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Publication numberUS2764829 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 2, 1956
Filing dateMay 4, 1954
Priority dateMay 4, 1954
Publication numberUS 2764829 A, US 2764829A, US-A-2764829, US2764829 A, US2764829A
InventorsKingman Russell B
Original AssigneeKingman Russell B
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Detachable advertising card for collapsible tubes
US 2764829 A
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R. B. KINGMAN Det., 2


United States Patent 2,764,829 Patented. Oct. 2, 1956 ffice DETCHBLE ADVERTISING GARD FOR COLLAPSIBLE TUBES This investi-dii relates te an ae'vrtisiiig tard for detachable connection with a container of the collapsible tube tYpe- "f'he invrntio has for an object io provide" -aii adviertisig i iik rfiii iii foi-'a t a card f fria like which is adapted to be externally mounted upon a container of the collapsible tube type, so as to be securely attached thereto and held thereon against accidental displacement therefrom during its commercial distribution and handling, yet in such manner that the same can be easily removed from the tube by the consumer.

The invention has for another object to provide a card or the like which is adapted to be attached to` a collapsible tube so as to be detachably carried thereby, upon one or both faces of said card or the like desirable advertising, descriptive or explanatory matter can be displayed for the information of the purchaser of the tube and its content; said card or the like being readily removable from the tube by the purchaser for convenient perusal of the advertising descriptive or explanatory content thereof.

The above and other objects will be understood from a 1 reading of the following description of the invention in connection with-the accompanying drawings, in which:

Fig. 1 is a side elevational view of a collapsible tube with the advertising card or the like according to this invention in place thereon; Fig. 2 is a front face elevational view of the same; and Fig. 3 is a top end view of the same.

Fig. 4 is a face view of the advertising card or the like before attachment to the tube by which it is to be carried.

Fig. 5 is a fragmentary side edge elevational view, showing a modified form of means for attaching the card or the like to the bottom end of the tube by which it is to be carried; and Fig. 6 is an enlarged View of said modified attaching means of Fig. 5.

Referring to the drawings, wherein like characters of reference indicate corresponding parts, the reference character 10 indicates the body of a collapsible tube, from the closed top end 11 of which axially projects the externally screw-threaded discharge neck 12 thereof, upon which neck an internally screw-threaded closure cap 13 is removably engaged. The bottom end of the tube body 10 is closed by flattening together the side walls thereof, and then folding said flattened walls, endwise of the tube body, upon themselves into a bottom end closure formation 14.

The advertising card or the like is produced from a suitable sheet material, preferably from a reasonably stiff paper, and comprises a main body 15 of suitable width, which is provided at its upper end, as an integral part thereof, with an extension or coupler tongue 16 having an opening 17 of a diametric size somewhat in excess of the diametric size of the discharge neck 12 of the tube body 10, but of less diametric size than that of the closure cap 13 which engages on said discharge neck. Extending from the lower or. bottom end of the main body 15 of the card, also as an integral part thereof, is an anchoring transitent-@raum Should ne; ceed the" width of bottoni clos'ufe` formation 14 of the tube. VOne i both faces f crd can be imprinted with s'let'd or appfoir'iate advertising, de'sclptiv'e or expiaiiaiary marier, winnipif is desired shan reaeh the pur'- ciiaser f the tube' and itspcsmeiit ref the attention` and iiinfiiation of 'scli pllcliase. The prip'iiial shape ofthe card may be variadas tie desired. f i Te attach the Caid te die tithe, the desafecii '113 isiiiiot frein the disi'arge iiei 12 ofthe iatt, whefepoi" the coupler tongiie i's" copld said discharge freek 12` by engaging tri opening i'i er said coupli tongue over said discliage neck. This having Been dene, this c'lsuiwcp 13' is er'wedoiit the discvirg Since s'aid cl'stie cap exteds iii diameter iiieldiaiiitet of the epi-:ning 17 of the coupler tongue i6, sara cap its, prei/eat displaiwiieiit af cupier tanga@ ritmi the vaiscliaie neck at nie titte, Trie upper nia at the cani having een thus eupid te 'the ripper end of the tube 10, the body 15 of the card is bent and folded down relative to the horizontally disposed coupler tongue 16, to extend exteriorly along the tube body. The lower end portion of the card body is flexed inwardly to apply the anchoring tongue 18 extending therefrom against and in superposed relation to and upon a face of the bottom end closure 14 of the tube. To secure the anchoring tongue 18 of the card in anchored engagement with the bottom end closure 14 of the tube, while at the sarne time securing the latter against being forced open under internal pressure of the tube content, a sheet metal binding clip 19, of U-shape in cross-section, is caused to embrace said bottom end closure 14 and the card anchoring tongue 18 superposed thereon, the sides of said clip being thereupon squeezed tightly together in clamped holding engagement with these parts. It will thus be ap.- parent that the card is firmly and securely held in assembled relation to the tube by both its 'top and bottom ends, and consequently risk of accidentalV displacement of the card from the tube, during commercial distribution and handling of the latter, is effectively avoided.

