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Publication numberUS2761568 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 4, 1956
Filing dateNov 2, 1954
Priority dateNov 2, 1954
Publication numberUS 2761568 A, US 2761568A, US-A-2761568, US2761568 A, US2761568A
InventorsTemple Harold F
Original AssigneeLorillard Co P
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Display rack
US 2761568 A
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H. F. TEMPLE Sept. 4, 1956 DISPLAY RACK 2 Sheets-Sheet' 1 Filed Nov. 2, 1954 INVENTOR HAROLD E TEMPLE NN Q sept. 4, 1956 Filed Nov. 2, 1954 H. F. TEMPLE DISPLAY RACK 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 INVENTOR. HAROLD F. TEMPLE i ATTORNEYS.

United States Patent O DISPLAY RACK Harold F. Temple, Garden City, N. Y., assignor to P. Lorillard Company, New York, N. Y., a corporation of New Jersey Application November 2, 1954, `Serial No. 466,418

3 Claims. (Cl. 211-49) This invention relates to display racks and more particularly to racks for holding columns of articles, such as cigarette cartons, in a manner displaying the cartons to their best advantage but at the same time facilitating removal one at a time.

Because cigarettes are marketed by a relatively large number of manufacturers under a still larger number of brand names, it becomes necessary for the purvcyor of this product to maintain a large inventory. This poses a display and storage problem which, in the case of self service markets in particular, has been best resolved by means of display racks arranged to carry all of the popular brands, with provisions being made for utilizing the space available in the rack more or less in proportion to the sales volume experienced by a particular purveyor. Self service racks should be so constituted that derangement of the product by the consumer in extracting one carton is prevented. The racks should also present a pleasing appearance in themselves :and should enable the product to be displayed in a pleasing manner. On the other hand, the rack should be simple to assemble and stable in its assembled position.

To these ends, in accordance with the present invention there is provided Ia rack assembly capable of being dismantled for purposes of shipment and storage but at the same time so designed that it can be easily assembled by the user. A rack can be formed'of a pair of sides dened by continuous metal strips bent to form front, top and back edges `as Well `as legs, with panels being received in the open spaces and with provisions being made front and back to receive Wire separator and back portions which stabilize the assembly and furnish supports for shelves on which the cartons may be stacked.

The invention and other features and advantages thereof can be better appreciated from the following disclosure of representative forms of the invention taken in conjunction with the accompanying drawings in which:

Figure l is a perspective View of an assembled, unloaded rack;

Figure 2 is a perspective view of a back and top Wire assembly which is part of the rack of Figure 1; and

Figure 3 is a perspective view of a larger and modilied rack assembly formed in accordance with the present invention..

Referring to Figure 1, a rack is illustrated which is comprised of side portions and 11 joined lat the back by a combination back .and top .assembly 12, as best seen in Figure 2, and a front or spreader section 13. The top Iand right hand sides 10 and 11 which are iden tical, and corresponding parts of which are identified by like reference characters, can be formed of :a single piece of strip material bent to form a vertical front riser 14, a rearwardly and downwardly inclined top surface 15, a vertical back 16 and a pair of offset leg portions 17 and 18. The entire open area above the legs 17 and 18 can be covered by a iiat panel 19 which can carry advertising literature or other decorative eiects, the panel 19 being secured to the perimeter of the side portions by rice means such as welding, bolting or the like. The leg portions 17 and 18 can be formed in their lower surfaces with openings 20 and 21 in which casters 22 and 23 may be mounted in the event it is desired to provide convenient means for moving the rack assembly from place to place.

Joining the front and back vertical members 14 and 16 of each of the side portions 10 and 11 are horizontal strap members 24, 25 and 26 which can be welded or bolted to the side members and which lare formed with inwardly offset portions 24a, 25a and 26a to receive shelf portions presently to be described. The strap members 24, 25 and 26 can also have the side panels 19 secured thereto. Bolted `or welded to the inside surface of the panels 19 adjacent the back members 16 is a series of mounting lugs 27 formed with a vertical :axis eye 27a to receive the back and top assembly 12.

