-pack ged:unit. hecartonawhich herebyp vi asain -s uez d et dispensing of arin ed sfln a -shQwntint g -fl t0. 5:

anl .;3. sho mfiss 7 seneral yr t ngu fi aRQra l ds iJ Q rr n edq s fi ug yswit in-m s sdnst art iY h nti d nde ssemhl d t pro-- vide an inner container having open front and rear ends;.;-

heiblenktfii r v ed's h' t e oldr es 40 37; of, ,the, blanlg, the fold. line 38,,providing, when folded. oyer a fia'p. portion .43. containing v,glue or some other adhesive. to transyerse endfifi ,of theblankthat. it, provides a width for the. insert which just fits; within. the dispensingcarton 15, this also being true of the.,positionin g of fold.

lines and 40;with referenceto each other vand. to other;

port qns f e. a dbo rd blan 3 Along the longitudinaledg .47 .of the blank 35, equally positioned pn either. side,- of the fold lines 39. and -40, notches and 49 are cut, These notehesmay be roughly square in shape, A ng, he Q1 J ..3 n begin: insat a m n hi h i nnr ima e v neirdp e y p lq i ,thes ,..fold l es f om. he n iwd na e ee 1 h ank het ld.l ness res t p y severed portions 51 and 52.- As shown in Fig. 7, these nningparallel to. the transverseedges.- 3 6 -and.

Thefold line 41 is so spal ced withrreferencev severed. portions. terminate. in. a. generally. rectangular severed portion 54, which is positioned a short distance from the upper longitudinally extending edge 55 of the blank 35. The remainder of the way along each fold line, from the rectangular cut-out portion 54 to the edge 55 of the blank, the foldlines- 39 and 40 continue unsevered. However, as shown, the severed portions 51 and 52 extend a short; way. into therectangular severed portion,54, theseextensionsbeing numbered 65 and 66 respectively.

As shown in Fig. 9, the blank of Fig. 7 is adaptedv to be folded and assembled to provide the inner container 58, which fits within thedispensing oarton- 15,-- this insert providing the U-shaped or folded-over strip 62, one terminal edge portion of which provides the resilient dispensing lip 59 which is adjacent the dispensing end of the carton 15, and which lip serves to press the continuous strip orweb of packagesupagainstthe upper flap 21 0f the carton as thewebwpasses over-it; thereby permitting application of ftheth umb to-.the-upper surface of the web through aperture 33 tOpermibeasyJtearing off 'of an individuallyrpackageddosage unit against dispensing edge 34, as=illustratedschematically in Figs; 3'to 5.

In-toldingover the blank 35 to-provide the inner container SS', theblank is first folded alon-g fold lines 38, 39; Wand-41', and the flap 43 containing adhesiveis joined to the rest of:th'e-blank along the transverse edge portion-36gas -will be-apparentfrom an inspection of the lower part of Fig. 9. The severed portions 51 and 52. along the edges ofi thetop wall 62of the inner container 58g=- togetherwith the'rectangular 'cut-ont portion-54, are thenrpushed out' and folded dGWHWB-IdIYitG provide a'flap cut from-an intermediate portion-of the top wall, which flapextends downwardlyandforwardly in a smooth curve which :is' generally U-shaped in outline, and is in spaced, substantially parallel relation -to-the-front portion of the top wall of inner container 58. This brings the-rectangular cut-out portion-54 -over underneath-the external portion of the dispensing lip- 59' adjacent the longitudinal edger47- 'of=theblank 35, as folded to provide edges'6-3 and 64 of the finished-inner container 58; This" rectangular portion is then foldedover against-theedges '63 and 64; thesevered portions 6Siand66 extending within the rectangle 54"perrnitting' bending over of the laterallyextending end flaps 67'and' 68;..wh1ereby the resilient strip 62fproviding-the dispensing lip'59is' firmly held in place adjacent to therest of the inner container 58: This inner container 58-is then positioned'within the folded dispensing carton 15-," as shownfor example in. Figs. 2; 6 and 10; and the continnousstripor web of packaged medicament is drawn out across the di'spensing lip 59 before the flap 21Tcontaining the'aperture 33'is.folded over to provide'the top of' the dispenser. As shown in Fig: 6, the end flap soar the dispensing carton 15'is preferably folded down beneaththe upper portion of-the looped U-shaped strip 62,. beingprovided 'withjan additional fold line" 7 0 (Fig. 8) so. that thisjrnay bereadily accomplishedi When it. is' desired to.dispens e an individually-packaged pill;,capsule-or tablet, or agroupofpill's, tablets or capsules, theweb 121ispulled out; so that the fold line 13 is adjajcent the dispensingedge- 34 of the dispensing carton 15,'"as. shown inFig. 3. The person who desires to tear off the packagednnitgthenpresses his thumb through the aperture 33," holding the continuous strip firmly against the resilient dispensing lip 59, thereby permitting him to tearolf'a single individually-packaged unit against thedispensingedge 34 of the carton 15; He then pushes" the continuous strip fonward, as shown in- Fig. 5," until the next.indiyidually-packagedelement has been moved to.the position shown inFig S, ready for-subsequent teari g. .ofi; n ispens ng.

S nc v rious. changes. .andrnodifications. may be made y. yfintiQnnas, di.sjc10 sed.j herein. without departing fr'pm the scope, thereof; it .is. ,my, intention. :that such. changes and modifications as may be within the scope of the appended claim will be regarded as part of my invention.

I claim:

A dispensing device adapted to hold and dispense a plurality of individually-wrapped elements which are carried by a continuous strip of pliable material, said dispensing device comprising, in combination: an open-top outer container having elongated sides and narrow front and rear walls adapted to hold said continuous strip of pliable material, said open-top outer container being provided with a closure flap adapted to close the upper end thereof, said closure flap being formed with an opening therein adjacent said front wall, the upper edge of said front wall constituting a dispensing edge for said strip; an inner open-ended container having side, and top and bottom panels snugly positioned within said outer container and adapted to retain therewithin the undispensed portion of said strip, said inner container being open at its front and rear ends, and being provided with a further opening extending the full Width of the top panel through which said strip passes as it leaves said inner container, said latter opening being formed by a flap cut from an intermediate portion of the top wall and extending in a smooth curve downwardly and forwardly in spaced, substantially parallel relation to the front portion of said top wall, the terminal end portion of said latter flap extending outwardly of said inner container and in face contact with said front wall, said terminal end portion having laterally-extending flaps folded back into frictional engagement between the side panels of said inner container and the sides of said outer container, said opening in said closure flap of said outer container overlying the front end portion of said top panel so as to permit the application of pressure to said strip when it is in contact with the front end portion of said top panel, thereby assisting in the dispensing of said strip and said elements carried thereby.

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