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Publication numberUS2781918 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 19, 1957
Filing dateJul 13, 1953
Priority dateJul 13, 1953
Publication numberUS 2781918 A, US 2781918A, US-A-2781918, US2781918 A, US2781918A
InventorsJr Floyd R Palm
Original AssigneeNat Lock Co
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Display and dispensing container
US 2781918 A
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Feb. 19, 1957 PALM, JR

DISPLAY AND DISPENSING CONTAINER Filed July 13. 1953 United States Patent 1 2,781,918 DISPLAY AND DISPENSING CONTAINER Floyd R. Palm, Jr., Rockford, 11]., assignor to National Lock Company, Rockford, lit, a corporation of Delaware Application July 13, 1953, Serial No. 367,673 2 Claims. (Cl. 211-128) The present invention relates to a novel display and dispensing means for displaying and dispensing packaged screws and other or similar merchandise.

Among the objects of the present invention is the provision of a novel dispenser for displaying and dispensing merchandise, such as screws or the like, and provided with multiple shelves or tiens for displaying such screws or the like that are made and sold according to size, type or style and material. To facilitate selection by the prospective purchaser of the screws or merchandise desired, these screws or the like are packaged in containers or boxes of the type disclosed 'in my co-pendin-g application Serial No. 367,665, filed July 13, 1953, consisting of a base and a cover enclosing or encompassing the base and formed of transparent material, making the contents of each package or container fully visible so that the prospective purchaser may readily select the desired package or packages and thus save substantial time and effort of both the purchaser and dealer. The cover is made slidable to secure access to the base for removal of the screws.

Another and important object of the present invention is the provision of a novel display and dispensing device for displaying and dispensing packaged screws or the like, said device being provided with multiple inclined shelves or tiers vertically spaced apart and each divided or separated into .a plurality of spaced rows for retaining in each row a plurality of the containers or boxes of screws or the like, the different rows on these shelves or tiers dividing the screws or merchandise in accordance with the size, type or style and the material of which the merchandise is made.

For example, screws in addition to being made in numerous sizes, are of dilferent types or styles such-as those provided with a flat head, a round head or an oval head, or they may be of brass, zinc plated or provided with other surface coatings. Any desired number of screws of the same size, type and style are preferably packaged in each package or container and the purchaser or customer may choose one or more of these packages or containers to satisfy his present or future needs. If each package contains twelve or more screws, it will be evident that screws of one-half inch in length will require a package or container of substantially smaller size than screws of greater length. For this reason, each shelf is divided into a plurality of rows of diiferent or varying widths and each row is adapted to receive a plurality of packages of a particular size screw whereby the diiferent size screws are separated to allow the prospective purchaser to readily make his choice.

By providing the shelves or tiers at a downward inclination as disclosed and contemplated, removal of a package or box from the lower end of a row permits those packages thereabove to automatically move or slide downwardly until it abuts a stop or another box in lower position for display. Thus the dealer by merely viewing terial from the prospective purchaser.


A further object is to provide a novel container for displaying and dispensing screws or the like merchandise from which the dealer may most effectively dispense the displayed merchandise.

Further objects and advantages will become apparent or are inherent in the present novel invention and will be readily appreciated by reference to the following description when considered in connection with the accompanying drawing.

In the drawing:

Figure 1 is a view in perspective of the novel dispenser or display and dispensing container, and showing several of the displayed packages or boxes in position on the spaced shelves or tiers, it being understood thatfor most effective display the rows are'intended to be filled with the packaged screws. 1

Pi-g. 2 is a view in vertical cross section through the novel dispenser, the view being taken in a plane represented by the line 2-2 of Fig. 3 and viewed in the direction of the arrows. j

Fig. 3 is a view in front elevation of the novel dispenser.

Fig. 4 is a view in rear elevation of the present dispenser.

Fig. 5 is an enlarged fragmentary view in horizontal cross section taken in a plane represented by the line 5-5 of Fig. 3 and viewed in the direction of the arrows.

Fig. 6 is an enlarged fragmentary view in vertical cross section of the lower, forward end of the dispenser as shown in Fig. 2. v

Fig. 7 is an enlarged fragmentary view in vertical cross section of the upper, rear end of the dispenser as shown in Fig. 2.

Referring to the detailed disclosure in the drawings and more particularly to the novel illustrative embodiment therein shown, the present invention comprehends a novel dispenser or container 10 for displaying and dispensing packaged merchandise, such as screws and the like made and sold in various sizes, styles and types and packaged in separate. boxes or containers 11 preferably in accordance with a predetermined size, style or type. For example, screws or the like are generally sold in quantities and of a particular size, type or style of head, such as flat, round or oval, or of a particular material, such as brass, steel or zinc plated,;etc.

Generally screws or similar merchandise are carrie in stock by the dealer inlarge boxes or in bins from which he selects and counts the desired number after he has determined the particular size, type or style and ma- Frequcntly such prospective purchaser is incapable of accurately describing and choosing the particular size, type or style of screw desired until the dealer brings forth various of the items for viewing by the customer. All of this is obviated by the present invention for the screws or similar articles in the various sizes, styles and types are all available on the present novel dispenser where they are most effectively displayed and from which the purchaser may readily select one or more packages, as desired.

The novel dispenser 10 has spaced side walls 12 an 13 to which are affixed a plurality of vertically spaced and inclined shelves or tiers 14, 14 14 and 14 by means ofrivets or other suitable fastening means. Each side wall is provided with a vertically extending inturned flange 15 at the rear and a horizontally extending inturned flange 16 at the base. Extending across the front of the dis penser beneath the forward edge of the lower shelf 14, is an inclined wall 17 having an inturned base flange 18, inturned side flanges 19 and an inturned top flange 20, the side flanges 1? being riveted or otherwise secured to the exterior of the side walls 12 and 13 and the base flange 18 secured to the flanges 16 at the base of the side walls 'tively narrow and is shown downwardly inclined in substantial conformity with the shelves 14, 14 14 and 14, and at its forward edge 25 is turned or bent downwardly and inwardly whereby no sharp or protruding edges present themselves to the dealer or prospective customer.

