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Publication numberUS2762409 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 11, 1956
Filing dateNov 13, 1953
Priority dateNov 13, 1953
Publication numberUS 2762409 A, US 2762409A, US-A-2762409, US2762409 A, US2762409A
InventorsBrasen George N
Original AssigneeBrasen George N
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Screw driver with screw holding jaws
US 2762409 A
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Sept. 11, 1956 G. N. BRASEN 2,762,409


BY gum W MM,

United States PatentO SCREW DRIVE'R WITH SCREW HOLDING JAWS George N. Brasen, Albany, Calif. Application November 13, 1953, Serial No. 391,824 2 Claims. (Cl. 145-52) This invention relates to a screw starter, and more specifically provides a device having a screwdriver shank and a screw gripping means wherein a screw may be easily inserted into some material, thereby avoiding the usual troublesome starting procedure.

An object of this invention is to provide a screw starter having means for securely gripping a screw and retaining a screwdriver bit in the slot of the screw wherein the screw may be easily started into its desired position.

Another object of this invention is to provide a screw starter having a pair of spring arms for gripping the screw and means for gripping the screw tighter when more pressure is applied to the screw.

A further important object of this invention is to pro vide spring means for holding a screw and to further provide spring means for retaining the screwdriver bit in the slot of the screw.

A still further object of this invention is to provide a screw starter which is simple in construction, easy and eflicient in operation, and inexpensive to manufacture.

These, together with other objects and advantages which will become subsequently apparent, reside in the details of construction and operation as more fully hereinafter described and claimed, reference being had to the accompanying drawings forming a part hereof, wherein like numerals refer to like parts throughout, and in which:

Figure l is a this invention;

Figure 2 is a longitudinal, vertical section taken substantially along section line 22 of Figure 1 showing details of the construction of the screw starter;

Figure 3 is a transverse, vertical section taken substantially along section line 33 of Figure 2;

perspective view of the screw starter of Figure 4 is a transverse, vertical section taken substantially along section line 44 of Figure 2; and

Figure 5 is a transverse, vertical section taken substantially along section line 5-5 of Figure 2 showing details of the spring fingers and screwdriver bit.

Referring now specifically to the drawings, it will be seen that numeral generally designates the screw starter of this invention including a suitable elongated handle 12 having a longitudinal polygonal socket or bore 14 therein and a closed end portion 16. A polygonal sleeve 18 is inserted in the bore 14 and rigidly secured to the handle 12 with the inner end of the sleeve 18- being longitudinally spaced from the closed end portion 16. A U-shaped holder or member, generally indicated by the numeral 20 including a pair of free resilient leg portions 22 and 2'4 connected by a bight portion 26, is slidably received in the interior of the polygonal sleeve 18. The free leg portions 22 and 24 are inwardly curved are provided with a semi-circular groove 30 which is complementary to the semi-circular groove 30 on the other free leg 24. It will be understood that the semi- 2,762,409 Pa -tented Sept. 11,1956

7 2 V circular grooves 30 form a circle for retaining a screw. A screwdriver shank 32 having apolygonal cross-section is slidably received in the sleeve 18 and between the free leg portions 22 and 24 of the U shap'ed member 20. The screwdriver shank 32 is provided with a screwdriver bit 34 at its outer end which is of a conventional nature. The inner end of the screwdriver shank 32 is provided with a circular reduced portion 36 forming a shoulder 38 in spaced relation to the inner end of the screwdriver shank 32. The bight portion 26 of the U-shaped member 20 is provided with a suitable aperture for slidably receiving the reduced portion'36 of the shank 32. A compression coil spring '40 is positioned around the reduced portion 36 and abuts the interior of the bight portion 26 and the shoulder 38 wherein the screwdriver shank 32 is retained and urged towards the exterior of the sleeve 18. The portion of the reduced member 36 which projects through the bight portion 26 is provided with a polygonal flange 42 held thereon by a suitable nut 44 and it will be seen that the flange 42 extends about the inner periphery of the longitudinal bore 14 and is slidable therein. The flange 42 is larger than the sleeve 18, thereby providing a limit for the outward movement of the screwdriver shank and U- shaped member with relation to the sleeve 18.

In use, the shank 32 is retracted against the tension of the coil spring 40 as may be necessary to facilitate the insertion of the headed end portion of a kerfed screw between the jaws 28. With the screw thus inserted, the bit 34 of the shank 32 is yieldingly' engaged in the kerf of said screw by the spring 40. Then, holding the screw and the holder 20 in one hand and gripping the handle 12 in the other hand, the sleeve 18 is moved forwardly on the resilient legs 22 and 24 of said holder for firmly clamping the jaws 28 on the screw. Continued forward movement of the handle 12 engages the closed end 16 thereof with the elements 36 and 44 for positively retaining the shank 32 in engagement with the screw. The screw may now be readily started in the work.

From the foregoing, the construction and operation of the device will be readily understood and further ex planation is believed to socket therein accommodating said sleeve, a polygonal shank slidable longitudinally in the holder and including screw.

2. A screw driver of the character described comprising: a substantially U-shaped holder including resilient legs connected by a bight portion, said legs having eoacting. lens, on hei ree eds or rewir ng vend rinnin a kerfed screw therebetween, a polygonal sleeve slidable longitudinally on said legs for closing said jaws on the s rew, an elonset si endle fi ed: l n udin l y-e11 he s eeve and p ot stin h yo i one end hereo z, s id. han l ng en y en soqk t' e end ng ongitud a ly e e n r m, ne nd he eo s ommodat h s eev and te ing beyo d said o e d 0t said lee e, a po ygon s a k moun ed.- o ong dinal l d ng m e: ment the holder and including; a, bit on'one end eneab in h c e Keri, s hank u e u ng a uc d ner nd: p r i 1. rzw sl ng a s ld r a i sp n o aid re ce nd p on ng g d. w th he bight port on of he hold a d w th he ul o y l i gly a ne he hank w he c d. shank x ndin dab y h oug id bight p r n- Of s holder, said holder slidably received in the socket to permit h l e t more al n h ho a d c se the jaws for positively retalning the shank in engagenentmwith, the. s rew when the sleeve in op rative position on the holder, and a stop on said reduced end portion operable in the socket and engageable with the inner end of the sleeve for limiting the movement of the shank under the influence of the coil spring and for holding the shank and therefore the holder in said sleeve.

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U.S. Classification81/453
International ClassificationB25B23/10, B25B23/02
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