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Publication numberUS2763958 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 25, 1956
Filing dateMay 22, 1953
Priority dateMay 22, 1953
Publication numberUS 2763958 A, US 2763958A, US-A-2763958, US2763958 A, US2763958A
InventorsLemelson Jerome H
Original AssigneeLemelson Jerome H
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Inflated aerial toy
US 2763958 A
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Sept. 25, 1956 J. H. LEMELSON 2,763,958

INFLATE'D AERIAL TOY Filed May 22, 1953 IN VEN TOR. fi e/v55? lfMaso/x d States Patent ce 2,763,958

Patented Sept. 25, 1956 A weight 28 is secured to the front end of the balloon body by a length of pressure-sensitive tape, cement or the like to provide a balance to offset the weight of the fins.

2,763,958 By the application of the correct weight to the nose of the 5 balloon body and appropriate fins 25 to the tail of the INFLATED AERIAL TOY body the toy may be arranged to assume a stable flight path when projected into the air. It is not uncommon for Jerome H'LemelsonPerth Amboy the toy to glide distances of the order of fifty feet or Application May 22, 1953, Serial No. 356,864 more.

3 Claims (Cl. 46 89) A latitude of modification and substitution is intended in the foregoing disclosure, and in certain instances some features of the invention will be used without a corresponding use of other features. Accordingly it is appropriate that the appended claims be construed broadly The present invention relates to an inflatable toy, and and in a manner consistent with the spirit and scope of in particular to a flying balloon toy which is aerodynamithe invention. cally stable such that it may be projected into the air by Having thus described the invention what I claim is: the user to assume a glide path. This is a continuation- 1. A balloon toy comprising in combination an oblong in-part of my copending application Serial No. 314,899 inflated body of yieldable material, the ratio of length to filed October 15, 1952 and entitled Educational Toys. diameter of said body being greater than six to one, thin It is among the objects of the present invention to prosheet guiding fins extending outwardly from said body vide an improved constructional toy which is large and near one end thereof, and a weight secured to the other relatively inexpensive for its size. end of said body, said weight being suflicient to balance It is a further object of the present invention to prothe balloon properly so that it traverses a. gliding path vide afiying toy which is simple in structure, easy to packthrough the atmosphere, said guiding fins serving to staage, comparatively cheap and exceptionally safe in use. bilize said body in flight.

In accordance with an illustrative embodiment demon- 2. A toy for free flight comprising an elongated instrating features of the present invention a toy is provided flated body of yieldable material having a nose and tail, which is capable of free flight which includes an elongated flight stabilizing means operatively connected to said body inflated body of yieldable material and having a nose adjacent said tail and including fins extending radially and a tail. Flight stabilizing means are operatively conoutwardly of said body, and a Weight secured to the nose nected to the body adjacent the tail and include fins exof said body, said flight stabilizing means and said weight tending radially outwardly of the body. A weight is sebeing arranged to cause said body to assume a stable flight cured to the nose of the body. The flight-stabilizing path when said toy is projected into the air. means and the weights are arranged to cause the body 3. A toy for free flight comprising an elongated inflated to assume a stable flight path when the toy is projected body of yieldable material having a nose and tail, flight into the air. In use, the toy is thrust into the air and will stabilizing means operatively connected to said body adtraverse a flight path. If during such flight, the toy comes jacent said tail and including radially extending fins arinto contact with an object or a person, the yieldable charranged in a symmetrical pattern about said tail and proacteristics of the body cushion the object or person jecting outwardly beyond the outline of said body, and against possible injury. a weight secured to the nose of said body, said flight The above brief description, as well as further objects, stabilizing means and said weight being arranged to cause features and advantages of the present invention will be said body to assume a stable flight path when said toy is best appreciated by reference to the following detailed projected into the air. description which makes reference to the drawing wherein: 5

Fig. 1 shows in front elevation a constructional toy em- References Cited in the file of this patent bodying features of the presellit invention; and UNITED STATES PATENTS Fig. 2 is an end elevation ta en from the right of Fig. 1.

R f rring n w specifically to the drawing, there is ig zggg g 3 3;; Shown a lloon gliding action toy which includes an 63 69 g 1g 1927 l ng infla e body 10 having three or more guide Wings {710,918 Carlsen 1929 r fins 25 secured to the inflated balloon body 10 by the 1,718,508 White g 1929 use f pr s re-sensitive tape 27, cement, or a similar 69 Solecki Mar 1943 hesive. Each of the guide Wings or fins 25 has two or {436,684 Annis 1948 e a s 26 Which are secured to the inflated balloon 2621441 Worde; Dec- 16 1952 body 10 to the fins 25 of the body. Preferably th a 1 sembly fins 25 form a symmetrical pattern, when the inflated balloon body 10 is viewed from its ends.

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U.S. Classification446/225, 244/154
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Cooperative ClassificationA63H27/10, A63H2027/1066
European ClassificationA63H27/10