Transverse supports or flanged members 26 substantially bridge the side walls 12 and 13 and each supports the upper end of one of the shelves 14, 14, 14 and 14, and

transverse supports or V-shaped flanged members 27 substantially bridge the side walls 12 and 13 and each supports the lower end of each of the shelves 14, 14 14 and 14.

Each of the supports 26 has its upper flange 28 (Fig. 7)

riveted or otherwise aflixed to the adjacent end of the shelves, and the lower end of the shelves is aflixed to a flange 29 (Fig. 6) on the supports 27 by rivets or other attaching means. To rigidly support these shelves 14,

14 14 and 14 to the side walls 12 and 13, each is provided with an inturned or downwardly turned flange 31 at the opposite edges thereof which are rigidly affixed to the interior of the side walls 12 and 13 by rivets or other securing means.

Each shelf is provided with longitudinally extending ribs 32 disposed in spaced relation with the adjacent ribs adapted to receive therebetween a plurality of the pack ages or boxes 11 containing a desired quantity of screws or other merchandise of a desired type or style'adapted to be packaged and dispensed in this manner. Each box or package fits conformably between the adjacent ribs 32 of a designated row and preferably each package or box in a particular row contains the same size and type or style, it being intended that the dispenser contain a suflicient number of shelves 14 and a sufficient number of rows 33 on each shelf defined or formed by the upstanding ribs 31, as to provide a row for each size, style or type of screw or other merchandise displayed. However, where several sizes, styles or types of screws or other merchandise are not sold as frequently as others and sufficient room is not available for these to occupy separate rows, and their boxes or containers fit conformably in a single row, they may be combined.

Preferably each row 33 is marked on the front or face of the flange 34 of the lower supports 27 and on the rear of the flange 35 of the upper supports 26 with size and number or style of screws contained in each row 33, the marking at the front to facilitate the prospective purchaser in choosing the desired screws and the marking at the back to facilitate the dealer in replenishing the stock in any row 33.

The present novel dispenser may be placed on a counter, showcase or other support and is preferably provided with rubber grommets or feet 36 for that purpose, or the dispenser may be supported, by or depend from screws, hooks or the like and for that reason the rear flange 24 is provided with key-hole slots 37.

The space provided at 38 beneath the shelves 14, 14, 14 and 14 and accessible from the rear of the dispenser 10, provides storage space for additional boxes or packages, 11 when the dispenser is mounted or supported upon a counter, showcase or the like.

The structure of the base or frame of the present novel dispenser including the inclined and offset shelves with their ribs or embossments dividing each of the shelves into a plurality of longitudinally extending or parallel rows, is preferably formed of relatively light weight sheet metal which when assembled is sufliciently rigid and has the inherent strength capable of withstanding relatively rough usage and abuse.

Having thus disclosed the invention, I claim:

1. In a dispenser for displaying and dispensing packaged merchandise such as screws and other merchandise, a metal frame for said dispenser having spaced side Walls, a relatively narrow and forwardly and downwardly inclined top wall having 21 depending flange at each end joined to a side wall and a depending flange at the rear thereof for supporting said dispenser in elevated position and for connecting the rear upper end of the side walls, a relatively narrow and downwardly inclined front wall connecting the forward, lower end of the side walls, multiple continuous shelves mounted within the frame and bridging the side walls with these shelves disposed in spaced parallel relation and inclined downwardly and forwardly to facilitate sliding of the contained packages to a lower position, the opposite ends of each shelf extending to and joined to the side walls at the forward edge of said walls, longitudinally extending arcuate ribs forming integral divisions on each shelf for separating these shelves into rows of varying widths for receiving packages of predetermined widths, means for supporting the opposite sides of said shelves, a transverse flange member bridging the side walls for supporting the upper end of said shelves, and a transverse flanged member for supporting the forward end of each shelf and bridging the forward edge of the side walls, each of said last mentioned flanged members having a flange secured to the lower, forward end of a shelf and another flange providing an elevated abutment at the forward, lower end of its shelf for intercepting the lower package of each row of a shelf and retaining the packages in display and dispensing position.

2. A display and dispensing container for boxes of screws and other merchandise, comprising a metal frame including side walls with the upper and the forward edge of each side wall being inclined downwardly, a downwardly inclined top wall having depending end flanges secured to and overlapping the upper inclined edges of the side walls and a rear flange secured to and bridging the side walls at the rear of the container, a plurality of shelves mounted in spaced parallel relation and in a forwardly and downwardly inclined position in said frame between said side walls and withlheir forward edges offset and projecting to the inclined forward edge of the side walls, each shelf comprising a continuous sheet having anchoring flanges at its opposite sides for attachment to the side walls and spaced embossments providing integral ribs for dividing each shelf into separate rows with each row adapted to receive and display thereon a plurality of boxes, a transversely extending angle member for each shelf connected to and supporting the rear end of its shelf and a transversely extending angle member for each shelf having a rearwardly and upwardly projecting flange connected to and supporting the front end of each shelf in inclined position and having an upstanding flange on which is designated the size of the screws or designation of the merchandise in the boxes in each row of the shelves, said upstanding flange at the front end of each shelf bridging the forward inclined edges of the side walls and providing a stop against which the lowermost box in each row abouts with the shelves inclined in a manner to permit the boxes in each row to slide downwardly as a lower box is removed.

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