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Publication numberUS276265 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 24, 1883
Filing dateNov 13, 1880
Publication numberUS 276265 A, US 276265A, US-A-276265, US276265 A, US276265A
InventorsJohann A. H. Meyee
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Rich meyer
US 276265 A
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(No Model.) K

J. A., H. MEYER.


No. 276,265. n @1 Patented Apr.24,1883.





SPECIFICATION forming' part of Letters Patent-N0. 276,265, dated April 24, 1883.

Application tiled November 13, 1880. (No model.) Patented in Germany June 1S, 1880, No. 12,712 in England October 526, 1880, No. I

4,364 in Luxemburg October 27, 180, No. 85, in Belgium October 30, 1880, No. 52,906; in Austria-Hungary December 14, 1880, No. 34,437 and No. 38,476, and in Italy December 31,1880, XXIX, 432.

To all whom it may concern Y Be it known thatI, J OHANN AUGUST HEIN- RICH MEYER, residing at Dresden in the Kingdom of Saxony, Germany, have invented certain new and usef'ul Improvements in Cutters for Paper, Cloth, Ste., ot' which the following is a specification.

The accompanying drawings form a part of this specification and illustrate the invention.

Figure 1 is a front view. Fig. 2 is a crosssectiou taken on line m, Fig. 1, and having the levers and link removed.

Two upright pillars or frames on a horizontal `base-plate are provided with two guides in an oblique position, in which the knife-beam l1, with the knife o, may be moved up and clown. Y t

The mechanism for moving thc beam h and knife o up and down consists ofa lever, t', which is pivotcd at the left-hand pillar at w. `Lever t' and beam hare connected by rod k. The free end of the lever e' is traversed by a pin or bolt, q, forming the pivot for leverf. -The boss ot' this lever is partly furnished atv its periphery with teeth taking into the teeth which' are formed at the upper end of the pillar or frame r. These teeth on pillar or frame r constitute a txed or standard wreath otl teeth otl an elliptical form. As the teeth on the boss of` the lever f are arranged eccentrically to the center of motion g, as shown in the drawings, it follows that it' this lever f is turned from the position shown (at the left side) into the opposite position (to the right side) the motion of part 1I 7c h will, in' consequence of the proportions ot' parts or of transmission, be a rapid one in the beginning, decreasing toward the end ot the motion ot' the lever f, whereby the cutting of the knife o througha layer oflcloth, paper, 6to., put underneath the press-beam e will be accomplished` with ease. "'lhe presser-beam e has attached to its lower edge, at either end, the arms d, which extend down through openings inthe table and are pivoted t0 the rod e. The lever d c, pivoted at one end to the bar c and fulcrumed at a proper Y pointin its length toa stud projecting beneath the table, is attached to the lower end of a screw-rod, c, with the top of which, above the table, a hand-wheel, b, engages. This handwheel is collared to the platform as shown. By turning the hand-wheel b in one direction or the other the end c of the lever d c vill be raised or depressed and the end cl eontrarily affected, so that the frame d d c andthe attached presser-beam e are accordingly raised or lowered and made to bear with any required degree of force upon any thickness of material. The knife o, after cutting the layer ot" cloth, paper, Sac., underneath the press-heath, enters into a strip of wood or other suitable material, which is placed in a slot or groove ot' theplate n, This plate is arranged to be moved horizontally, so that the strip ot' wood or other material may be moved with the plate n. rlhis movement ofthe plate is effected by the handcrank m of the screw m, which screw passes through a bracket, n', which projects underneath from the plate u, and which bracket is provided with internal thread corresponding to screw m. This shifting otl plate u with its appendix has for its object tootfer to theknite o as often as necessary a new part ofthe face .of the strip of wood, for thc purpose of cutting all parts of the layer eqn-ally smooth.

In order to determine thelength of samples to be cut, the apparatus is provided, as in ordinary paper-cutting machines, with an angle, j), which may be shifted according toa scale provided for this purpose.`

I claiml. In `a sample-cutter, the combination of a knife moved up and down in oblique ways of a presser-beam, E, mounted upon the moving frame d d e', the i'ulcrumedlever d c, screw a.,

and hand-wheel b, for operating said presserbeam, substantially as set forth.

2. In a snnplecntter, the fixed eccentric r, in combination with the movable eccentricgear ou the hand-lever fand with the lever i and link k, connected to the cutter li o, all arranged for joint operation, as herein specified.

ln testimony whereofl havehereunto set my hand in the pre-sence of two subscribing witlleSSS.




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