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Publication numberUS2761984 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 4, 1956
Filing dateJan 19, 1953
Priority dateJan 21, 1952
Publication numberUS 2761984 A, US 2761984A, US-A-2761984, US2761984 A, US2761984A
InventorsAugust Schanz, Ludwig Adam, Rudolf Haeckel
Original AssigneeKleinschanzlin Pumpen Ag
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Core and shell for electromotors
US 2761984 A
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Sept. 4, 1956 M T 2,761,984


W W MM grooves provided in the circumferential surface of the According to Fig. 2 a similar heat-abducting system is (CURE AND SHELL FOR ELECTRQMOTQRS formed by a number of separate corrugated strips ll, 12, Ludwig Adam and Rudolf Haecltel, Ho n S 5 H 4 wry, and August g m p 7 insernoodrment 0:. mg. 3 shows an outer sleeve formed assignors to Kleiusehanzlin-Pumpen Alrtrengesellsehalt, Wlih T1108 Homhurg, Saar Territory in all cases the sheet metal pack forming the body of Application January 1953, Semi: N0. 331,962 the stator is placed on a mandrel (not shown) and sub- Claims priority, application Germany Eanuary 21, 952

3 Claims. (Cl. 310-64) react two diametrically opposite longitudinal grooves 2;. have been formed, a seamless or end-welded sheet metal cylinder 3 is placed, the circumferential pressure acting on the outer surface of the cylinder forces it into close This invention relates to electromotors and more es- Contact With the P Of laminae and also lellgi pecially to the stator shells which surround the laniiinated tudinal grooves formed in them.

cores or metal plate packs of certain electromotors. We wish it to be understood that we do not desire to it is an object of this invention to provide sheet metal imi to the details disclosed in the foregoing shells held in place on the metal plate paclts by mere l'ric- Specification and illustrated in the drawings for obvious tion, created when pressing these shells around the plates 20 modifications will occur to a person skilled in the art.

and into longitudinal grooves provided in the circumfer- We claim:

ential surface of the packs and into grooved cellars seated 1. Core and shell for electrornotors comprising in comon th fre e d of the plate pack bination, an axially grooved laminated sheet metal core In order to provide for an ff i t h at flew i presenting a cylindrical outer surface, We axially extendhigh-duty ele tromotor we fi o th hell proper ing grooves in said surface, a cylindrical sheet metal shell additional corrugated sheet metal sleeve which is held in 6108613 surrounding said core, parts of said shell swaged close heat-conductive contact with the shell and prointo the gro ves f said core to secure tightly said shell vides a large surface for the heat flow. We prefer to 516 Cora, and a plurality of Corrugated 811%? metal solder or weld the corrugated jacket to the shell. SiTiPS fiXed t0 the ut r urfa f the shell and cirin order to facilitate the pulling down of the shell onto irimlferentially spaced from each other y at least one tne stator plates, we prefer to use a corrugated sheet f i gI V metal sleeve which is discontinuous in the vicinity of the 2- C r a d h ll f r electromotors comprising in longitudinal grooves, combination, an axially grooved laminated sheet metal The leeve may al o i t f narrow h t t l core presenting a cylindrical outer surface, two axially exstrips containing only one or t corrugatigns tending grooves in said surface, a cylindrical sheet metal The form of the corrugations should be so chosen as Shell 3 Surrounding Said Core, Parts Of Said Shell to provide for a certain elasticity when drawing the shell Swaged into the grooves of Said Core to Secure lightly onto the plates, and the strips may also be formed ith said shell to the core, and two corrugated sheet metal longitudinal ribs formed of aplurality of stifiening beads Strips fiXed t0 the t r urfa f th Shell and cirith t ti inner surfacw 0 cumferentially spaced from each other by said two In the drawings afilxed to this specification and forming groovespart thereof several embodiments of our invention are Cofe and Shell for electl'omotors Comprising in illustrated diagrammatically by way of example. bination, an axially grooved laminated sheet metal core In the drawings: presenting a cylindrical outer surface, two axially ex- Fig 1 i a l i of an b di h i tending grooves in said surface, a cylindrical sheet metal rugated sheet metal sleeve in two parts fastened on the Shell 3 Surrounding Said Core, Parts Of Said ll outer urfacg of h h m swaged into the grooves of said core to secure tightly said Fi 2, d 3 are i il views f two more b djshell to the core, and a plurality of sheet metal strips ments. fixed to the outer surface of the shell and circumferen- Referring to the drawings and first to Figs. 1 and 2, tially Spaced from each Othfif y at least 1 f Said 1 is the stator proper consisting of superposed sheet metal gTOOVeS, Said Sheet Infital Strips being cofrugatfid to rm laminae. 2 is one of a pair of longitudinal grooves doublfi-Walled ribsformed in the free faces of the laminae. 3 is the cylindrical steel shell surrounding the pack of laminae, which References Clted m the file of thls Pater!t by pressure has been forced into these grooves as shown UNITED STATES PATENTS at 20.

The sheet metal shell 3, before being placed around gfi ggi a1 5 the pack 1, has an inner diameter slightly larger than 1693839 Faudi 1978 the outer diameter of the pack and can easily be placed 1775055 Tarbox Sept 5 around the pack, to be then forced by circumferential 1 5 Lanz I: Dec 1 1935 pressure into close contact with thapack and held in 2,096,297 Goldner at a]. Oct 19 1937 place on the pack by the part protruding into the groove 2,151,561 Merrill Mar 21 1939 2- The shell thus secures the laminae against distortion. 2,205,138 Gould Jan 1940 In the embodiment Shown in e 1 two Corrugated 2,215,991 Anderson et al. 1.11:: Sept. 24, 1940 heat abducting sheets are fixed on the outer surface or" the shell 3 by soldering or welding, leaving free only the FOREIGN PATENTS grooved parts of the shell. 2 is one of the longitudinal 334,238 Great Britain Sept. 1, 1930 -"ed to a preliminary pressure. On the pack, on which

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