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Publication numberUS2787791 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 9, 1957
Filing dateApr 13, 1953
Priority dateApr 13, 1953
Publication numberUS 2787791 A, US 2787791A, US-A-2787791, US2787791 A, US2787791A
InventorsHoward King John, Linney Albert T
Original AssigneeHoward King John, Linney Albert T
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Vizor cap
US 2787791 A
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WW0 h .H. MW g m U W 6 April 1 A. T. LINNEY ETAL VIZOR CAP Filed April 13, 1953 line -5 of in which the 2,7 87 ,791 VIZOR CAP Albert T. Linney and John Howard King, Lexington, Ky.

Application April 13, 1953, Serial No. 348,204 3 Claims. (Ci. 2-497) This invention relates to a combination vizor, such as a sun vizor, and cap. This invention relates particularly to a vizor head band, which may be referred to as a vizor cap, which cap is made from heavy paper, plastic or other suitable material. However, the invention is not so limited, in that it may be constructed from other types of material.

An object of this invention is to provide a combination vizor and cap which can be readily folded into a flat body or laid out in one flat section for ease in packing, shipping or storing.

Another object of the invention is to provide a vizor cap which has an interlocking head band which is easily adjustable and which cannot slip out of adjustment while being worn.

Another object of the invention is to provide a simply made foldable vizor cap which has a vizor which readily shapes itself into wearing firmly retained in proper position while the cap is being worn.

Other objects and advantages reside in the construction of parts, the combination thereof and the mode of operation, as will become more apparent from the following description.

In the drawing, Figure l vizor cap of this invention, head.

Figure 2 is a fiat view of the vizor cap in its unfolded and extended position.

Figure 3 is a flat view of the vizor cap as it appears folded into a fiat body for packing or storage.

Figure 4 is a fragmentary, elevational view of the interlocking portion of the head band.

Figure 5 is a sectional view taken substantially on the Figure 4.

\ a fragmentary, side sectional view of the vizor and front portion of the cap, disclosing the manner vizor forms itself upon the cap when the vizor cap is placed in its wearing position.

Referring to the drawings, reference numeral desigof this invention, the various portions is a perspective view of the as it is worn upon a persons Figure 6 is of which preferably comprise one integral unit. The vizor cap has a head band 12 and a front portion 14 which are joined by the dotted fold lines 16.

A vizor is attached to the front portion 14 by a plurality of straight line slits 22, as clearly shown in Figure 2. The straight line slits 22 provide means by which a fold is easily made along that line. The vizor 20 also has an arcuate fold line or score line 26. A section 27 is formed between the slits 22 and the arcuate score line 26.

At one end of the head band 12 is a slotted portion 31). A plurality of parallel slots 34 are angularly disposed in the portion 30. At the other end of the head band 12 is a locking notch 36 having a curved edge 38. The notch 36 is angularly disposed with respect to the head band 12. An end tip 39 is adapted to be inserted through any one of the slots 34 and locked to the portion by means of the locking notch 36, thus providing a head band which is adjustable in size. Due to the fact that the slots 34 are angularly disposed in the portion 30, the end tip 39 is easily inserted through one of the slots 34. After the end tip 39 is inserted through an angular slot 34, adjusted size of the head band is firmly locked. The curved edge 38 of the angularly disposed notch 36 is rigid material, such as position and which vizor is d adapted to readily lock 2,787,79'l Patented Apr. 9, 1957 into one of the slots 34. The

locking effect is clearly shown in Figures 4 and 5.

if it it into When the sun vizor cap along the straight arcuate score line front portion As a result of the folds along the arcuate score is made l and a line pos' portion 14,

is found that a particular locked position head band makes the head the size may from the slot another slot 34 to obtain the iii. automatically maintained at to the front it abuts the portion front portion as best shown in Figure 6.

of the band too large or too small, be readily changed by removing the tip 39 34 into which it is positioned and inserting proper head fit.

is formed for wearing, a f

line slits 22 and along the 2d. The vizor then extends from the 14 at the proper angle, as shown in Figures 22, when the vizor cap 18 a persons head, the vizor is firmly and the proper angle with respect 14. The section 27 is folded so that 14 along the length of the front This front portion 2'7 is bounded along the top by an arc, subtended by a cord forming the For packing or storage, flat, as shown in body, as shown in sun vizor caps may The vizor cap can be easily and quickly formed space.

lower boundary.

Figure 2, or may be folded into a flat Figure 3. Therefore, a number of the be efficiently positioned within a given and locked into the shape shown in Figure l.

The vizor insignia, lett advertising 0 Although the been described, view of this invention various changes may the form, d the combination thereof and mode of stated consist in generally cap may have printed upon it any suitable errng or colors to make it attractive, for r for other purposes.

preferred embodiment of the device has it will be understood that within the purbe made in etails, proportion and arrangement of parts,

which a device capable of carrying out the objects set forth, as disclosed and defined in the appended claims.

Having thus described our invention, 1. A vizor cap comprising a single said piece of we claim: piece of material, material including a head band adapted to encircle the head, said head band including a front section a vizor and an intermediate section joining the front section of the head band to the vizor, said interorned to the head band along a scored line and an arcuate scored line defining the line scored line and outwardly along said arcuate scored line so as to cause the vizor terminating in the arcuate score line to form an angularly disposed curved vizor.

2. A vizor cap according to claim band consists of the above 1, wherein the head mentioned front portion and two side bands, the ends of the side bands being adjustably attached together.

3. A vizor cap according to claim band consists of the above 1, wherein the heat mentioned front portion ant two side bands, one of the side bands being provided wit a plurality of diagonally disposed slots, the other sid hand being provided with a tip subtended by a lockin the notch to lock the head band in a selected slot.

References Qited in the file of this patent UNTTED STATES PATENTS the vizor cap may be laid out

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