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Publication numberUS2772823 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 4, 1956
Filing dateJun 28, 1954
Priority dateJun 28, 1954
Publication numberUS 2772823 A, US 2772823A, US-A-2772823, US2772823 A, US2772823A
InventorsRichard H Plamann
Original AssigneeRichard H Plamann
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Bag spout
US 2772823 A
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BY Wow M Richard H. P/am ann Filed June 28, 1954 Fig.

tion; and

3 2,172,823 BAG sPoUT If, llfi llchard HfPi am naick er g wis, h ima maze, 1554, sensin 439,79 1! 1 e The present invention relates to dispensing spouts, and

more particularly relates to a dispensing'spont-for flexible bags to facilitate the pouring of material; from'rsuchb'ags. The primary object of the invention is toprovide a L foldable'dispensing spoiit adapted to" be mounted within flexible bags adjacent thejf tops thereof which spout may be easily and quickly unfolded to i ts pouring. position upon opening of the bag and which spout may beiolded back into the bag and "out of pouring position is desiredto close the spout;

A further, and highly important object of the invention, is in the provision of a flexible bag spout which is disposed entirely within the bag and which will in no manner interfere with the sealing characteristics of the bag when closed, which spout will readily unfold into its pouring position upon opening of the bag.

A still further object of the invention is to provide a pouring spout for paper, cloth and other type bags which necessitates no modification of the conventional bag to which the pouring spout of the present invention,

is attached;

' Figure 2 is a view of the bag with the top opened and the spout extended to its pouring position;

Figure 3 is a perspective view of the spout per se in its partially unfolded position;

Figure .4 is a top view of the blank from which the spout is formed with the fold lines of the blank to form the spout being designated in dotted outline;

Figure 5 is a side elevational view of the spout in its folded position;

' Figure 6 a top view of the spout in its. folded posi- Figure 7 is a cross-sectional view of the spout forming portion taken substantially along'section line 77'of Figure 2.

' fold line:16." 1,

. the pouring spout serves as a guide for dispensing mate- 'In the packaging of fertilizer and other granular materials in heavy paper, cloth and other type bags, when such bags are opened for dispensing the contents t-herefrom, considerable difliculty is encountered .in pouring the contents into any specific. area, this difficulty being increased'when it is desired to pour the granular material, such as fertilizer, into a fertilizing attachment or into a utensil used to refill an attachment hopper. It is almost impossible to perform such operation with the ordinary bag without spilling a certain amount of the. granular material on the ground. V a In accordance with the present invention, aflexible ing a diagonal fold line on each spout section extending 7 or pliable bag 10 of a conventional nature is shown, sealed at its upper end as-by means of the stitchinglz.

Mounted within the bag is a foldable spout 14.

When the stitching on the top of the bag is ripped and the bag is opened, :as .shown in Figure 2, the spout 14. is extended or unfolded-to its pouring position toguide the contents of the bag as such contents are dispensed from the bag. n L .i T

The pouring s'pout14 is initially, as shown inFigure 4, in the shape of' a semi-elliptical blank,; the blank-haw; ing a longitudinal; fold line 16 along the :longitudinal or major axis thereof throughoutits length to' divide the same into'equalpoi'tions 18 'and 20. 1"?

The blank is also provided with a transver'sefold line 22parallel. to and adjacent theef st'raight edgeor minor axis 24 of the blank 14; IThetransverse. fold linedivides each of the equal portions 18 and 200i 'the blank1fin'to a rectangular section 26 and thep'ouring spout sectiondefined'by each of the portions'lfl and 20 bounded bythe fold line 22: andthe major' portion ofthe longitudinal The blank is furtherprovid ed' 'with a diagonal fold line 28 on eachiofithe Tspout'sections extending from the section of the longitudinal and. transverse fold lines 16.--and'. 22, respectively, to the peripheral edge of the' spout section dividing each spout section into inner and outer portions 30 and 32, respectively.

To fold the spout, the blank 14 is first creased along the longitudinal fold line 16 so that the outer portions 32 of the spout sections are brought into abutting relation with one another. Then, the inner portions 30 are folded in superposed relation on the abutting outer portions 32 and the rectangular sections 26 are folded on top of the inner portions 30 so that they are parallel to the longitudinal axis designated -by the fold lines 16 of the spout.

When so folded, the rectangular sections 26 comprise flaps which are attached by means of staples or stitching or the like 34 to the inner surface of the bag adjacent and parallel to the top of the bag.

Normally, when the bag is closed, the shape of the bag maintains the flap 14 in its folded position, as shown in Figure 1, which is somewhere between the complete folded position shown in Figure'6 and the partially opened position shown in Figure 3.

' Upon'opening ofthe bag and flexing. the bag for pouring, the spout 14 unfolds to its open position wherein may be resorted to, falling within the scope of the appended claims. 7

'What is claimed as'new is as follows:

' 1. In combination with a flexible bag, afoldable pouring spout disposed .withinthe bag and attached to the inner surface of the bag wall, said spout comprising a. semielliptical-shaped blank, said blank having a longitudinal fold line along the longitudinal axis thereof dividing the same into equal'portions throughout its length, said blank having a transverse fold line thereacrossada jacent thestraight edge thereof dividing each equal portion into a rectangular section and a spout section, the rectangular sections being attached to the bag wall sub-1" stantially parallel to the top of the bag, the spout sections being free from attachment to the bag, said blank havup 2,772,823 1 a e Pee 49 .6.

dividing each spout section into inner and outer portions,

said rectangular sections being foldable toward parallel relation with one .anotherlupon folding of the innerlppntions ofathespout sections-toward fllfiLOU-IQIIPOI'HOHS, saidspout sections 'beingsreceivied betweenlsaid frectangular sections upon folding of the spout. :f

:ZQIncombination a bag-thaving meanszadjacent the. top thereof for nopening the same, zal foldable pouring sprout attached. toihe interioimsurface of the bag. and

being disposed completely below said opening means in its ifoldedxcondition, 'said'l spout comprising; a of generallyirectangnlar panels fold'a'bly joinedftozone'am -.l-3-. Incornbinationl witha flexible :bag havingatscore line across the top portion thereof 'for opening the bag,

a :fo'lda'ble pouring spouttdisposed :Within the bag and attached to the inner surface of the bag below the score line, said spout comprising a semieelliptical, shaped blank,

said Lblank having a longitudinal fold :line along the longi-L' 't he interise ction oi-said longitudinal and transverse fold tether peripheral edgeofcach spout section v 1 movable to an open po j orally rectangular portion attached to the inner surface 7 l t 4 v :2 I :1 v line dividing the "same" into a spout section and a pair of. nemrallmrsctannfla: sections, sa d restansular. sec.- tions being attached to said bag and said spout being free from attachment to said bag, said rectangular sections being'movable toward a position parallel to one another and said spout section being disposed below said score line and between said rectangular sections when the spout is in its folded position said spout section being 's ition extending beyond said score line. l i- 4. In com in i n with a flexible-bag ha in a p able top, a folda-ble pouring sp'out'attached to the interior surface of the bag; said spoutkcomprisinga genof said bag and'h'aving the"'top"tedge'*thereof generally a parallel to the top of the bag, a spout forming portion tudinalicenter line thereof, said blankhaving anti-ans verse old line .thereacross generallyparallel .to said score foldably attached'to the top edge of said rectangular section and disposed below said top edge inits folded position, wsaid spout forming: portion:zbeing unfoldable to a pouring position extending above thetop of said; bag whenthe-bagisopened. p w: I I I itngnms 'cina file gth s-patent 24154029 I Mur ay 2,0 1, .11 Ma tin's 2,668,643'

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