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Publication numberUS2784672 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 12, 1957
Filing dateMar 15, 1954
Priority dateMar 15, 1954
Publication numberUS 2784672 A, US 2784672A, US-A-2784672, US2784672 A, US2784672A
InventorsWallace John H
Original AssigneeUs Electrical Motors Inc
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Fluid pump drive
US 2784672 A
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March 12, 1957 J. H. WALLACE' FLUID Puur DRIVE Filed uarch 15. 1954 rA//v fl. M42/.LACE



United States Patent 2,784,672 FLUID PUMP DRIVE John H. Wallace, Milford, Conn., assignor to U. S. Electrical Motors, Inc., Los Angeles, Calif., a corporation of California Application March 15, 1954, Serial N o. 416,147

1 Claim. (Cl. 103-87) This invention relates to a pumping system, and more particularly to -an electric motor operated pump.

It is one of the objects of this invention to provide an electric motor drive for a pump that is of economical size. This is accomplished by cooling the motor by the flow of uid that is pumped. Accordingly, such cooling makes it possible to use a much smaller motor than otherwise, thereby effecting a very material saving in cost. For example, the output of a three horsepower motor can be raised substantially, to about five horsepower, without any intolerable temperature rise.

It is another object of this invention to improve in general, apparatus of this character.

This invention possesses many other advantages, and has other objects which may be made more clearly apparent from a consideration of one embodiment of the invention. For this puropse, there is shown a form in the drawings accompanying and forming part of the present specification. This form will now be described in detail, illustrating the general principles of the invention; but it is to be understood that this detailed description is not to be taken in a limiting sense, since the scope of this invention is best defined by the appended claim.

Referring to the drawings:

Figure 1 is a longitudinal pictorial sectional View of an embodiment of the invention; and

Figs. 2 and 3 are sectional views, taken along the planes indicated by lines 2-2 and 3-3 of Fig. 1.

The pump drive structure includes generally an electric motor 1 and a centrifugal pump 2 directly driven by the motor.

The motor 1 is shown in this instance as provided with a base 3, a stator frame 4, and an end bearing bracket 5. The stator 4 supports the stator laminations 6 -in the slots of which are disposed the stator windings 7. The rotor 8 may be of the squirrel cage type. It is shown as mounted upon the motor shaft 9. The left-hand end of this shaft is mounted in an appropriate rolling bearing structure 10. Adjacent the right-hand end of the rotor 8, a similar bearing structure 11 is provided.

The frame 4 is shown in this instance as integral with an end wall 12. Located in an opening of this end wall, a pump packing seal structure 13 is indicated, through which shaft 9 extends.

The end wall 12 cooperates with a casing 14 to define a pump space 15. Cooperating shoulders 16, defined respectively on the end wall 12 and the casing 14, serve to maintain these two parts in appropriate position, and they may be attached together by appropriate bolts or screws.

The shaft 9 has a reduced extension 17 directly extending into the space 15 and directly coupled to an impeller runner 18. This impeller runner 18 lis located in the space 15. It is provided with a series of vanes 19. These vanes are disposed between the walls 20 and 21 of the runner 18 and may be of conventional form, usually utilized in centrifugal pumps.

The inlet to the pump structure is defined by an axial opening 22 in communication with the exterior of casing 14, and with the spaces between the vanes 19.

A pump outlet aperture or opening 23 (Fig. 2) is formed inthe casing 14 and is arranged so as to open into the space 15 adjacent the periphery of the impeller runner 18.

The pump may be utilized for pumping any of various liquids, such las water, gasoline, or oil, and is generally represented as a .conventional form of centrifugal pump.

In order to make it possible to use a motor 1 having a lower rating for driving the pump, provisions are made for cooling the motor by circulating the liquid being pumped through a cooling jacket 29 in the stator frame 4. Such a cooling jacket is formed in this instance by the aid of the outer wall of the stator 4, as well as in an inwardly spaced wall 24 thereof. This `cooling jacket 29 is shown most clearly in Fig. 1. It extends toward the right as far as the end wall 12, and an annular flange 25 defines the left-hand end of this `cooling jacket 29. The manner in which some of the liquid being pumped is circulated through this jacket 29 will now be described.

A ring 26 is disposed annularly around the shaft 9 and supported upon the end wall 12 by the aid of a shoulder 27. This ring extends between the end wall 12 and the pump runner wall 20. That portion of the space 15 which extends radially outwardly of the ring 26 is subjected substantially to outlet pressure since it is in uid communication with the outlet 23 via space 15.

A jacket inlet aperture 28 is formed in the end Wall 12 for passing some of the fluid or liquid from the space 15 into the jacket 29. An outlet aperture 30 for jacket 29 is formed in wall 12, diametrically opposite the inlet aperture 2S. This aperture 30 is disposed radially inwardly of the ring 26 and serves to pass the liquid or fluid being pumped into the space immediately surroundingy the shaft 9 to the right of the sealing members 13. From this space the liquid or fluid can enter the spaces between vanes 19 by way of one or more apertures 31 extending through the wall 20. Accordingly, the liquid or fluid passing outwardly of the jacket 29 enters into a low pressure area of the pump structure.

Only a small portion of the liquid or uid being pumped is by-passed through the jacket 29. Furthermore, the pressure exerted upon the wall 20 by the liquid or fluid to the left of this wall serves at least partially to counterbalance the pump thrust.

To the left of the sealing members 13, a space 32 is provided in frame 4, said space being in communication with the exterior by the aid of an aperture 33. This aperture 33 extends through a round boss 34 transverse to the jacket 29, and formed integrally with the frame 4.

The inventor claims:

ln a cooling system for a motor operated pump: a motor housing member having a substantially circular recess at one end for accommodation of stator laminations for the motor, said housing having a wall at the opposite end extending in a plane substantially normal to the axis of the recess; said housing having means forming a jacket extending about the recess; a bracket cooperable with the wall to dene a chamber for a centrifugal pump impeller; said wall having a circular shoulder extending about said axis; and a ring retained by the shoulder and partially projecting therebeyond for engaging one side of a pump impeller in said chamber; said wall having a pair of ports on opposite sides of the axis, and each extending between the chamber and said jacket, one of said ports opening in the chamber within the ring, and the other of said ports opening in the chamber beyond the ring.

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U.S. Classification417/370, 310/54
International ClassificationH02K5/12
Cooperative ClassificationH02K5/12
European ClassificationH02K5/12