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Publication numberUS2770358 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 13, 1956
Filing dateOct 19, 1951
Priority dateOct 19, 1951
Publication numberUS 2770358 A, US 2770358A, US-A-2770358, US2770358 A, US2770358A
InventorsKeith Henry I
Original AssigneeFrank H Keith
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Refillable lipstick dispenser
US 2770358 A
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0V. 13, H K |T REFILLABLE LIPSTICK DISPENSER Filed Oct. 19. 1951 Hen REFHLLAIBLE LWSTICK DISPENSER Henry I. Keith, Chicago, lllL, assignor to Frank H. Keith, chicago, 1111.

Application Uctober 19, 1951, Serial No. 252,165

4i Claims. (Cl. 206-56) This invention relates to a refillable lipstick dispenser.

One of the main objects of the present invention is to provide a dispensing case for a length of lipstick which is releasably carried within a holder for movement within said case and wherein cooperative detent means are provided for pro-positioning the length of lipstick in a predetermined relation with respect to the case.

Another object of the present invention is to provide a dispenser arranged and designed for the reception of a replaceable lipstick that may be obtained in package form.

It is still a further object of the present invention to provide a wrapper for a length of lipstick which is arranged for bodily inserting the lipstick into a holder operably associated with a dispensing case, and this operation of placing a new lipstick into the holder may be cleanly accomplished by reason of the wrapper on such lipstick.

Another object of the present invention is to provide a covered lipstick for use in a dispenser wherein such lipstick is advanced by increments through cooperative detent means and wherein such wrapper is also provided with slit perforations at spaced intervals therealong so that portions of the wrapper may be removed to initially expose the lipstick for use and for subsequent removal of portions of the wrapper to further expose unused portions of the lipstick.

Other objects and advantages relating to the refillable lipstick dispenser and the wrapped lipstick per se shall hereinafter appear in the following detailed description having reference to the accompanying drawings forming a part of this specification.

In the drawings:

'Fig. 1 is a side elevational view of a refillable lipstick dispenser incorporating the various features of the pres ent invention;

Fig 2 is a longitudinal cross sectional view taken substantially along the line 2-2 in Fig. 1 illustrating the general details of construction of the lipstick dispenser;

Fig. 3 is a plan sectional view taken substantially along the line 33 in Fig. 2;

Fig. 4 is a side elevational View of the lipstick package which is used in conjunction with the lipstick dispenser of the present invention;

Fig. 5 is a perspective view of the wrapper used to cover the lipstick illustrated in Fig. 4, such wrapper being shown flat prior to use in Fig. 5;

Fig. 6 is a fragmentary cross sectional view of a lipstick dispenser illustrating a modified construction thereof; and

Fig. 7 is a plan view of the lipstick holder employed in the Fig. 6 construction and part of which is broken away and in section to illustrate further details of construction thereof.

Referring to Figs. 1 to 3 inclusive, the lipstick dispenser of the present invention comprises a tubular case 1 open at both ends and having a cover 2 at the dispensing end thereof and a sealing cap 3 connected with the oppo- States Patent 0 site end thereof, the sealing cap being removable for refilling the dispenser.

The case 1 is provided with a longitudinally extending slot 4 that flares outwardly at '5 and which terminates at 6 adjacent the dispensing end of the lipstick case. A lipstick 7 is connected with a holder 8 that is slidably carried within the case 1, and this holder 8 terminates with projecting ends 9 and 10 that extend outwardly through the slot 4.

'The holder 8 comprises an expansion ring that is contractable about the end 11 of the lipstick 7 and which can be inserted into the loading end of the case 1 by removal of the sealing cap 3. When the lipstick such as '7 is inserted into the clamping ring 3 outside of the container, the ring 8 may be contracted by pressing the extended ends 9 and 10 together, which operation also causes one or more projections such as 1-2 to move radially inwardly or" the lipstick 7 to tightly position the adjacent end 11 thereof within the clamp 8.

Then by inserting the lipstick 7 .and holder together endwise into the case 1 with the ends 9 and 10 pinched together for insertion between the flared Walls 5 of slot 4, the lipstick unit is placed in position within the case in a location determined by the edge of the sealing cap 3 when the latter is added to the case 1 moving the wings or projections 9 and it) into the position shown in Fig. 2.