The back and top assembly 12, 'as best seen in Figure 2, can comprise a rectangular frame portion 28 carrying a series of horizontal wire members 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34 and 35, the free ends of which are down-turned, as indicated at 32a for example, to fit within the eyes 0f the mounting lugs 27. Hinged to the top member 35 of the frame 28 is `a shelf frame 36 which can take the form of a substantially U-shaped wire, the free ends of the legs of which are looped about the top member 35 in a hinge connection. The frame 36 can be crisscrossed by wires 36a to define a shelf surface. Also hingedly attached to the back frame 28 is a supplementary frame part 37 which can take the form of a substantially U-shaped wire member 38, the free ends of the legs of which are looped about the horizontal member 33 in a hinge connection. An intermediate transverse member 39 bridges the leg portions of the frame part 37 and carries a pair of fasteners 40a and 41a which are adapted to engage the top member 35 when the frame part 37 is swung into its VVertical position.

Hingedly attached to each of the legs of the U-shaped Wire member are side members 42 and 43 which are adapted to be swung into the plane of the sides 1i) and 11 when the rack is assembled, with the portions 42 and 43 lying inside the corresponding left and righthand frame parts 15.

With the back assembly 12 `and the side portions 10 and 11 in place, shelf assemblies 44 and 45 are seated in the offset portions 24a and 25a of the horizontal straps'24 and 25. To this end, the shelf portions 44 and 45, which are identical and like parts of which :are identified by like reference numbers, may be comprised of a series of parallel horizontal wire members 46, 47 and 48, the free ends of which are turned downwardly to loop over the straps 24a and 25a. The top shelf 36 can be similarly received in the offset portions 26a of the horizontal portions 26. Welded to the members 46, 47 and 48 are U-shaped members 49 defining sub-shelves to receive cartons of cigarettes, the free ends of the legs of which are formed in upwardly opening hooks 50 adapted to loop under the adjacent horizontal Wire members of the back and top assembly 12. Each sub-shelf 49 can be supplemented by a central wire member 51 bisecting the U-shaped Wire member and likewise welded to the horizontal or wire members 46, 47 and 48.

The assemblyof the rack `is completed by .means of the spreader or front assembly 13, which can be cornprised of a series of vertical wires 52, 53, 54, 55 and 56 spaced apart by the Width of a carton of cigarettes and bridged top and bottom by horizontal wire members 57a and 57b, respectively. The two pairs of vertical wires at either side of the spreader 13 are bridged by short transverse wires 58, 59, 60 and 61 at points intermediate between the shelves 44-45 and 45--36. Single U-shaped shelves 62, 63, 64 and 65, which can be hinged to the horizontal members 31'and33 of the back and top assemlbly 12, rest on the short wires 58, 59, 60'and 61 respective y.

Each of the U-shaped shelf portions 62, 63, 64 and 65 can support a short column of cigarette cartons to be sold, as can each of the individual U-shaped shelf portions 49 of the large shelf assemblies 44 and 45. The columns of cartons are separated laterally by means of the front separator assembly 13. If desired, suitable nameplates 66 can be provided at the front end of each of the individual U-shaped shelf portions to identify the brand of cigarettes supported thereby. Also, a large nameplate 67 can be attached to the upper surface of the rack to identify the displayed product generically. If desired, the area bounded by the hinged wing portions 42 and 43 as well as the back member 38 may be covered by suitablel decorative panels two of which, identiiied by the numerals 68 and 69, are illustrated.

Referring to Figure 3, a modified rack assembly is shown. This rack is bounded by identical side portions 71 and 72, each of which may be formed of a peripheral metallic strip bent to form a vertical front limb 73, a horizontal top limb 74, a vertical back limb 75, and a bottom limb 76 formed with two downwardly offset portions 77 and 78 defining legs for the rack. If desired, the leg portions 77 and 78 can be apertured to receive casters 79 to render the rack more mobile. The area defined by the peripheral strip can be covered by a side panel 80 which can be attached, as by welding for eX- ample, to a series of horizontal strap members 81, 82, S3, 34 and 85 respectively, the respective ends of which are offset inwardly, as indicated at 31a and 81h, to detine connectors for receiving shelf assemblies presently to be described. The ends of the respective horizontal members 81-85 are joined as by welding to the vertical front and back limbs 73 and 75 respectively.

