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Publication numberUS2783061 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 26, 1957
Filing dateOct 30, 1953
Priority dateOct 30, 1953
Publication numberUS 2783061 A, US 2783061A, US-A-2783061, US2783061 A, US2783061A
InventorsOwen Leonard V
Original AssigneeInt Harvester Co
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Display binder
US 2783061 A
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Feb. 26, 1957' L E 2,783,061

DISPLAY BINDER Filed Oct. 30, 1953 J1 9 //WE/VTO/? LEONA/PD v. OWE/V P0444 p.

ATTORNEY United States Patent DISPLAY BINDER Leonard V. Owen, Chicago, Ill., assignor to International Harvester Company, a corporation of New Jersey Application October 30, 1953, Serial No. 389,305

1 Claim. (Cl. 281-63) This invention relates to an improvement in a display device and more particularly to a display binder of a type which can be quickly assembled in position for displaying a number of hinged sheets in sequence carrying descriptive advertising material or the like.

It is a prime object to provide an improved display binder which can be easily carried in a relatively fiat and folded position and which may be quickly assembled into an upright position wherein a plurality of sheets within the binder may be displayed in an effective and simple manner.

A more specific object of the invention is to provide an improved easel-type display binder adapted to be placed in an upright position, wherein a folder containing a ring or loose-leaf binder may be supported in an open and upright position whereupon each of the sheets supported by the ring binder can be displayed in sequence.

A still more specific object is to provide an improved display binder comprising an easel-type of support having hinged panels, one of which is provided with a pocket, the combination including a folder having first and second covers suitably hingedly connected by a relatively stiff flap, the first cover being adapted to be held within the pocket so that the rigid flap may be folded into an overlapping position with respect to the second cover, where by the second cover may be held in engagement with the panel of the easel in an upright position and extends upwardly with respect to the first cover.

These and further objects will become more readily apparent from a reading of the specification when examined in connection with the accompanying sheet of drawing.

In the drawing:

Figure 1 is a perspective view of an improved display binder shown in a display position;

Figure 2 is an elevational view of a display binder shownin a display position; and

Figure 3 is a side elevation of the display binder shown in Figures 1 and 2 in a closed or carrying position.

Referring to the figures, a display binder is generally designated by the reference character 10. The display binder comprises an easel-type support 11 including first and second panels 12 and 13 hingedly connected together as indicated at 14. The panels 12 and 13, as best shown in Figure 2, are connected by means of a flexible or collapsible strap 15. Thus, the lower ends of the panels 12 and 13 may be laterally spaced to provide the easel-type structure indicated. The panel 12 is provided with a pocket 16 which includes an opening 17 disposed adjacent the outer surface of the first panel 12. The pocket 17 may be made of a suitable paper or cardboard sheet material.

A folder is generally designated by the reference character 18. The folder 18 comprises first and second covers 19 and 2%. Each cover, as indicated in Figure 3, is provided with an inner side 21 and an outer side 22. The inner side 21 of the first cover 19 is provided with a conventional type of loose-leaf retainer indicated at 23.

Patented Feb. 2%, 1957 The loose-leaf retainer 23 hingedly supports a plurality of sheets or display cards, generally designated at 24.

The edges of the covers 19 and 20, immediately adjacent the loose-leaf retainer 23, are hingedly connected by means of a rigid or relatively stiff flap 25.

In Figure 3, the display binder 10 is shown in a collapsed position. In this position it can be appreciated that the binder can be easily carried within a salesmans case. The first cover 19 is slidingly and removably dis posed within the pocket 16 so that the folder 18 is firmly held in assembly with the easel-type support 11. When it is desired to display the display cards 24, the panels 12 and 13 of the easel-type support 11 are spread apart in the position indicated in Figures 1 and 2. Thus, an upright support for the folder 18 is provided. The person conducting the display now slides the first cover 19 upwardly a short distance within the pocket 16 and he thereupon moves the flap 25 to the position indicated in Figures 1 and 2. In other words, the flap 25 is moved into overlapping relation with respect to the outer side 22 of the first cover 19. The second cover 20 now is also in overlapping position with respect to the cover 19 and is in engagement with the outer surface of the first panel 12. The cover 20 extends upwardly above the cover 19 and provides a surface on which the display cards 24 may rest. The display cards 24 are held in the upright position against the cover 20 by virtue of the connection of the loose-leaf retainer 23 to the cover 19, which positions them in an over-center position. Thus, the cards can be readily displayed and it is a simple matter to hinge the cards downwardly for displaying successive cards.

Though the disclosure in Figures 1 and 2 shows the flap 25 in overlapping relation with respect to the outer side 22 of the cover 19, it can be appreciated that the flap can also be disposed at substantially a right angle with respect to the covers 19 and 20, so that the fiap 25 lies between the panel 12 and the outer side 21 of the cover 19. By virtue of the pocket connection of the cover 19 to the panel 12, and due to the position of the flap 25 relative to the easel support 11, the cover 20 is securely and rigidly held in the position indicated in Figures 1 and 2. After the display has served its purpose, it'is a simple matter to pull upwardly on the cover 20 while firmly holding the cover 19 in place in the pocket 16, whereupon the folder 18 again quickly assumes the position shown in Figure 3.

Thus, it can be seen that an improved display device or binder has been provided which will effectively accomplish the objects of the invention. It must be appreciated that changes and modifications can be made which do not depart from the spirit of the invention as disclosed nor the scope thereof as defined in the appended claims.

What is claimed is:

For an easel support comprising a first panel having a pocket on an outer face thereof, a second panel hingedly connected to said first panel, and flexible means connecting said panels whereby said panels may have end portions laterally spaced to support said easel support in an upright position; a display folder supported on said support, said folder having first and second covers, each cover normally having inner and outer sides and adjacent edges, a stiff flap substantially coextensive with the adjacent edges of said covers, means hingedly connecting said stiff flap to the adjacent edges of said covers whereby said covers may be hingedly moved relative to said flap, and a loose leaf retainer connected to the inner side of said first cover adjacent said hinged flap for normally supporting a plurality of sheets in hinged relation between said covers, said first cover being slidably and removably disposed within said pocket, said flap being hingedly movable at times in overlapping relation with 3 4 respect to the outer side of said first cover into an open References Cited in the, file of this patent folder position whereby said second cover also overlaps UNITED STATES PATENTS said outer side of said first cover, the entire overlapping flap being disposed substantially below the upper edge of 1'2O7434 B 16 said first panel whereby said outer side of said second 5 55 g g? cover is 1n flat contiguous engagement with a substantial 2,523,202 Ericson Sept. 1950 upper portion of the outer face of the first panel, whereby the inner side of said second cover provides means to FOREIGN PATENTS support the plurality of hinged sheets in a display position. 15 935 Great Britain June 21 1911

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