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Publication numberUS2761481 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 4, 1956
Filing dateJul 13, 1954
Priority dateJul 13, 1954
Publication numberUS 2761481 A, US 2761481A, US-A-2761481, US2761481 A, US2761481A
InventorsBoatwright Doris R
Original AssigneeBoatwright Doris R
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Sickroom bag
US 2761481 A
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Sept 4, 1956 D. R. BOATWRIGHT 2,761,481

SICKROOM BAG Filed July l5, 1954 I ylnlllllflllllli INVENTOR. DOR/J' l?. BOA TWRIGHT z' g: 2 BY ATTORNEYS SICKROOM BAG Doris R. Boatwright, Troy, N. C.

Application July '13, 1954, Serial No. 442,967

1 Claim. (Cl. 150-1) r[his invention relates in general to bag structures and more particularly to a structure of this sort arranged uniquely for use in a sickroom to contain a variety of articles for handy access by a person confined to bed.

The sickroom bag of the present invention is adapted for attachment in hanging relation on a bedrail in a manner such as to maintain the bag structure thereof disposed openly for ready access. Also, auxiliary pockets are formed according to the present invention both interiorly and exteriorly of the bag structure for selective use without disturbing the openly hanging disposition.

These and other features of the present invention are described in further detail below in connection with the accompanying drawings, in which:

Fig. 1 is a perspective view of a sickroom bag embodying the present invention, as it appears in use;

Fig. 2 is a front face view of the sickroom bag shown in Fig. 1 with the front bag panel partially broken away to illustrate the relative arrangement of the interior and exterior auxiliary pockets incorporated in the bag structure; and

Fig. 3 is a sectional detail taken substantially on the line 3 3 in Fig. 2.

As shown in the drawings, the illustrated sickroom bag embodying the present invention is indicated generally by the reference numeral 10. The sickroom bag 10 is suitably formed of a relatively heavy and serviceable fabric material such as a cotton duck, and comprises front and back panels 12 and 14 that are secured together continuously along the bottom and side edges thereof to form the bag structure.

At the top edges of both the front and back panels 12 and 14, and adjacent each end thereof, pairs of hanger straps 16 are secured for tying over a bedrail B as seen in Fig. 1. These hanger straps 16 are secured at relatively deep hems 18 and 20 arranged along the top edges of the front and back panels 12 and 14, with the lower ends of the hanger straps 16 turned under the respective bottom edges of the hems 1S and 20 and secured thereat between the hem 18 or 20 and the related bag panel 12 or 14. The hanger straps 16 are further secured in spaced relation adjacent the top edges of the hems 18 and 20 so as t0 attach them for maintaining the bag panels 12 and 14 in proper shape when hanging therefrom.

nite altares Patent Patentedl Sept. 4, 1956 ICC Additional pocket panels 20 and 22 are mounted respectively across the exterior face of the front panel 12 at the bottom portion thereof and across the interior face of the back panel 14 at the top portion thereof to provide the auxiliary pockets for selective use as previously mentioned above.

In use, attachment of the sickroom bag 10 of the present invention on a bedrail by tying the hanger straps 16 thereover results in hanging the front and back bag panels 12 and 14 so that the Width of the bedrail B is utilized to space the panels 12 and 14 apart and thereby maintain the bag structure formed therebetween openly for ready access. In addition, the arrangement of the pocket panels 22 exteriorly at the lower portion of the front panel 12 tends to maintain this open disposition when articles are placed within the auxiliary pockets fromed thereby; while the arrangement of the pocket panels 24 at the top portion of the interior face of back panel 14 provides interior auxiliary pockets for selective use without obstructing access to the main bag structure formed by the front and back panels 12 and 14. Also, it should be noted that these interior auxiliary pockets are maintained in accessible position because of the adjacent support by the hanger straps 16 at the top edge of the back panel 14.

The present invention has been described in detail above for purpose of illustration only and is not intended to be limited by this description or otherwise except as defined in the appended claim.

I claim:

A sickroom bag adapted for attachment in hanging relation on a bedrail, said bag being completely formed of fabric and having front and back panels of the same dimensions secured together continuously along the bottom and side edges thereof in the form of a bag structure, a first pair of pocket panels mounted across the entire length of the exterior face of said front panel at the bottom edge thereof and extending substantially half the height thereof, a second pair of pocket panels mounted across the entire length of the interior face of said back panel at the top portion thereof and extending substantially half the height thereof, a pair of hanger straps at the top edge of said front panel and a corresponding pair at the top edge of said back panel for tying over said bedrail to maintain said front and back panels hung openly in spaced relation for access readily to the bag structure formed therebetween.

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U.S. Classification383/22, 383/40
International ClassificationA61G7/05
Cooperative ClassificationA61G7/0503
European ClassificationA61G7/05H