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Publication numberUS2778157 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 22, 1957
Filing dateNov 12, 1954
Priority dateNov 13, 1953
Publication numberUS 2778157 A, US 2778157A, US-A-2778157, US2778157 A, US2778157A
InventorsRichard Gratzer
Original AssigneeRichard Gratzer
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Toy bells
US 2778157 A
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R. GRATZER 2,778,157

110v BELLS Filed NOV. 12, 1954 R/C/fiIRD GRA TZH? 0&- 4-

ATTO NEYS United States Patent TOY BELLS Richard Gratzer, Liverpool, England Application November 12, 1954, Serial No. 468,485

Claims priority, application Great Britain November 13, 1953 1 Claim. (Cl. 46-174) This invention relates to ornamental bells of the type thin glass and used on aims to simplify the construction of such bells and so cheapen the cost of manufacture. Said bells are usually formed with a tapered re-entrant lower portion, at the apex whereof there is sealed by hand into a provided aperture a metallic loop whereto the upper end of a wire is connected; and to the free end of said wire a membar-usually a beadconstituting the bells clapper is secured.

The present invention provides a bell of attractive appearance adapted for machine manufacture and which obviates necessity for the hand-sealing in position of the before referred-to metallic loop.

In carrying out my invention, I manufacture a hollow bell body of thin glass, or other suitable materialsuch as a substance now commonly known and referred to as a plastic"-which is of conventional bell shape or configuration, but the lower end whereof is completely closed.

A clapper bead, or its equivalent, is attached to an end of a thin wire, cord, or the like, which depends within the hollow bell body and its upper end is associated with a cap piece fitted on an integral neck formed for its reception on the top of said bell body.

Preferably, a wire loop piecehaving outwardly biased spring arms which are entered through an opening in the cap and, by, frictional contact with the inner surface of holds said cap in position-provides a means clapper-carrying wire may be attached to the wire loop on the inside of the cap. Thus, the clapper is secured against upward displacement from its most effective sounding position.

To enhance the pleasing appearance of the bell, a bulbous projection may be formed in the centre of the closure of its lower end.

I will further describe my invention with the aid of the accompanying drawings which illustrate, by way of example only and not of limitation, one mode of embodiment.

2 In said drawings: Fig. 1 is a sectional elevation, and Fig. 2 is a perspective view of a toy bell. Fig. 3 is a fragmentary view, drawn to an enlarged scale as compared with the preceding views, showing the upper part of the bell and its cap prior to assembly.

bulbous projection d. A cap e, which may be of metal, is fitted to neck portion b and is apertured as at f to receive the divergent arms g of a coil spring h.

As shown most clearly in Fig. 1, said cap e is held in position by the frictional engagement of arms g against the annular shoulder a of the hollow body a under the influence of the coil spring h which is arranged to bias apart its integral arms g. The clapper of the bell is constituted by a bead or bob i attached to the lower end of a sized bells of conventional construction.

What I claim as my invention and desire to secure by Letters Patent is: An ornamental bell-shaped body bell comprising a hollow closed bottom provided with an annular shoulder and a coil spring having integral biased-apart spring arms extending through the aperture of said cap and into said body neck frictionally engaging said annular shoulder tending to retain said cap on said References Cited in the file of this patent UNITED STATES PATENTS 1,217,675 Wilmsen Feb. 27, 1917 2,353,853 Sayford July 18, 1944 2,584,223 Petelinsek Feb. 5, 1952 FOREIGN PATENTS 493,550 Belgium May 16, 1950

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U.S. Classification446/421, D11/121, 116/150
International ClassificationA47G33/00, A47G33/08
Cooperative ClassificationA47G33/0818
European ClassificationA47G33/08D