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Publication numberUS2769440 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 6, 1956
Filing dateOct 21, 1952
Priority dateSep 1, 1945
Publication numberUS 2769440 A, US 2769440A, US-A-2769440, US2769440 A, US2769440A
InventorsPearce George C
Original AssigneeGen Motors Corp
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Domestic appliance
US 2769440 A
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Nov. 6, 1956 G. c. PEARCE 2,769,440

DOMESTIC APPLIANCE Original Filed Sept. 1, 1945- 4 Sheets-Sheet l mmvron George C. Pearce Nov. 6, 1956 G. c. PEARCE DOMESTIC APPLIANCE 4 Sheets-Sheet 2 Original Filed Sept. 1, 1945 r V INVENTOR.

George C. Pearce Nov. 6, 1956 e. c. PEARCE DOMESTIC APPLIANCE 4 SheetsSheet 3 Original Filed Sept. 1, 1945 INVENTOR. George C. Pearce BY G. c. PEARCE 2,769,440

DOMESTIC APPLIANCE 4 Sheets-Sheet 4 Nov. 6, 1956 C-riginal Filed Sept. 1, 1945 22 J Hill/1 INVENTOR. George C. Pearce United States Patent DOMESTIC APPLIANCE George C. Pearce, Dayton, Ohio, assignor to General Motors Corporation, Dayton, Ohio, a corporation of Delaware Original application September 1, 1945, Serial No. 613,982. Divided and application April 27, 1951, Serial No. 223,191, now Patent No. 2,632,434, dated March 24, 1953. Again divided and this application October 21, 1952, Serial No. 315,901

2 Claims. (Cl. 12639) This application relates to a domestic appliance and more particularly to ranges. This application is a division of my copending applications S. N. 613,982 filed September 1, 1945, now Patent No. 2,632,434, and S. N. 223,191 filed April 27, 1951, now abandoned.

An object of this invention is to provide a range in which a substantially rectangular box-like frame is provided, to which said panels, a cooking top, an oven liner, an oven door, and other parts may be attached to form the completed range.

It is another object of my invention to provide a range construction in which all the parts which are exposed on the top, sides and front of the range are so constructed in simple flat shape so that they can be coated with a minimum ofprocessing difliculties.

It is another object of my invention to provide a range construction in which all the parts exposed on the top, sides and front, of the range can be readily.

removed and replaced if the. finish is damaged.

*It is another object. of my invention to so locate the exposed simple flat surfaced exterior parts so that they will completely cover the top front and sides of the range andcompletely conceal the more complicated interior parts and the frame and structural parts of the range which cannot be readily removed and which cannot be readily provided with a-satisfactory exterior finish and which present an unsightly appearance.

It is another object of my invention to make the doors and drawer front suflicient in size and to make them fit together well enough that they are the only exposed parts on the front of the range.

Further objects and advantages 'of the present invention will be apparent from the following description, reference being had to the accompanying drawings, wherein a preferred form of the present invention is clearly shown.

In the drawings:

Fig. 1 is a front view, in perspective, showing the completed range;

Fig. 2 is an exploded view, in perspective, of a large number of parts for the range;

Fig. 3 is a front elevation of the rectangular box-like frame;

Fig. 4 is a right-hand view of Fig. 3;

Fig. 5 is a top View of Fig. 3;

Fig. 6 is a cross-section, with parts broken away, taken along the line 66 of Fig. 3; and

Fig. 7 is a view, in perspective of the side of Fig. 1, with the lower drawer extended.

The range may comprise a main body, somewhat as shown in Fig. l. The main body may be constructed on a rectangular box-like frame 11 to which other portions of the main body may be attached. Thus a left hand side panel 12 and a right hand side panel 13 may be attached to sides of the frame 11, and may extend below the frame 11 a substantial distance to form the support for the range, or to surround the support for the range. The top panel 14 may be placed over 2,769,440 Patented Nov. 6, 1956 the frame 11 to form the cooking top. An oven liner 15, which is flangedv at 16 may be telescoped into the. opening 17 of the frame 11. If desired, a drawer 18.

A foot plate 25 may be attached to the two side panels 7 12 and 13 and may tie them together to form a rigid structure.

Details of the rectangular box-like frame The frame 11 preferably is made of channel or angle iron structure, and preferably has a ground coat of enamel applied thereto. Channel or angle iron 'members are welded together substantially as indicated in .Figs. 3 to 6. The partition 26 extends from the front to the rear, to retain insulation around the oven liner 15. The front of the frame 11 includes upright channels 27, 28 and 29, a horizontal lower channel 30, an upper right hand channel 31 and a left hand upper channel 32. 1 The right hand side of theframe 11 may include a lower channel 140 and an upper angle 33. The left hand side of frame 11 may include a lower channel and upper. angle similar to I40 and 33 respectively. fTher'ear of.

frame 11 may include a panel 35.', Another channel 140 :may extend adjacent the lower edge of panel 26. All of these members are'preferably firmly welded together to form a strong box-likegrectangular frame.

