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Publication numberUS276699 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 1, 1883
Filing dateFeb 26, 1883
Publication numberUS 276699 A, US 276699A, US-A-276699, US276699 A, US276699A
InventorsCharles Mcintosh
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US 276699 A
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No; 276,699. Patented Ma 1,1883;

vezz in N. PETERS, moumn vwl Wlmon, c




SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 276,699, dated May 1, 1883.

Application filed February 26,1983.

To all whom it may concern Be it known that I, GHARLEs MoINTosH, of Jersey City, county of Hudson, and State of New Jersey, have invented a new and useful Improvement in Fire-Masks, of which the following is a full, clear, and exact description, reference being had to the accompanying drawings, making part of this specification.

My invention relates to a novel construction of mask for protecting the eyes, mouth, and nostrils of the user from injury in passing through flame and smoke, either or both, whether in escaping from a burning building or in the efiort to rescue persons or property therefrom; and it consists in the combination, with a pair of glasses secured in a frame of flexible material, of nose-pinchers for preventin g respiration through the nostrils, and a mouth-piece provided with an air-filter, preventing inhalation of smoke or flame, all connected with flexible straps, adapting them to be readily applied for use, as hereinafter explained.

In the accompanying'drawings,Figure 1 represents my improved fire-mask complete and applied to apersonshead. Fig. 2 is a similar view, showing a modification in the mouth piece; and Fig. 3 is a sectional view taken through the mouth-piece.

A A represent a pair of glasses, of any suitable form, secured in a frame, A, of flexible material, and so situated in said frame that when the frame is properly placed upon the face the glasses will be immediately before the eyes. Any suitable material may be used for forming the frame A, but flexible material is preferred, as it will the more readily adjust itself to the irregularities of the face and pre' vent the admission of smoke to the eyes. To the sides of this flexible frame A are attached the two ends of a band or strap, B, of elastic material, of sufficient length to pass around the head of the user, and when in position to hold the frame A securely and snuglyagainst the face. Near the ends of the strap B, and secured to it, is another strap, 0, adapted to pass up over the head for holding the mask the more securelyto the head. This, however, is not necessary, but is supplied for the better adjustment of the mask. From the center of the flexible frame A extends a short strap,D,

(No model.)

also of flexible material, to the lower end of which is attached a pair of nose-pinchersadapted to tit over and clamp upon the nose for the purpose of closing the nasal passages and preventing respiration through the same. Said strap D is made of sufficient length to allow the nose-pinchers to be applied either from above or from underneath the nose, as may be desired by the user. Connected with the said nose-pinchers by means of asmall chain or other suitable connecting device is the mouth-piece above referred to, (designated by F,) and by preference it is made detached and of the form shown in Fig. 3 in section, adapting itto project within the month and be clamped therein by the teeth. It is made hollow and provided with a hole, F, for the passage of air to and from the mouth, and in this cavity is placed a filter, F of carded or felted asbestus, felt, I

woolen, or other suitable material of filtering properties, for purifying the air passing through it and excluding smoke and flame or otherimpurities. A modification of this mouth-piece is shown in Fig. 2, in which ashort flexible tube, G, is employed, secured in the hole F, above referred to, and of sufficient length to adapt its free end to be passed within the coat of the user, the coatin this instance serving as additional or as an independent tilter. \Vhen this latter device is used, as the tube may be of considerableweight, said tube and mouth-piece may, if desired, be supported in connection with the other parts of the mask by means of additional straps, H H, passing around the tube near its junction with the mouthpiece and upward to the strap B, to which they are by preference attached. Other arrangements of the retaining-straps may be employed, if preferred. I The advantages of my maskwill be apparent. Instead ot entirely covering the face with a heavy, Ctlil'lbGl'SOllldSOlGBll or mask, I use merely such appliances as are-necessary to protect the eyes and lungs of the wearer from injurious effects, and connect these different parts by suitable straps, thus leaving the greater part of the face unencumbered. and at the same time preventing the inhalation of flame, smoke, or otheriinpurities, and effectually proteeting the eyes from injury.

I am aware that air-filters have been used in IOO eeeeee connection with fire-masks, and also that 65'6- glasses have been employed surrounded by a flexible frame adapted to adjust itself to the face, and I therefore do not claim these features, broadly.

Having now described my invention, what I claim as new is-- The flexible frame surrounding the eyeglasses, and the elastic nose-pinchers connected therewith by a flexible strap, in combination with a separate and detachable mouth-piece carrying an air-filter and connected suitably with the other parts of the mask, allconnected with and adapted to be held upon the head by flexible retaining-straps, substantially as 1 shown and described.

In testimony whereof I have hereunto set;

' my hand this 22d dayof February, A. D. 1883.

CHAS. McIN'lOSH. Witnesses:


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