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Publication numberUS278240 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 22, 1883
Publication numberUS 278240 A, US 278240A, US-A-278240, US278240 A, US278240A
InventorsGeorge P. Hunt
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George p
US 278240 A
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(N0 Model.)


' LIFE PRBSBRVE No. 278,240, Patented May 22,1883.

M m :mllrl k W lHm1IW1 w 1 1 Hu WI! WW *lilillllll" UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE.




SPECIFICATION formingpart of Letters Patent No. 278,240, dated May 22, 1883.

h Application filed October 16, 1882. (No model.)

To all whom it may concern: tube is preferably passed through two loops,

Be it known that I, GEORGE P. HUNT, of e 0, so that while it will be out'of the way 01" o San Francisco, in the county of San Francisco the wearer of thejacket when it is not in use, and State of California, have invented certain it can be conveniently and instantly brought 5 new and usetul Improvements in Life-Preinto use for inflating the sack with air.

serving Jackets; and I do hereby declare that To the end of the tube (3 a mouthpiece is thelollowing is afull, clear, and exact descripsecured, which consists of a metal tube, 9, in tion thereof, reference being had to the accomwhich is applied a valve, h, opening inward, or panyiug drawings, and to the letters of referinto the sack through tube 0. The stem t of o ence marked thereon, which form part of this this valve works through suitable guides, and specification, in whichone end ot'this stern slightly protrudes beyond Figure 1. is a front elevation of the jacket the end of the mouth-piece, as shown in Fig. as applied. Fig. 2 is a rear elevation of the 4, so that by pressing this stem inward with same. Fig. 3 shows a form of sack. Fig. 4 the teeth the valve h will leave its seat and 1 is a central vertical section of the valve. Figs. the sack B can be quickly inflated with air 5 and 6 are transverse sections of the same. from the lungs. By releasing the valve alight The object of myinvention is to provide an spring and the pressure of air in the sack will 6 ordinary bathing-jacket with a light flexible shut the valve against. its seat and preventair-tight sack, which is suitably adapted in the air in the sack from escaping. If at any '20 shape and size to the front, sides, and back of time it is desired to empty the sack of air, this thejacket, and which is provided at the breast can be done by pressingon the valve-stein and with a flexible tube and a mouth-piece havcompressing the sack. 7o ing a spring-actuated valve in it, whereby the Owing to the peculiar shape of the sack and wearer of the jacket to which the sack is seits distribution about the body of a person "Q cured can easily inflate the latter from his wearing the jacket, it will not incommode a lungs, whether he be in the water or on land, bather either when it is inflated with air or as will be understood from the followingdecollapsed; and as the sack is secured to the 7 scription. outside of thejacket the latter will form a linln the annexed drawings, A designates the ing for it, and protect the breast and back of 0 body of an ordinary bathing-jacket, which is the wearer from sudden chilliness when enterprovided with sleeves and adapted to be'but' iug or leaving the water. toned in front, and, if desired, provided with Having described my invention, I claimbuttons around the bottom for the attachment The combination of-the single-ply jacket A, of the pants. the air-holding band 01, the air-holding back- B designates an air-proof sack, which is piece a, the air-holdingbreast-pieces c c, the preferably made of india-rubber, of the form, flexible tube 0, the loops 0 c therefor, the when spread out flat, shown in Fig. 3. This mouthpiece g, tongue-pin i, and a valve and 8 form gives a broad 'back portion, a, a transspring applied to this pin, all constructed and verse bottom or skirt portion, 01, and two naradapted to operate substantially in the man- 0 row breast portions, 0 c. This sack is made ner and for the purposes described.

double, and the inner thickness is suitably se- In testimony that 1 claim the foregoing as cured to the cloth jacket, so that it willpartly my ownl aflix my signature in presence of two 0 cover the back, the sides, and the breast, as witnesses. shown in the drawings, Figs. 1 and-2; but the 4 5 arms should be left entirely free.

To one of the breast portions 0 of the sack Witnesses:

a tube, 0, is suitably attached, so as to com- 0. H. H. HALL, municate with the interior of the sack. This JOHN GoRwINE.


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