Double channel 'members 36 are secured inside of. the frame 11, to the rear of. opening 19,-which are adapted to support a drip plate 37: ChanneLmembers Details of the side panels The side panels12 andj13 are preferably provided with upper andlower flanges .40, 41 and front and :rear':

flanges 42 and 43. Suitable openings 44 are provided in these flanges so that bolts or screws 44a may pass therethrough for attachment to the frame 11, as indicated in the various views. Brackets 45 are bolted to the front flanges 42, and gussets 46 are bolted to the flanges 43. Channels 23 extend from the bracket 45 to the gusset 46. The drawer 22 slides on the channels 23 through the medium of upper flanges 48 at the top of drawer 22. The gussets 46 are secured to the rear panel 35 to brace the rear of the panels 12 and 13. The foot plate 25 is bolted to the lower ends of the flanges 42 of the panels 12 and 13 to join the two panels rigidly at the front.

The top panel 14 is secured in place by any suitable means. a

The top 14 may support a plurality of top heaters 60 and/or a top cooker. These may be of any well known construction, which are adapted to be supported by the top 14, such as disclosed in McCormick Patent 2,320,041, granted May 25, 1943.

The front upper bar 32 is provided with an opening 62 to accommodate switch means for the heaters 60. Suitable knobs 69 are provided at the front 52 of the range top panel 14 for controlling the top heaters 60.

The oven liner 15 preferably is made in two or more sections welded together. The front sheet has inward corrugations 126 which form grooves on the outside of the liner and shelf ridges on the inside of the liner. The sheet 125 is bent to form a square hollow tube with the flanges 16 welded or formed thereon at one end and no flanges at the other end. A metal cup, rectangular in cross-section, is telescoped over the rear edge of the cup, at 128;.- Two or more J-shaped bolts lz29 m'ay be hooked over the edgewf the cup -:at 128'-,- and these:bolts-Z1 29 may extend through:theirear- 'plate 35, Avhere; they. may be drawni tightly 'by' aunt and washers. In this manner the fiange l'tS- is 1 drawn .upagainstthe inneredg es of the openingli'. The bolts 129 pass through openings=131 in the plate 35;-

The -top "and bottom' ov'en"heaters-may'be of any suitable construction, and for example may be of the construction shown and described inMcCormiok Patent 2,314,592, granted March '23, 1943:.

The door construction may be of any conventional design; but preferably is substantially as shown. and described in Figs. "7through-1'4 o'f McCormick Patent I .2,318;421,1.grantedLJunei 19; 1945;.

In assemblingthe IflIJgQzShOWn: in Figs; 1 through -7,

'the members. of the boxi llaa-re first welded together.

The panels 12 anclt13 areattachedz to: the box 11. The foot platev 21 is secured xto thel panels l2.-and13. .The liner 15. is inserted at..-1'7; .The. door. 21 .is attached. The drawers- 18 and 22 areinserted. This completes theassemb'ly; The. order ofassembly'isvaried as desired is convenient. V

7 While the. formof. embodiment. ofv the -invention:as: herein .disclos ed constitutesa preferred form, .it. is to bewunderstoodf that other forms: might .be-iadoptedi as may i come" within the. scope of' the.:claims: whichi'follow.

'Whativis. claimed follows:

'1; A. range including a box Ishaped.generallyarectan- 'gular frame provided with asubstantiallylvertical'dividing wall extending. substantially. from top to bottom inter. mediatefits ends to divide the': interior of:the frame into two compartmentgsupport means; at thelendsz of. said frame: extending: to the' floor; 1 two doors. located side by;- sidegclosin'g the' fronts of 1 said two compartmentsi- 'land having: their edges overlying" front portions of. said" frame,-

a single I bottom :drawer extending 'entirely' beneath. said frame and said dividing wall between said support means V and provided with a fronthaving its end edges overlying 'saidsupport-means;.and;;having;,its upper edge extending substantially-to but just, out...of;.contact-with thelowe'r- 7 end a .the.tuhee.125,...and..islweldedltheretoh .SeyeraL." 1 'pockets are thus formed where the grooves meet the drawer opening extending continuously. between said side 4 r edges-of..said..two..doors,. and. .a. range. top. extending over said frame, said frame extending across and being suspended by said. side panels above said 'single bottom drawer and having the lowest portion of its center terminating above said singlerbottom drawer to provideia walls.

.2. "A range including af-box1:shapedr.generally reetanr V gularframe; providedwithiaisubstantially vertical. dividing wall extending substantially from top to bottomintermediateits-endsto divide the interior of thelframe. into two compartments, .-structural' and" ornamental s'ide panel 's atthe; ends of saidvframe extending to the 'flo'or, two" doors located-side by 'side closing the -fronts of said two compartments arfd.:having.theire'dges overlying front portions of said frame, a singlebottom drawer ex-- tending entirely beneath said frame and said dividing wall between said support means and provided. with a front having its end edgesoverlying said' support means andhaving' its upper edge. extending substantially to but just out o fcontact'withthe lower edges ofisaid two. doors, said side pan'els'beneath said frame being; pro- 1 vided with drawerpguides for inovably supporting said single bottom drawer, and a range. top extending over said frame, saidf'rameiexten'ding across andfbeing suspe'nded'by saidisidefpanels abovesaid single bottom drawer and having 't-heflowest portion of its center. terminatingabove said-.singlebottom drawer to provide'a' drawer opening extendin continuously between said side.

Dec; 41 1940 7

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