Welded or otherwise attached to the inside surface of the panel 80 along the back vertical edge thereof is a series of mounting lugs 86, 87, S8 and S9, each of which is formed with an eye for receiving a back portion presently to be described. lf desired the top portion of the sides 71 and 72 above the side panels S0 can be left open, with vertical wire or bar members 90 fitted therein.

The back portion can comprise a series of horizontal wire members 91, 92, 93, 94 and 95, the free ends of which are turned downwardly to form hooks 91a through 95a adapted to be received in the corresponding eyes of the lugs 86, S7, 88 and 89. The back portion is completed by means of a series of vertical members 96, 97 and 98 which can be joined as by welding to the horizontal members 91 through 95 and by a pair of diagonal bracing members 99 and 100, also welded to the vertical as well as to the horizontal members of the back. The upper end of the back portion, particularly that disposed above the top shelf can be kformed with a larger number of vertical wires 101 in order to render the top portion of vthe overall assembly more versatile with respect to its ability to accommodate the products to be displayed.

Supported by the horizontal strap members 81, 82, 83, 84 and 85 respectively is a series of horizointal shelf assemblies 102, 103, 104, 105 and 106. The shelves, which can be identical, are comprised of horizontal or transverse wire members 107 and 108 (see shelf assembly 103 in particular), the free ends of which are formed with downwardly extending tip portions '7a and 108a adapted to be received respectively. in the inwardly offset strip portions 82a and 82b. The shelf assembly is completed by 4 means of a series of bridging links in the form of wires 109,'each of which can be formed with an upwardly offset center portion coplanar with the supporting wire members 107 and 108.

If preferred, the leading edge of each of the shelves 102 through 106 may carry nameplates 110, 111, 112, 113 and 114 to indicate the brand of the carton of cigarettes stacked thereabove. A large nameplate 115 identifying the general purpose of the display can be carried between the shelves and 106 by attaching to the front limbs 73 of the side portions 71 and 72.

It will be understood, therefore, that a highly eicient and greatly simplified rack assembly is provided which can be conveniently knocked down in order to be stored or shipped in a attened condition but which can at the same time be easily set up and stocked with a supply of cartons of cigarettes in an attractive and efficient fashion.

The invention should not be regarded as limited except as defined by the following claims.

I claim:

1. A display rack comprising a pair of sides, a series of shelves supported by the sides, a back portion joining the sides and including a plurality of vertically spaced horizontal members, a top shelf portion hingedly attached to the uppermost horizontal member, and a supplemental frame portion hinged to an intermediate horizontal member for swinging movement into the plane of the back portion and extending above the level of said top shelf portion, and wing portions hingedly attached to said supplemental frame portion to overlie the top shelf.

2. A display rack according to claim 1, said sides extending above the plane of the top shelf portion, said wing portions being disposed within the upwardly extending portions of the sides. v

3. A display rackv comprising a pair of sides, each comprising a continuous metal strip forming front, top, back and bottom portions, a series of transverse strip members vertically spaced apart and attached to the front and back portions of each side, panels secured to the transverse strip members of the respective sides, shelves supported by the transverse strip members, a front formed of spaced vertical and horizontal wires and carried by the sides near the front edges thereof, a series of vertically spaced hooks attached to the panels near the back edges thereof, a back formed of a plurality of vertical and horizontal wires, hooks at the ends of the horizontal wires to be received in the hooks of the side panels, a top shelf hinged to the uppermost horizontal wire of the back, said sides extending upward above the plane of the top shelf, and a supplementary wire frame hinged to the back portion below the top shelf including a substantially U-shaped wire member, clip means for holding the U-shaped wire member in a vertical plane, and wire wing portions hinged to the upright members of the U-shaped portion to be disposed inside the uppermost portions of the sides, said wing portions extending upwardly above said uppermost portions of the sides.

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