It should further be noted that one edge of slot 4 is provided with a plurality of detents 13 which are arranged in predetermined spaced relation to receive a spring holding member 14 that is formed out of the ear or projection 9 of the holder 8. As shown in Fig. 1, the spring detent 14 snaps into the first depression 15 of the detents l3 when the entire structure is assembled as shown in Figs. 1 and 2.

In this assembled relation, the upper usable end 16 of the lipstick 7 is exposed for use beyond the open end 17 of the case when the cover 2 is removed therefrom.

As the exposed end of the lipstick 7 wears down, the detent locked holder 8 may be advanced a notch at a time or several notches as the case may be to further expose unused portions of the lipstick 7.

The present dispenser is particularly adapted to accommodate renewable lipsticks which requires the handling of such lipsticks during the refilling operation. By removing the sealing cap 3 and moving the holder 8 outwardly through the adjacent open end 18 of the tube or case 1, the remaining small unused portion of the lipstick carried in the holder 8 may be pushed through by engaging the end 1 9 of the lipstick unit.

Various makes and colors of lipstick may be furnished packaged in the manner illustrated in Fig. 4. As here shown, the length of lipstick 7 is completely enclosed by a wrapper 29 that is marginally sealed at 21 along the length of the lipstick 7 with an excess amount of the wrapper folded at 22 and suitably pasted or cemented adjacent the squared end 23 of the lipstick 7. The other end of the wrapper 20 is preferably extended as shown into a flared sealing end 24 projecting beyond the normally pointed end 25 of the lipstick to be sealed at 26 by flattening the end portions together and producing a straight edge seal. Preferably, the wrapper 20 is made of cellophane to visibly show the color of the lipstick which is important in making a choice of such a unit for use in a lipstick dispenser of the type herein described. Obviously, the wrapper may be made of paper with cellophane windows or other means to expose the lipstick to the viewer or a portion thereof so that the exact color of the lipstick can be immediately determined by such visible means.

As further shown in Figs. 4 and 5, the wrapper 20 includes a plurality of slitted or perforated tear lines 27 which are provided transversely of the wrapper 30 so as 3 to be positioned circumferentially thereabout providing an arrangement such as shown in Fig. 4. Thus the wrapper 20 as seen in Fig. 5 before being applied to a lipstick 7 comprises a folding end 28 located generally between the dot and dash line 29 and the end 34) of the wrapper 20 and such Wrapper has an intermediate area 31 for the slitted tear lines with the upper end 32 of such wrapper being extended sufiiciently to provide the flattened and sealed end 24 illustrated in Fig. 4. This wrapper also includes a sealing area as defined at 33 between dot and dash lines 34 and 35 which portion cements to the opposite edge 36 of the Wrapper 20 to substantially Overlap as shown at the seam 21 in Fig. 4. Preferably, a narrow strip portion 37 flanking the sealing area 33 may be left free of a sealing cement or compound so that the extreme edge portion 38 as seen in Fig. 4 will provide a slight loosened Wrapper edge which can be grasped by the fingernails for tearing oif one of the tear sections 39 formed between the respective adjacent slits 27.

Furthermore, the increments of advance of the entire lipstick unit Within the case 1 as determined by the distance between the detent notches 13 is such as to be generally similar to the distances between the respective tear lines 27 of the wrapper. Additionally, the upper or first tear line 27a provides a means for removing the enclosed end 24 of the wrapper 20 after the new lipstick assembly has been inserted into the holder 8 and moved into a position such as illustrated in Fig. 2. With the end 24 of the wrapper removed, the lipstick will be as it is seen in Fig. 2 and in position ready for use. Thereafter, advancing the holder 8 one or more detent distances will expose one or more of the tear sections 39 of the Wrapper 20 which can be removed by grasping the edge 38 of the wrapper and pulling off a strip to the ,next adjacent strip perforation 27. In this manner, the lipstick may be exposed as needed and in accordance with the advance of the holder 8 as determined by the detent means of the dispenser.

In the modified construction illustrated in Figs. 6 and 7, a tube40 terminates in an open end 41 which may or may not receive a sealing cap, and a holder 42 is operably inserted into the case or tube 40 for movement therealong and for the purpose of carrying a length of lipstick 43 enclosed bya wrapper 44 of the kind previously described above. The holder .42 as shown in Fig. 7 may include a plurality of peripheral slits 45 to aid in receiving and holding a lipstick43. The holder 42 inthis construction is a cupped container having a bottom 46 which will normally sufliciently close the bottom open end 41 of the tube so that a sealing cap can be omitted in this particular construction.

