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Publication numberUS2788816 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 16, 1957
Filing dateNov 2, 1953
Priority dateSep 10, 1953
Publication numberUS 2788816 A, US 2788816A, US-A-2788816, US2788816 A, US2788816A
InventorsPaul Dargols
Original AssigneePaul Dargols
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Screw-driving tool
US 2788816 A
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April 16, 1957 P. DARGOLS SCREW-DRIVING TOOL Filed Nov, 2, 1953 Ilnira i juvenfiaf; flaw DAMoLs United States Patent Olfice 2,788,816 atented Apr. 16, 1957 SCREW-DRIVING TOOL Paul Dargols, Paris, France Application November 2, 1953, Serial No. 389,776

Claims priority, application France September 10, 1953 2 Claims. (Cl. 145-50) Persons who use screwdrivers are well aware that the screwdriver tips sometimes slip out of the slotted part of the screw.

The present invention aims, in a primary object, to provide a novel screwdriver wherein the tip cooperating with cylindrical head screws is constantly guided during rotat-ion.

Another object of the invention is to provide a screwdriver of the foregoing type, having a handle as close to its tip as possible.

Other objects, features, and advantages will become apparent from the following description and from the drawings, in which:

Figure 1 represents a cross-section of the screwdriver according to the invention.

Figure 2 is an elevated sectional view of the same device.

Figure 3 illustrates a multi-purpose screwdriver embodying some characteristics of the invention.

Figure 4 represents a handle adaptable to such a multipurpose screwdriver.

Figure 5 is a perspective view of the screw driver shown in Figures 1 and 2 partially in section.

As shown in Figs. 1 and 2, the screwdriver is constituted by a cylindrical sleeve 1 and a blade 2. Said sleeve is provided with diametrically opposite longitudinal slots, in which said blade is inserted said blade constituting means for engaging the tip of the screw. The internal diameter of said sleeve is preferably larger than the diameter of the cylindrical head of the screw to be driven, said sleeve engaging said head and holding it in a centered position; so that it is not necessary to exert excessive pressure against the head to prevent the screwdriver from slipping out of engagement with the tip of the screw.

In use on small screws, the screwdriver is also small and may escape the hand. In that case, the fingers must engage at least a projection preventing the screwdriver from slipping. Moreover if used on small screws, the blade 2 must be thick; if said blade does not extend beyond the sleeve, a turning force cannot be exerted on the head.

The invention aims to provide a screwdriver in which a diametral blade 2 projects and extends beyond a sleeve 1.

As shown in the drawing, the cylindrical sleeve 1 terminates at one of its ends into a hemispherical or cup-shaped closure; the latter has a diametral slot communicating at each end with the longitudinal slots in the sleeve; said longitudinal slots extend only over a portion of the length of the sleeve; the blade 2, inserted in said slots, projects outside said sleeve and its closure, and on the other hand, resting on the bottom of the longitudinal slots, projects a distance from the closed end of the sleeve inside the latter. As a result, blade 2 serves simultaneously as a screw-driver engaging the head of the screw inside the sleeve and as a handle for driving the screw by rotat-ion around the axis of said sleeve, without the use or requirement of any other operating means.

It will be readily understood that it will be particularly advantageous to group on a same tool the different instruments used for adjusting or dismantling either one or different machines located in the same section.

In Fig. 3, it will be seen that a same plate 3 constitutes a common cross member for several sleeves 4, each of which is difierent in diameter. In that embodiment, plate 2 of Figs. 1 and 2 is enlarged into a circular plate of diameter substantially greater than that of sleeve 1; a number of sleeves, each with its closure and slots, as described heretofore, are distributed at intervals on, and in engagement with the periphery of said enlarged circular plate 3, which serves as a handle and screw-driver for the plurality of sleeves and screws fitted in the latter. In that embodiment, when one of the sleeves is used for screwdriving, the other sleeves, projecting outward from the plate 3, form the aforesaid projections which may be engaged by the fingers for a safe grip on the tool.

Finally, for special purposes, it may be desirable to fit the improved mult-i-purpose screwdriver object of this invention with a handle 7 (Fig. 4); this handle terminates by a fork, formed by the fingers 7a and 7b, between which the blade 3 of said screwdriver is mounted; the joint blade 3 is shown in Fig. 3; said joined-blade 3 is provided with a central hole 3a and with an annular series of holes 3b; each of the fingers on the fork of said handle 7 is pro vided with two holes 76 and 7d respectively sized and spaced to correspond to holes 3a and 3b; these holes form the passage for bolts securing the joint-blade 3 to the handle 7.

Accessorily, the joint-blade can also be provided with cut out parts as shown in 5, so as to constitute spanners for tightening or loosening square or hexagonal head bolts. It can also be provided with projecting members as shown in 6, constituting a screwdriver for embedded screws.

What I claim is:

1. A screwdriving tool comprising: a cylindrical sleeve adapted to receive the screw to be operated; a closure at one end of said sleeve; said sleeve having a pair of longitudinal diametrical slots extending over a portion of the length of said sleeve; said closure having a diametrical slot communicating at each end with said slots in said sleeve; a thin blade fitted in said slots in the closure and in the sleeve; said blade protruding above and sideways of said closure and said sleeve, thereby forming a handle for operating the tool; said blade engaging directly the head of the screw within said sleeve; said blade forming a hand-grip; whereby the rotation of said blade by hand drives the screw.

2. A screwdriving tool as claimed in claim 1, comprising a plurality of sleeves and in which said blade is shaped as a circular plate engaging on its periphery said plurality of sleeves spaced apart on said periphery; whereby, upon use of one sleeve for screwdriving, the other sleeves form a hand grip for the safe operation of the tool.

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