In the hands of the purchaser of the tube, the card can be quickly and easily removed from the tube without risk of mutilation or defacing thereof, or of obscuring the advertising, descriptive or explanatory matter displayed thereon. To remove the card from the tube, the purchaser rst removes the closure cap 13 so that the coupler tongue 16 of the card can be lifted 0E and away from the tube discharge neck 12, thereby freeing the upper end of the card from the tube. The lower end of the card can thereupon be torn away from the closed bottom end of the tube by utilizing the free edge of the clip 19, which is contiguous to the anchoring tongue 18 of the card, as a tearing guide.

Referring now to Figs. 5 and 6 of the drawings, there is shown therein a modified arrangement by which the anchoring tongue 18 of the card can be attached to the bottom end closure of the tube 10, while at the same time securing said bottom end closure against being forced open under internal pressure of the tube content. In this modied arrangement, the flattened together side walls of the tube body at the bottom end thereof are folded upon themselves to form an inner closure ply 20 and a preferably double outer closure ply 21. The anchoring tongue 18 of the card is inserted between said closure plies 20 and 21, the faces of the latter, which are contiguous to the inserted anchoring tongue 18, being respectively provided with respective coatings 22 and 23 of a suitable cement or like binding agent, whereby said plies and anchoring tongue are strongly adhered together against separation (see Fig. 6). In this case, when tearing the bottom end of the card away from the bottom end of the tube, the free edge of the outer closure ply 21 can be used as a tongue i8, the width tearing guide. If desired, however, the anchoring tongue 18 of the card can be weakened, to facilitate separation of the card body 15 therefrom, by providing a transverse row of pin perforations 24 -between said anchoring tongue 18 and the body 15 of the card (see Fig. 6).

Having now described my invention, I claim:

1. In combination with a collapsible tube having a discharge neck of reduced diameter at its top end, a removable cap engageable over said neck to close the same, and a folded and attened transverse bottom end closure, an external advertising card having top and bottom ends respectively adapted to be detachably secured to top and bottom ends of the tube, said card comprising a main body adapted to overlie the tube body in a plane parallel to the transverse bottom end closure thereof, said card body having an integral coupler tongue angularly eX- tending inwardly from its upper end, said coupler tongue having an opening of diametric size substantially co1'- responding to the external diameter of the discharge neck of the tube, whereby to receive upward extension therethrough of said discharge neck, so that the cap, when applied over said discharge neck, is adapted to releasably retain the coupler tongue against displacement from the latter and the lower end of said card body having a transverse anchoring tongue adapted to be secured to the transverse bottom end closure of the tube by insertion and clamping thereof between attened portions of the latter, said card body, after its coupler tongue is released from the discharge neck of the tube, being adapted to be torn away from the anchoring tongue along an external edge of the transverse bottom end closure of the tube, whereby to detach said card from the tube.

2, The combination according to claim l wherein the advertising card is provided with a transverse line of pin perforations intermediate its body and anchoring tongue, whereby to facilitate separation of the former from the latter.

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