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Publication numberUS2790234 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 30, 1957
Filing dateAug 12, 1954
Priority dateAug 12, 1954
Publication numberUS 2790234 A, US 2790234A, US-A-2790234, US2790234 A, US2790234A
InventorsMeyer Goldstein
Original AssigneeMeyer Goldstein
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Self lubricating razors
US 2790234 A
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P 30, 1957 M. GOLDSTEIN saw LUBRICATING RAZORS Filed Aug. 12. 1954 R t V5 0 Z W PW A r 0.. ma B United States Patent 2,790,234 SELF LUBRICATING RAZORS Meyer Goldstein, Orange, N. J.

Application August 12, 1954, Serial No. 449,481 1 Claim. 01. s 41 A This invention relates to novel shaving apparatus more particularly a razor provided with lubricating means whereby a razor may smoothly pass over the skin to be shaved.

"Optimum shaving results aregenerally obtained from the use of so-called we't shaves wherein the area to be shaved is first thoroughly moistened; then has applied thereto a shaving cream, and after a brief period during which the shaving cream thoroughly wets the hairs to be cut, a razor is employed to shear oif the hairs as close as possible to the skin. Often the same skin area is traversed a plurality of times by the razor. As is apparent, with each traversal of the blade less moisture remains on the skin and thus the friction between blade and skin is increased. This may be slightly avoided by a continuous wetting of the blade between each shaving stroke by holding under a faucet. This is, however, awkward and time consuming, and does not really serve to moisten and lubricate the skin.

It is with the above problems in mind that the present construction has been evolved, a construction providing a shaving apparatus which insures a pre-moistening of the area of traversal of the razor blade.

Accordingly, it is a primary object of this invention to provide a novel razor construction.

It is a further object of this invention to provide apparatus which may be used in conjunction with existing razors to aid in their function by insuring a moistening of the area to be shaved.

Another object of this invention is the provision of a razor construction which permits the continuous moistening of the area traversed by the blade in advance of said blade whereby friction between skin and blade is minimized.

It is also an object of this invention to provide a razor construction permitting the application of any desired shaving preparation such as lotions, creams or the like during the shaving operation.

A further object of this invention is the provision of a self-lubricating razor construction economical in production, having few parts, and requiring minimum maintenance.

These and other objects of the invention which will become apparent from the following disclosure and claims are attained by provision of a flexible container having a nozzle and forming a part of the handle for a razor. The nozzle of said container is directed towards the face immediately before the blade, during its normal traverse.

This construction will be more specifically pointed out in the following specification taken in conjunction with the drawings wherein:

Fig. 1 represents a perspective view of a conventional safety razor with parts broken away to reveal the provision of the novel elements forming the gist of this invention.

Fig. 2 is a side .view of a safety razor provided with an auxiliary lubricating apparatus with parts broken away to show the connection.

Fig. 3 is a perspective view of the auxiliary apparatus showninFig. 2. e

Fig. 4 is a crosssectional view showing how the instant inventive concept may be further embodied in razor construction. t

The embodiment disclosed in Fig. 1 reveals a safety razor 10 having the'conventional safety razor head 11. The head memberll forms no part of this invention and is merely indicated in block outline- The handle member 12 comprises hollow barrel portion 13 provided with aperture 14 and bushing'15'. The top portion of the handle is not here illustrated and is of any conventional type suitable for coaction with razor .head; 11. Within the barrel a flexible plastic cartridge 16 of vinyl plastic or the like having a nozzle 17.i's provided. 1 The toprpo'rtion of thevbarrel is closed 01f and-the bottom portion closed by closure member 18. This closure member has a .portion 19 adapted to be press fitted into hollow barrel .13 engaging key22, and portion 20 adapted for screw engagement' for closing cartridge 16. A spring member 21 is suitably fastened within barrel 13 and extends as seen in Fig. 1 along a side wall of the cartridge 16. Push button 25 having flattened portion 26 in engagement with spring 21 is positioned within bushing 15.

In operation the above described construction may obviously be employed as a conventional razor with the additional features flowing from the above described construction details applicable to enhance this function. Thus cartridge 16 having lower closure 18 removed is fil-led with any desired shaving preparation, water, cream, lotion or the like. Closure 18 is screwed into position in the cartridge 16 and the cartridge 16 is inserted into barrel 13 with nozzles 17 in alignment with aperture 14 at which point portion 19 of the closure will be securedly engaged in barrel 13 with key 22 engaging portion 19. Thereafter while shaving, pressure applied to push button 25 results in a partial collapse of cartridge 16 expellingv its contents through nozzle 17 unto the shaved area in the path of traverse of head 11.

It is apparent that nozzle 17 may be arranged to direct the contents of cartridge 16 in any desired direction, and if for example the cartridge 17 is filled with water the nozzle may be directed against the blade edge to rinse same.

The construction disclosed in Figs. 2 and 3 reveals an embodiment of the instant inventive concept permitting application to existing safety razors, thus a cartridge element 30 formed of the above disclosed flexible plastic material is formed with cylindrical groove 31. Nozzles 32 are formed in the front face of said cartridge. A removable closure cap 33 is suitably positioned in said cartridge.

In use this cartridge is adapted for engagement with the handle H of any conventional safety razor and as seen in Fig. 2 is positioned with nozzles 32 directed so that the contents of said cartridge may be expelled in the path of razor blade travel. The cartridge as above may be filled with any suitable material which is expelled through nozzles 32 upon squeezing of said cartridge, which is flexible. Though the construction here revealed is applied to safety razors, obviously the present inventive concept may be embodied in a construction for use with regular razors.

The construction revealed in Fig. 4 reveals an embodiment of the herein disclosed inventive concept in which the handle element 40 is made of a flexible material and is provided with a hollow inner portion 41 and nozzle 42 whereby it may serve as the above disclosed cartridge. A closure member 43 here shown as tapped, but suitable for fastening in any other desired manner, is employed for closing oif the cartridge formed by the handle. The

Y PatentedApr. '30, 1957 uppermost portionof'thehandle element is here revealed i as tapped for engagement with a screw from the razor head but may obviously be, conjoined with said head in any other desired fashion;

K Itwill be apparent: that in operation thehandlecartridge member is filled through closure 43'with any de.-..

sired material for shaving purposes,' which may then be expelled by: squeezing the handle through nozzle 42, to

facilitate the shaving operation as discussed.

It is thns seen that a razor construction has here been presented which will permit the facile use of any desired shaving preparation during the shaving operation and permits theareato be shaved to be maintained in a moistened condition at all times, thereby lubricating the patlr of travel of therazor and eliminating any' unwanted 4 a hollow barrel, a'resilient walled cartridge eccentrically located in said barrel and having a nozzle, said barrel having an opening located adjacent the top of the handle element and communicating with said nozzle, an elongated spring having one end connected to an inner wall of said barrel and another end engaging a wall of said cartridge, a removable closure member closing the bottom ends of said barrel and said cartridge, and a push button 1 extending through another opening formed in said barrel and having aninner portion engaging said other end of the spring, said other opening of said barrel being located on a side of the barrel which is substantially diametrically opposite the side upon which the first-mentioned opening is located.

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European ClassificationB26B21/44B