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Publication numberUS2777769 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 15, 1957
Filing dateNov 24, 1953
Priority dateNov 24, 1953
Publication numberUS 2777769 A, US 2777769A, US-A-2777769, US2777769 A, US2777769A
InventorsMorris Hodges Hiram
Original AssigneeEdna Beaty
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Vendible commodity package
US 2777769 A
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nite States Patent Olice 2,777,769Y Patented Jan. 15, 1957 2,777,769 vntsntn CoMMoDITY PACKAGE Hiram Morris Hedges, Jacksonville, Fla., assigner of titty percent to Edna Beaty, Jacksonville, Fla.

Application November 24, 1953, Serial No. 393,933 l Claim. (Cl. 99-172) up so that they palatable. boxes and other containers, especially in the so-called display window category, and become slightly place the same on the table for use it is often necessary, as is generally well known, the stove oven and thus freshen up the goods for better eating results.

existed the attained, the inventive concept therefore has to do with having normally covered vent means in the package, then uncovering the vent means and placing the vented packute or so the accumulated steam in the package will recondition the contents and render same in a ready-toeat condition.

the invention has to do with a vendible commodity and package in the form of a disposable box,

protective wrapper completely wrapper being moisture-proof and otherwise a portion thereof covering said able when linger-pressure is brought to bear thereon in alignment with said vent, whereby said vent opened up While the rest of the package stays intact and so that steam is allowed to enter the package to heat the contained product to a palatable state.

Novelty is also wherein the at the too but is covered by way of the top part of the wrapper which spans tion window, the bottom portion of the wrapper being that which is puncturable by nger-pressure to uncover one or more vents and to steaming in the manner already Other objects, features and advantages will become more readily apparent from the following description and the accompanying sheet of drawings.

In the drawings, wherein like numerals are employed of a package constructed with the present invention. Figure 2 is a. elevation and showing the package seated iophane or an appropriate called wax-paper. To this end, the over-all package may' grade of cardboard it comprises a at wall cr rim through which the contents of the package may be seen and inspected in the usual way. It is to beassumed here that the contents is a in fact, in Figure 2, hamburger buns or the like are shown and denoted by the numeral 14. There may be some six or ight of these in the package. The side portions of the wrapper which go over the walls lll are denoted by the numerals lo and the main portion of the Wrapper is de` noted in Figure 2 by the numeral 18. The improvements have to do with forming vent means in the bottom of the box. This could be one hole but is preferably an arrangement of four or more holes or vents. These are denoted by the numerals 28 and it `will be seen that they form tongues 22 and these are struck out and pressed inwardly so that the openings or vents are normally open. This means that the portions of the cellophane wrapper which stretch over the openings or vents tautly as at 24 are the pressure-responsive points. These are intended to be flexible so that by exerting sullcient rupturing pressure of the linger against the wrapper material and pressing it into the uncovered vents, it will burst open and the vent will then he in both the wrapper and the bottom of the box. These combining then opened vents will permit the entry of heat from a suitable source. The heat employed is preferably steam. That is to say, in using the packaged products, it is contemplated that a sauce pan, or the like, A will be placed on a stove E and the water C heated to a boiling point to produce steam with the jets of steam flowing the thus obtain the desired warming and freshening results. It follows, therefore, that while the package is still covered with said cellophane, the mere placing of the same for steaming over the s nce pan will in the course of four or tive seconds or so, result in hot, fresh buns The idea is to sell the buns or products packaged in the manner shown in the stores already for use. This will result in the saving of time and fuel and avoid having a hot kitchen in the summertime. Such a ventible commodity package:

is therefore thought to be unique and worthy of practical adoption and use by container manufacturers, by bakeries, retail stores, and u sers in general.

Broni the foregoing, the construction. and operation ot the device will be readily understood and further explanation is believed tobe unnecessary.. However, since numerous modiications and. changes will readily occur to those Skilled in the art, it is n ot desired. to limit the invention to the exact construction shown. and described, and accordingly alll suit blernodifications and equivalents may be, resorted to, falling Within the scope of tbe appende@ claim.

' What is claimed as new is. as, follows:

A vendible commodity protecting and marketing package for readyfto-eat bakery products and wherein the pakage, containiugthef product lends itself to steaming for purposes of f-reshening,.if necessary, the stated product comprising, in combination, a box open at the top and having abottonrand complemental. upstanding marginal walls, saidl bottom being provided with a plurality of centrally positioned but distributively spaced steam admitting vents, said vents being formed by struck-out individual tongues. which. are normallyA ush with the bottom but are susceptible of beingforcibly pressed up Wardly and into the commodity space of the box in which position the vents are then open and readied for use, readyto-eat bakery products accessibly contained inV said commodityl space, an imperforate air tight protective wax paper wrapper completely encasing said box, said wrapper being moisture-proof but rupturable under the action of intentionally applied finger pressure, the bottom portion of the wrapper spanning the bottom wall and vents and being readily rupturable when a inger is lined up with a given vent and the cooperating portion of the Wrapper is ruptured and the, stated finger is pressed against the tongue in a manner* to force the same inwardly into the interior of the box whereby one or more of said vents are tnns opened up to: admitv steam into said space, and another portion o said wrapper being substantially transparent and spanning the open top of said box and serving as a so-called inspection window.

References Cited in the iile of this patent UNlTED STATES PATENTS OTHER REFERENCES Bread Tray, De'Gouy, page 316.

n nii

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