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Publication numberUS2766861 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 16, 1956
Filing dateJun 5, 1952
Priority dateJun 5, 1952
Publication numberUS 2766861 A, US 2766861A, US-A-2766861, US2766861 A, US2766861A
InventorsHarry Abramson
Original AssigneeHarry Abramson
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Building wall sidings
US 2766861 A
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Qdi. 16, 1956 H ABRAMSON 2,766,861

BUILDING WALL SIDINGS Filed June 5, 1952 United States Patent O BUILDING WALL SIDINGS Harry Abramson, Pittsburgh, Pa.

Application June 5, 1952, Serial No. 291,918

3 Claims. (Cl. 189-86) This invention relates to wall siding and particularly to wall siding made of plastic or metal.

Plastic and metal siding have many advantages over wooden siding commonly used for exterior walls of buildings. Plastic and metal sidings are waterproof, do not absorb water, `antl generally resist tire. Plastic coatings in addition may be permanently colored and never need painting or resurfacing. O-n the other hand, vthe plastic and metal sidings heretofore proposed had numerous disadvantages and defects, among which were the complexity of installation, the lack of a tight seal between adjacent members of wall siding and the tendency for the surface to be deformed o-r otherwise injured by blows on the surface of the siding.

The siding of the present invention overcomes all of these objections to plastic and metal lath.

lt is accordingly an object of the present invention to provide an improved plastic or metal wall siding formed of a plurality of interlocking strips which engage one another to form a substantially weatherproof joint.

Another object of this invention is to provide an improved wall siding which resists deformation 4or injury to the external surface.

A further object of the invention is to provide internal supporting members between the surface of the siding and the wall of the building which act `to prevent deformation of the surface of the siding.

A further object of the invention is to provide a side wall including a base strip having a longitudinally extending locking rib and V-notch socket engaging resiliently a channel portion on the bottom of a siding member provided at its top with a similar locking rib and V-notch socket engaging the next siding member in identical fashion.

Other objects and advantages of the invention will become apparent from the following description and the accomp-anying drawings in which:

Figure l is a vertical section through a building sidewall and the siding of lthis invention.

Figure 2 is an isometric view of a section of wall siding of the invention.

Figure 3 is an isometric drawing of a section of base member for use with the siding of this invention.

Figure 4 is a front elevation of a wall, partially cu-t away showing the siding of the invention in place thereon.

Referring to the drawings there is illustrated a masonry foundation wall upon which is erected the framework of a building including a sill 11 and studs 12. A base member 13 is fixed to the sill 11 and joists 12 by nails 14 or similar fastening members. The base member 13 is provided with longitudinally extending upper 15 and lower 16 nailing strips. A longitudinally extending locking rib 17 is provided parallel to and intermediate the nailing strips. A downwardly extending tlange 18 projects from the base member along the upper nailing strip 15 and forms a V-notch socket 19 opening downward toward the locking rib 17. A siding member is engaged with CCY the base member 13 as hereafter more fully described and fastened to joists 12 by nails 21 or similar fastening means through -a nailing strip 22 along the top thereof. Each' siding member is provided with a side wall portion 20 terminating at the top with the nailing strip 22. Below the nailing strip 22 and parallel thereto is a locking rib' 23 identical with the locking rib 17 of the base member 13. Between .the nailing strip 22 and locking rib 23 there is `a downwardly extending flange 24 forming with the body of the siding member a V-notch socket 25 corresponding to the V-noftch socket 19 of the base member.

A bottom wall 26 is formed inwardly ofthe side wall?- portion 20 and spaced the bottom of the side wall portion from the studs so that the side wall portion lies att a diagonal to the studs. An upturned V-shaped liange 27 is formed on the end of the bottom wall 26. This V-shaped flange 27 enters into the V-notch socket 19 of the base member or 25 of the top of the siding member resiliently engaging the locking rib 17 or 23 and the downwardly extending flange 18 or 24 `as the case may be to form a weather proof seal, protecting the fastening members 14 land 21 from the weather Ias well as protecting the structure itself. The locking ribs 17 and 23 bear against the bottom edge of the bottom wall 26 of the next siding member `and cause the ilange 27 to bear against the downwardly `extending ange 18 or 27 forming thereby a resilient seal which is held -tightly in place and prevented from ldownward movement by the locking rib 17 or 23.; This cooperative relationship makes for a tight seal between the adjoining siding members :as well as providing an indexing mechanism whereby the adjoining members are easily placed in position during installation.

A pair of inwardly extending spaced apart ribs 28 and 29 are connected to the inner surface of the side wall portion 20 of the siding member intermediate its top and bottom. These ribs rest against the studs 12 and support the side wall portion 20 against deformation and other damage.

While a preferred embodiment of this invention has been illustrated and described it is to be understood that it may be otherwise embodied within 'the scope of the following claims:

I claim:

1. A building side wall comprising a plurality of superimposed siding members, a longitudinal extending downwardly and outwardly angled side wall portion on each member, a narrow portion along the upper edge of each siding member lying a-t `an oblique Iangle to the side wall portion and parallel to a building wall frame, means for fastening said narrow portion to the building wall frame, a longitudinally and outwardly extending locking rib on -the siding member spaced from the upper edge of the narrow portion at the apex of the oblique angle, a downwardly opening V-notch socket between the rib and the upper edge of Ithe narrow portion, an inwardly extending flange on the bottom edge of the siding member spacing the lower edge of the side wall portion from the building wall frame, an upwardly extending U-shaped resilient tongue on the ange edge spaced from the side wall portion, said U-shaped tongue portion of lone siding member simultaneously engaging the locking rib and V notch of the next lower member in resilient locking engagement whereby to simultaneously urge the narrow edge of the siding member against the building wall frame, and Ithe two adjacent siding members in locking engagementagainst removal from one another.

2. A building side wall as claimed in claim l whereinv one leg of the U-shaped tongue substantially parallels the inturned leg of the V-notch and the irl-turned flange engages the locking rib of the next adjacent lower siding member.

-A Wall siding member comprising `a, longitudinally @Xtelldng SQWllWardlY and loutwardly `angled sidewall portion, a narrow portion along the upper edge of said side- Wall portion lying at an oblique angle thereto whereby to pai-alleVl-aY building wall frame, 7a .longitudinally and outwardly yexftei-1dingg locking n'b on `the siding member spaced from htg'h'e upper edge fthereorfat the IapexQf the oblique angle, a downwardly openinggV-notch sorketbe-V tween the rib and the upper `edge of the .siding member, an inwardly extending flange on` the bottom .edge/of fthe siding member spacing the loweredge'of kthe sidewall PQPQD from the building Wall frame, .an upwardly ex-V -U-.ShrlpdV resilient tongue von the flange edge Y `spaced fiom :the sidewall portiomsad VU-fslvap'ed .tongue 4 Y t siding member against the building Wall frame and the two members in lockingtengagemen-t against removal from one another. Y

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International ClassificationE04F13/08
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European ClassificationE04F13/08D