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Publication numberUS2788651 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 16, 1957
Filing dateDec 13, 1955
Priority dateDec 31, 1954
Publication numberUS 2788651 A, US 2788651A, US-A-2788651, US2788651 A, US2788651A
InventorsQwarnstrom Gustaf Edwin
Original AssigneeQwarnstrom Gustaf Edwin
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Plucking tools
US 2788651 A
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April 16, 1957 Filed Dec. 15, lss

Fig. I

G- E. QWARNSTROM PLUCKING TOOLS 3 Sheets-Sheet l I I I I 44mm;

Ba Ba INVENTOR April 16, 1957 s. E. QWARNSTROM PLUCKING TOOLS 3 Sheets-Sheet 2 Filed Dec. 13, 1955 April 1957 s. E. QWARNSTROM 2,788,651

' PLUCKING TOOLS Filed Dec. 13, 1955 :s Sh' ets-Sheet a Fig. 3

INVENTOR 6 us "Tm Fm wn/ 4 w wn/s g' BY m ' ATTORNEY PLUCKING TOOLS Gustaf Edwin Qwarnstrom, Borlange, Sweden Application December 13, 1955, Serial No. 552,896

Claims priority, application Sweden December 31, 1954 Claims. (CI. 69-20) The invention relates to a plucking tool, that is a tool for the plucking out of bristles from a for so that the woolly hair becomes prominent and the appearance of the fur is thereby improved.

Such tools or machines are already known per se and the object of the present invention is to provide a simplified and improved embodiment of such a tool which permits the re-adjustment of the tooleven during operation according to the varying length of the bristles. In a manner known in itself the tool comprises a pair of rollers adapted to be pressed against one another for pulling out the bristles which rollers are carried by a foot or other suitable support.

The tool according to the present invention comprises a foot which is adapted to stroke over the fur and mem bers for shifting the foot up or down for the adjustment of the height of the rollers with respect to the foot.

In a preferred embodiment the adjustment is effected by means of a tooth rack gearing, a spindle or the like, and this element may conveniently be designed as an indicator so that the adjustment may be read.

Further features of the invention will become clear from the following description of an embodiment, as illustrated by way of example, in the accompanying drawings, in which:

Figure 1 is a part sectional side elevation of a plucking tool according to the invention,

Figure 2 is a horizontal longitudinal section,

Figure 3 is a front elevation of the tool, and,

Figure 4 shows a detail of the indicator member.

Referring to these drawings the body 1, of the tool consists of a box shaped frontal portion open at the bottom, which is extended rearwardly by a stem. The tool rests on the fur to be plucked by means of a foot 3 provided with comb teeth said foot being shiftable up and down by means of a toothed rack 4 having teeth 5. The raising and lowering of the toothed rack 4 is effected by means of a shaft journalled in the stem of the tool and provided with an operating knob 11 which drives by means of bevel gears 9, 8, a shaft 7, which in turn operates the toothed rack 4 by means of a pinion 6. At the upper end the toothed rack 4 engages an arm 12 which moves in unison with the toothed rack and transmits the movement to a pointer 13, the deflection of which can be read ofi on a scale 14.

For tearing out the bristles 34 and thereby laying bare the woolly hair 33, a pair of rollers 21, 22 is mounted above the foot 3. This pair of rollers is driven by an electric motor 2 mounted in the upper portion of the tool, in the following manner: The shaft 15 of the motor 2 drives through a bevel gear 16 a bevel crown 17 which 2i: tates Patent 0 2,788,651 Patented Apr. 16, T1957 carries on its shaft a gear wheel 18 which meshes with a first intermediate gear wheel 19, which drives the rear roller 21, journalled fixedly, by means of a gear wheel 20 and which drives a second intermediate gear wheel 23, which is mounted on a shaft 25 and in turn drives the front roller 22 through an intermediate gear wheel 23a. The roller 22 is journalled in a bracket 24 mounted on the shaft 25 of its associated intermediate gear wheel. The bracket 24 is made to rock the front roller towards the rear roller in that its upper end 26 is operated by the rod 27, which is in turn shifted by a transverse rod 28 mounted movably in the transverse direction and which is operated by a locking handle 29. The latter is mounted eccentrically about an axle 30, and its outer end is biased outwardly by means of springs 32. When the handle 2 is forced towards the stern of the tool, the rollers are disengaged from one another, whereas they are forced against one another when the locking handle is released.

The front roller runs even in the tilted positions and is accordingly always ready for action. The rotational speed of the rollers can be varied, e. g. by changing the size of the intermediate gear wheels 20 and 23a. In order to improve on the gripping of the bristles, the rollers may be lined with rubber, plastic material or the like, and may even have a profilation, if desired. According to the present embodiment the rear roller is provided with a fiat screw thread.

What I claim is:

1. A plucking tool comprising in combination a pair of rollers for the pulling out of the bristles from a fur, a support for carrying said rollers, means for pressing said rollers against one another, means for stroking the support over the fur, and means for shifting the support up and down in the tool for the adjustment of the height of the rollers in unison in relation to the support, said last-mentioned means including a toothed rack driving mechanism and an indicator to indicate the height of the rollers in respect to the support.

2. A plucking tool comprising a pair of plucking rollers, a support for carrying said rollers, a comb foot mounted on said support having comb teeth extending horizontally in the general direction of motion of the tool over the fur, a bracket member transversing said comb teeth above the same behind the forward edges thereof and in front of said rollers holding the rollers and comb teeth in spaced relationship, and means for adjusting the height of said rollers, in relation to said support, said adjusting means including indicator means cooperating with the rollers for indication of the height of the rollers.

3. A plucking tool as set forth in claim 2, in which said support includes a toothed rack adjusting mechanism for the adjustment of the height of the rollers, said toothed rack mechanism simultaneously driving said indicator means for indication of the height of the rollers in relation to said support.

4. A plucking tool as set forth in claim 3, in which said toothed rack adjusting mechanism is located behind said pair of plucking rollers.

5. A plucking tool as set forth in claim 2, in which said support comprises a box-shaped member open at the bottom thereof and provided with a rearwardly extending handle.

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