The tube or case 40 as here shown also includes an open slot at one side thereof as inthe form shown in Fig. l, which slot begins at the open end 41 of the case with flaring edges, one of which is shown in Fig. 6 at 47. This slot is provided with squared recesses 48 separated by squared lugs 49 for the reception of a spring detent 50 which may be formed as an integral portion of the cap 42 as shown in Fig. 7. In this construction, the free end 51 of the spring detent may be compressed to allow vertical movement of the holder 42 into the next or any selected detent recess 48. This construction provides a positive lock releasable through the operation of the free end of the detent .spring 50. Also, when inserting the cap shaped holder 42 into the tube or case 40, the parts of detent Stlflare compressed by the flared edges such ,as 47 of th e'sl ot in Fig. 6 until. the detent spring is opposite thefirst recess 48, at which time the spring end 51 will snap into such recess holding the lipstick unit and assemblyin a given relation within the case40. The general operation and use of this particular modified construction of refillable lipstick dispenser isthe same as the operation and use of the dispenser shown and described in Figs. 1 to 3 inclusive.

The foregoing description relates to several modified constructions of a refillable lipstick dispenser of the present invention. However, certain changes and modifications in the various parts of the dispenser together with changes in the exact combination of elements thereon are contemplated and all such deviations and modifications shall be governed by the breadth and scope of the language in the appended claims.

What I claim is:

1. A refillable lipstick dispenser comprising a dispensing case, a lipstick, a wrapper on said lipstick, and fixed increment feed means connected with said wrapped lipstick to actuate said lipstick into usable relation with respect to said case and in predetermined advanced positions with respect to said case, said wrapper having perforations therein to form tear lines whereby portions of said wrapper may be successively torn away to expose unused portions of said lipstick, said Wrapper also comprising means to maintain said lipstick out of contact with the working parts of the dispenser, and said tear lines being spaced -to conform with the increments of advance of said fixed increment feed means.

2. A refiilable lipstick dispenser comprising a dispensing case, lipstick, a wrapper on said lipstick, and feed means connected withsaid wrapped lipstick to actuate said lipstick into an extended usable position with respect to said case, and detent means to advance said feed' means in predetermined increments, said wrapper having perforations therein to formtear lines whereby portions of said wrapper may be successively torn away to expose unused portions of said lipstick, the distances between said tear lines corresponding to the increment distances through which said detent means advances said lipstick feed means.

3. In a lipstickdispensing device, the combination of a container and a lipstick, said container comprising alipstick receiving and guiding shell, and cooperative detent means connected with said' shell and with said lipstick to bodily actuate said lipstick relatively with respect to said shell and in predetermined increments of movement to expose selected given portions of said lipstick out of the dispensing end of said Shell, and said lipstick coniprising a package consisting of the lipstick per se and a wrapper enclosingthe'same, said wrapper comprising i a tearable tip portion to initially expose the starting end of the lipstick, and a plurality of contiguous tearable en circling bands extending about the remaining portion of said lipstick, said bands being of widths bearing a predetermined relation with respect to the increments of of bodily advance provided by said cooperative detent means, said tearable band widths bearinga predetermined stopping'relation with respect to the lipstickdispens ing endofsaid shell to facilitate the tearing of individualsuccessive bands for added lipstick exposure. 7 a

' 4. In a lipstick dispenser having a container to house a lipstick together with lipstick advancing mechanism connected between the container and said lipstick said mechanism being constructed and arranged to advance said lipstick in given increments along said containerr the improvement which consists of a lipstick package for use in said container comprising a wrapper, a length of lipstick therein, said wrapper being sealed adjacent the ends of said lipstick, and said wrapper having slit perforations thereabout disposed, in predetcrmin'edrelations .with respect to one sealed end of said Wrapper, said wrapper mat qn e n ra sif Permi .wmp ete em of one sealed .endof .said wrapper toexpose said lipstick for use, and said other wrapper perforationsbeing arranged in spaced. relation .with,respect to each;otlier to permitthe, removal .of successive additional portions of said wrapper assaidlipstickwears awaythrough use, said successive removable portions of said llipstiekwrapper bearing predetermined relation withrep'ect ,to .theincernents'ofrnovement atfordedby saidlipstick advaneing mechanism, andgsaid lipstick package .being connected withsaid mechanism,throughonelsealed endof. saidpackage to arrange said package in a predetermined relation with respect to said container lipstick advancing mechanism.

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European ClassificationA45D40/02